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Not to familiar with the games myself but these scripts are way to informative. The people writing these need to cut some of the fat out of the scene descriptions and get to the dialogue. We don't need a paragraph to explain people putting large wads of cash into duffel bags. A sentence or two is enough to explain all that.

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Left 4 Dead is definitely more fast paced than Resident Evil 5, but RE5 is still a better choice in my book. You can play that by yourself or with a friend on the couch next to you since you don't have Live while playing Left 4 Dead by yourself is kind of a drag. Plus, RE5 wraps up the Resident Evil main storyline so if you've got any stock in the series already you should definitely pick it up.

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Vigo shouldn't really be kicking but if he's in the game I can't see any reason to complain.