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@cinemandrew: We're also getting a bunch of lights, but I don't have that information on hand. We're filming during the day, regardless, but definitely using movie lights to make the best possible film.

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@cinemandrew: I'm working with two cameras and a ton other stuff. Here's the audio and video equipment that we'll have during the shoot, so far. Still figuring out exactly what audio equipment I'll have one site):

Camera 1

- Canon 5D Mark 2 (Storage 32Gb)


- Canon EF 24mm-105mm L (4)

- Canon EF 50mm (1.4)

- Canon EF 70mm-200mm L (2.8)

Mic (backup)

- Azden SGM 1x

Camera 2

- Canon Rebel t2i (Built in mic)


- 18-55mm lens

- 28mm Wide Angle lens

- 75-300 lens (tentative)

Other Equipment

- Crane

- Dolly (tentative)

- Shoulder stabilizer

- Glidecam

- Reflector

- XLR wires (Backup)

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@PeasantAbuse: Not a bad idea, actually! I know our top priority with the suits right now are to make them look snappier overall and to look beat to shit, right now they look right off the assembly line. We've already got some of the stuff to make them look all scuffed up and whatnot, I seriously cannot wait to see them in the final film, seeing as my buddy is the one with the physical suits.

We're really happy with how they came out otherwise, we met Cliff at PAX and he loved the look and color of the armors.

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@Sweep: Oh, boy! Well, we've got a lot of eyes looking over the script with tons and tons of Gears knowledge behind each pair. :)

Also, I didn't wanna double post or update the first post, but here's a picture of the COG armors we created. These pictures are a little old by now, we took them a little after PAX East earlier this year, so the images aren't 100 percent representative of what the armors look like now; but here you go!

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@Jonny7892: @big_jon: Fair enough. We'll be premiering the film, or at the very least the first of three episodes, during PAX Prime at the Gears of War community panel; so if you're at the con and you're still skeptical, come check it out!

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They've already supplied some pretty cool stuff via the Marketplace, I'm definitely interested in seeing what they do for Avatar Awards. The stuff in that first post looks interesting, thus far.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought of Shao Kang when I saw this! Kind of cool that Murdock gets a cameo, but I would have loved for him to be playable in some form. Oh, well.

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Cannot wait for this, been saying this game needed a Super or whatever for awhile now. Gonna be sick!