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@texaseanacre: its coming to the pc hip hip horayyy

Gears 3? No it's not.

You kill a Brumak in the added level of Gears 1 PC, so I was just saying that it's cool to finally be able to do that again!

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Saw this the other day, Horde 2.0 is looking really slick. Cannot wait to kill a Brumak ala Gears 1 PC!

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@TheSeductiveMoose: Oh my god, that is simply amazing! I started coughing I was laughing so hard.

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@rargy: I didn't know that picture could get any better, but it did!

@MentalDisruption: Ha ha ha, that's amazing! Lincoln looks more at home now.

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These are awesome! I love the one of the staff's head silhouettes with the bomb in the middle; would totally buy one for my wall.

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@Beforet: With a sword.

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You guys have posted some really awesome stuff since I last checked in yesterday! I'm gonna post some more later.

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@B0nd07: These are both amazing! I love what you did with the lighting in the first one, I'm terrible at matching lighting.

Funny thing is, all I did was reverse the beard for Alex. Made it really easy in this case.

I thought that maybe you did! Looked awesome mate, I'm guessing you just messed with the Burn and Dodge tool then to get it perfect?

Nope. Normally I would, but in that one, I didn't have to.

Okay, I now realize what you meant. Ha ha, had a brain fizzle for a moment!

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And you guys probably thought that Tingle couldn't get any creepier.

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@ConstantRa1n: Bicentennial Man is so bad, but this image is awesome!

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While watching the latest TNT, and hearing Patrick's plea for a cyber-beard, I immediately went for this topic. Luckily, my hopes where fulfilled!

I was thinking the same thing, except I had already made it several hours before he said he wanted one ha ha.

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@Rufi91: Awesome! Seems mostly genuine on both their parts, fun commercial.

I updated the PSD on the first post to include a second beard from the new commercial to mess with.