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Maybe if Bioware just came out and said it was Reaper Indoctrination, like all the theories are saying, people would be less pissed and we wouldn't be in such a silly situation.

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Now that is very very cool! Too bad Microsoft didn't do the same, good on Sony.

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I purchased the game over Origin a day after it came out. Still haven't been able to redeem my product key. Super frustrating experience overall.

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I would love to see the continuing adventures of Jack Kelso, for sure! Plus, who doesn't want to see that bastard Roy Earle bite it?

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@cstrang: That killed me! Stupid Marcus, let Pappa Fenix speak.

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Apparently they ran out super fast. Kind of silly that Epic and/or Microsoft kind of just didn't announce this at all, outside of a few off-handed times during Q & A sessions that Rod Fergusson did. I'm fairly positive that Microsoft was put in charge of this, since it's the Microsoft specific skin they were giving away, so I guess we really can't blame Epic on this one. Kind of a bummer that they don't have any more available on Facebook though, the closest Jack In The Box to me is like 8 hours away from me.

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Bernie is amazing in the books, I was super bummed that I couldn't use her in multiplayer after I beat the game. I'm glad she's part of this first DLC pack, not to mention Blood Drive! Woooo!!

@Afroman269: I'm pretty certain it will be open to every multiplayer mode, just like the rest. I think they're simply commenting on how much people loved it for Horde.

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Maybe the future DLC campaign stuff will put an answer to this, but I'm really not too upset about them leaving it unexplained. At least Baird comments on it during the story.

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@Louis0nFire: You get the Liquid skin pack for buying the Season Pass. It's the last weapon skin in the list of weapon skins, past all the payable ones; it looks pretty slick since it's animated too.

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I wish that they would do one, I'm super interested in all their opinions on the game. I think we'll hear some of it in this week's podcast, regardless of if they do a spoilercast or not.