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I'll give the default a whirl when I first jump on, but Recon looks like it'll be more of my cup of tea.

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I already have ODST but questing is so addicting that I have to do it or at least try!

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Warthog Jump is a classic.

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This is amazing, awesome job! I five stared it on Youtube.

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I like it, nothing crazy like some other iterations. Reminds me of FFX's box art a little.

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My interest is peaked, definitely curious how often I will use this but I'm sure I will.

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 Finally Episode 2 of Out of Service is finished, and online. You can check it out here...or you can see it at our website

Episode 2 starts right where Episode 1 left off, Tango Squad is pinned down by a sniper, when locusts start attacking. Now our characters need to step up to the fight.

We've gotten a lot of great comments and help from this forum and once again I'd like to say thanks for that! Please help us show this series to as many people as you can, we have a total of eight scripts done and a lot ahead of us and we could really use the encouragement!

Oh and if you haven't already check out Episode 1 here.

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That looks balling. Like Thriller Bark meets Dawn of the Dead.

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@Shadow said:
" Interesting how everyone talks about how shitty IGN is until they like something. "
Hahaha, QFT!
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The only thing that would make that figure more awesome would be the lead singer from Metalacolypse. Metal Vinny for the win!