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@TheAdmin: Alex and Ryan are my favorites. Creepy as hell, great job!

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That image of Major Nelson with 100 gamer score is insane! Good times.

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That's fanatastic! Poor Vinny and Dave, at least it seems like they enjoyed themselves yesterday ha ha.

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Johnny Cage episode was still my favorite.

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@Axxol: If we didn't ask for funding for the film, we couldn't have afforded to make it. If you don't think it will be good because no fan film is good, fair enough, but I think what we created is really going to surprise people! Have you ever see Nuka Break?

@Wolverine: Well, I would tend to disagree but once we release the film, at least give a chance before writing it off completely. We'll be premiering it at PAX Prime during the Brothers to the End panel, Saturday at 6pm, so if you're in the least bit interested, come out and see the panel!

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@avidwriter: We tried bulking it up for the shoot and I think what we did was really effective, I'll definitely post some pics in the next week for everybody to see!

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We just wrapped the film shoot yesterday and I seriously cannot wait to get the film put together and out there! During the shoot, we held a live stream in our break room, a little tiny air conditioned thing, over at our Twitch.Tv and gathered 20,000 views on that alone! People are hyped for this thing and everything looks great, super excited (in case you can't tell).

I'll post some pics in the thread once I'm given the go-ahead from everyone.

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Pretty classy, Duke. Since Team Fortress and COD are totally not the biggest FPS out there today! Heh heh, aughhhhh.

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@cinemandrew: Yeah, each "episode" (three of them) is gonna be around the 10 minute mark tops, since we'll be giving these to in the end. They've featured live films on their channel in the past that have surpassed 3 million view mark, so hopefully that should help us out a bunch.