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I was in the Tashgar mission for the campaign when all of a sudden the game crashed. Loaded game back up, save file is corrupted and forced to delete it, then game crashed again. Every time the main menu loads, it crashes. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't fix it.

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PSN: agc8602

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Launch games: Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, Assassin's Creed IV, Battlefield 4, Contrast, Resogun

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@eujin said:

@agc8602: Color me jealous of you being able to get in.

I hear ya, man. I hadn't been able to play the last few days. I just logged in when I got home from work earlier and got in after a few tries.

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I am on right now and would like to join the company :) I'll post tomorrow when I can get on as well once I get my schedule of what's going on.

Forgot my name, durrr - Roli Poli

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HTML5 seems to work now for me.

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I have this same problem, but it does it no matter what type of player I choose. Other video sites work fine, it's only GB.

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I just beat the game a little bit ago, left the credits rolling, and it went back to the main menu and said that I couldn't continue my game to go back and collect what I missed (which I planned on doing anyway). I hit Continue Game, and now it's sending me waaaay back a long way in the game (pre-shotgun) and everything is gone. This is on Steam. Anyone else have this issue?

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Yea, it's been patched. The d-pad doesn't work on the 360 pad as they are waiting for an update to their extension to fix issues with it, which will be patched in later.

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@Baltimore: They already did that with Final Fantasy Dimensions. Free to download play the prologue, Chapter 1 is $2.99 and Chapters 2 - 4 are $6.99 each. Or $20 for bundle. Throw in $6.99 more and you can also get the option to have chiptune music in the game.

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