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Woo! A delay is fine.

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Laredo, Texas, United States

Pls don't come murder me.

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I made a little "mod" for Jeff and tried to get him to use it over Twitter, but it doesn't seem like he felt like messing with installing it :P So I guess I could at least share it here. Couldn't think of what to put for the other messages in the game, so it only changes Victory Achieved and You Died.

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David Ellis had nothing to do with the design of Cortana, so those jumping to the conclusion that he is a hypocrite because of the makeovers she has gone through are off base.

Other than that, the internet's response to this is overblown as usual. Poor David Ellis forgot he isn't games press and can't publicly speak his mind anymore.

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Casinos are for people who hate math.

Obviously, everything except some card games are absolutely rotten unless you enjoy flushing money down the toilet. Games like poker and blackjack do not interest me personally though.

Lastly, most casinos allow people to smoke in them, and boy do math-haters love to chain smoke.

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@zeik: Giving players more options early on does not have to deprive them of the sense of character progression.

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My experience was basically the same as some kind of mage class in one of the betas three months ago or so. It is shameful that MMO designers still restrict so much of the supposedly fun stuff in their games from the low level players. I say that as a passionate fan of the genre though :(

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Cook, Serve, Delicious!


Kingdom Rush

Frozen Synapse


Space Chem

Super Hexagon

In no particular order.

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I came by to let the world know about this delicious game coming to the platform as well, but you beat me handily!

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