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It depends on the district and the school. My HS requires at least 4 years of math now and almost everyone starts at Algebra so they take it up to Trig while the advanced students take AP Calc. OR that was how it was when I graduated.

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I wonder if the guy in the trailer was also about to get a birthday blowjob before getting kidnapped like the other guy in the first teaser trailer.

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Who cares?

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everyone got trolled by Deadmau5

he didn't really lose it

I like to imagine that it's always in an over-sized briefcase like that with literally nothing else in it. Also, I like to imagine Jack Trenton ran, yes, fucking ran over to his house and punched him in the dick. Oh yeah, damn him for his trolling even though in retrospect, it's pretty funny.

Or Jack Trenton found the Vita, secured the Vita in that case, beat the living shit out of Deadmau5 and forced him to say that he was "trolling" to avoid any serious problems.

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I'm conflicted. I love Naughty Dog but I hate the idea of playing another game with zombies in it no matter how you fucking spin it by calling them infected or whatever.

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Looks like troll threads are the only threads that get activity these days.

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Spike TV, setting the public perception of videogames back 20 years via ridiculous stereotypes and pandering. Glad that people in the industry are finally starting to speak out against this shit.

This, too bad that nothing will really be done about it because the producer's interests are more important than the interests of gaming enthusiasts.

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Don't watch the VGAs, problem solved.