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mostly off-topic.......sometimes system wars for lulz.

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@JustTheDoctor: hmm I completely missed that scene then. ehh, I guess you're's kinda a given that that would eventually happen. 
@Dany said:
" what happens if you play it after completing the game....cuz i am sure all the collectors are dead... "
MOAR COLLECTORS. In all serious, I think it's just the typical mercenary guys who either are hired or being mind controlled.
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Looking forward to more ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL. 
@JustTheDoctor: I wouldn't call that spoilery. The ask me anything video that GB put up for this DLC has a major spoiler which is probably why it's gone.....probably not coming back either which is sad.

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@jorbear I agree that it was good for them to not go for another huge epic like their past games but the disjointed feel of the game made me lose a connection to the events. Maybe with more development time, it could have been more fluid.
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@Prototype072 Wow, that explanation is amazing. I applaud you, sir.
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@jorbear: I'm past the Qunari incident. Sadly I'm still finding myself doing the same stuff, I think I'm falling into the side of not liking the game a whole lot because I wasn't compelled enough to care about Kirkwall's problem. I'm left saying, so what? 
@Enigma777: Which can be applied to many RPG's but I think it's just more apparent in DA 2. You're hit with a shit ton of quests, side, minor, major, I don't know, they all feel the same and that's why I think this game is just a bundle of quests.
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@m0rdr3d: I'm going to assume that you either played only one or none of these games. The structure of quests is similar, but the quality of the content in the quests is a lot lower in DA 2. I just think they did a bad job in motivating you to do anything.  
@melcene: Ya, I'm lacking the connection with the characters too. I think some of them are pretty good, I find the blood mage elf to be quite funny, but I just don't see why I should care about them. They lack the connection that I had with the characters in Origins. Also, I'm kinda far into the game and I'm sorry to say that the structure is still the same. Some big event occurs, then it's back to the same stuff that you were doing before, only difference is that your social status has changed.
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@IBurningStar: Damn it! I still have yet to finish it so I can justify my reasons for buying this. At least most of the mechanics of this game are fine, I'm finally digging the sped up combat. The lack of story structure and compelling content is just killing me. I'm afraid I'll be telling myself that there will be an awesome result that I was building up to long after the credits.
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So did Rebecca give hope to all the idiots out there who think they can churn out their own shit masterpiece? As for this song it's just bad. Friday is a special kind of bad because you start laughing less than 5 seconds in and I don't really hate it because it's basically an ironic parody of modern pop. This song just makes me want to lob a grenade into the recording studio.

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@LordXavierBritish: Just finished that Qunari incident....looks like it really is the same layout like it was in the beginning. 
@SonicBoyster: The quests in DA:O felt like I was building up to something important, so they felt important. In DA 2, I don't really know what the fuck is going on and what I'm supposed to be building up to besides making myself rich or whatever. I wouldn't know that the some of quests are actually main plot quests if they weren't placed in the main plot category. I guess I just find myself asking what's the point of what I'm doing