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Skyd you not 1

TLDR: Game is awesome, but not as impressive as the original Bioshock. Please excuse each paragraph not seamlessly leading onto the next, as there are quite a few points to cover. StoryBioshock Infinite's world has so much potential to be as interesting, and perhaps even more so than Rapture, the underwater city from the first entry in the series.I remember years ago people were discussing how great it would be to be able to explore a Bioshock world inhabited by normal characters. Well now you c...

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Excellent A.C. Game 0

ProsLarge worldActual stealth missionsMany side missionsYou can run through treesYou get to virtually kill lots of BritishHistory lessons (which are pretty accurate - obviously ignoring the assassin's fictional role)Optional micro-management mini games (if that's your thing - it is for me)Simplified controlsVirtually hunting animals is awesomeNaval Warfare (no not your belly button - I'm talking ships)ConsOptional objectives briefly show up on screen and are easy to miss. Meaning if you want to ...

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Fallout: New Vegas - the game that couldn't be bothered 1

A brief history 2008's Fallout 3 was the first in the series that most people ever played, this was due to the fact that it was the first to be available on consoles, and since it had been over ten years since Fallout 2 (some spin-offs were released in the meantime). When Fallout 3 was released to the world it was well received by reviewers and the gaming community in general due to it's almost-unprecedented non-linear approach its gameplay. The new IP owner, Bethesda, are well-known for their O...

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