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@Finstern: Epic! This thread is amazing.
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" @texaseanacre said:

"  You suck, the Big Live Live Show Live has been pretty hysterical so far!     "

yea it's been funny, I just wish that there would be some more solid content in it... so far I have got a lot of sarcasm from certain people attempting to be funny... and some funny stuff from the GB crew.   Ryan has been amazing so far as anchor.. just thought there would of been some more solid content a live tang or summat... some real gaming discussion etc.. "
I guess I could see where you're coming from, but I love the stuff from the Whiskey crew! The guests are just an added treat in my eyes!
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 You suck, the Big Live Live Show Live has been pretty hysterical so far!    

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Well, if they get 5,000 paid subs it's free for everyone, so I think non-subbers should be fine! I'm pretty sure the guys are pretty upset about splitting the show, but if you listened to the Whiskey podcast Jeff, Ryan, and Dave did, that was the only way they could justify the manpower spent on recording and putting together the Bombcast.

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I think the new paid account is pretty awesome! I love supporting these guys, even if it's just fifty bucks a year! Plus, think about it this way. You pay the same amount for Xbox Live as the new yearly fee, but you don't have to listen to some 8-year old or racist screaming in your ear! It's a win-win situation!

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I loved the first game so I think this'll be an awesome follow-up, but I'm sure Jeff is already shaking his head. ;D

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I played this at PAX, I was not impressed.

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I'll pick up the game again if they patch the multiplayer, it was hella broken when the game came out.

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This could prove to be the greatest handheld of all time! I know, that pretty much applies to every handheld Nintendo releases, but that can't be a bad thing!