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@creiij: Seriously, the game was freaking awesome at East this year.

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The only thing Activision should be disputing is their own stupidity for not paying for the url years ago. I'm not saying I agree with the guy who owns it's attitude, but come on Activision.

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I love all the people whining about this who know nothing about the bill. Thanks for the well detailed piece, I'm sure a lot of people who weren't informed properly will now feel at ease.

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The money is actually in Spongebob, why else would Jeff be standing so close to that crazy yellow sponge?

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@rmillz87: Yeah, everything went great, we raised around $2,000! We stumbled in a few areas, but seeing as it was our first live event (and a 24 hour one at that), the show went surprisingly well.

We're thinking of doing another one mid-October in Gears of War 3, I'll definitely shoot you a PM and will be posting about this on the forums much further ahead of time than I did with this one.

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Nice shirt change Matt! I loved the snarkiness of this episode (Eva is amazing still though).

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The Steam version of TF2 is so much better than the Orange Box version, it's unbelievable. Play that, keep your Orange Box out of the light.

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I think everybody is missing the best part of this all. Annoying Navi totally responded to his comment about Zelda masterbation!! How do you people miss this?!

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Definitely Neutral Good.