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I might get this, I didn't end up finishing Birth by Sleep so I don't know if I'll even like this one.

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Nah most FPS still have solo missions so yeah. Pointless thread.
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Why did you guys bump my thread?

I created this thread, asshole.


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I'm using a gamepad to play the PC version of Skyrim because I can.

Deal with it.

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I hate both sides right. Obama is too much of a pussy and pretty much all of the Republican candidates are jokes. Ron Paul is the only one I like on that side.

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@Afroman269: Holy shit! That's awesome. Downloading it now :D

Threes words: Finger of Doom.

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@AhmadMetallic: I wouldn't say that the story is bad, but it is weaker than 2. Some of the transitions feel disjointed and out of nowhere like the pirate ship area and it felt like they name dropped Lawrence of Arabia just as a hook for their desert segment. The shooting is better now thanks to the update but I think the real problem is that they kinda added too many combat sequences that just feel like a drag. If there was less combat areas I would like it a lot more...just play it on easy.

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@Sweep: Yup. So far it's been the Horde command pack and now this campaign DLC. I have like 2 chapters left and I've been playing for nearly 3 hours...on normal. It's surprisingly good and makes RAAM into more of an all powerful dick. There's one more piece of DLC that has yet to be announced. Oh and if you haven't already, there's the booster pack which is free and gives you bullet marsh and clocktower.

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It's a great game. Most people agree that it's a fantastic game, it's just the level of excitement for it that's different. Uncharted 2 is still my favorite because it blew me away...Uncharted 3 not so much. Some of the setpieces were kinda too similar to the second game.

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@Sweep: You should pick up the RAAM's Shadow's really, really good.