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Seattle, Wa.

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$ 206,000,000.01 USD

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@monkeyking1969 I agree on all your points. I feel like this is what KickStarter should always have been. A place to fund projects created by people who wouldn't have the chance to do this otherwise.

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What you said about the Take This Project panel was spot on. To see someone who is so good at choosing the right words everywhere else in his life not be able to even speak, it was oddly more powerful than anything he possibly could have said. It was so sad seeming him up there pouring his heart and no one trying to comfort him, I was so close to jumping over the rows in front of me just to give him one.

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Went to school with the dudes from Fall of Troy and was pretty good friends with the lead singer of the Blood Brothers, pretty cool to see that they're getting some work after they both split.

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Hey just created my Waterson character the name is "CPTRockAndOrRoll" and I'll be playing for most of the next hour.

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It sounds like a lot of the people in the comment section who were complaining about this hate the reality of the word and try to block it out. But that's not how things work in reality, that's something a five year old does. But, I'm assuming of course, that most of the people who frequent this site are older than 16 and are either adults or are about to become adults. When that happens you need to take responsibility for yourself and for your peers actions because if you don't you're just as guilty as them. It's truly disheartening to see so many people acknowledge that there is a problem but then immediately turn their back on it.

"Be the [fuckin'] change you wish to see in the world."


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Is it possible to create gifs from videos on the site, in particular Quick Look videos? I really want that helicopter crash in the new Ravaged QL as a gif, it was way to funny.

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You should start with some sort of object oriented programming languages, like java or C++. I would even suggest with something Python or Ruby on Rails. Those two are a little easier to grasp but not nearly as powerful or robust.

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