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Poor VS :(

How is it that people do not want to play the alien tech enhanced race? That is just conceptually way cooler than boring old red dudes and blue dudes.

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If I say I found Garrus to be attractive specifically because I was FemShep, does the role-playing make it ok?

Aw who cares. Gay for Garrus.

@rentfn said:

Loading Video...

RIP The Brodeo

I wish I had thought of that video first.

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No!! When I told you to "Get out of here, STALKER." I didn't mean this!

Not like this.

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@harris: Both my HTC Evo 4G (various roms) and my Nook Color (CM7.1) have problems running the high quality videos. They will run fine for a bit, but eventually start to stutter. I'm not sure if it is buffering or something going on with the actual video processing. They are both overclocked, optimized to shit, and streaming over wifi, so I feel like I should be able to run them fine. :(

So long as this app functions enough to let me watch GB videos in mobile quality ITS NOT DEAD :)

edit: Going to attempt streaming the HQ video via the Whiskey Media Buddy app and watching on my Nook and report how that goes.

double edit: I'm a filthy liar. I just ran it fine in HQ on my Nook with both the Whiskey Media Video Buddy app and your app. I really thought I had this problem in the past though... If anything comes up I'll mention it, but until then you still have a great app :)

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Fix your link, OP. I have no reason to believe this is an actual part of the movement until you do so.

My guess is this is some dumb Facebook born chain post spam type of thing started by one or a few less intelligent people clinging to the Occupy stuff. Since the Occupy movement is supposed to be a leaderless movement, you will get the occasional idiot with a dumb ass idea which other even dumber people will latch onto. Mob mentality and such.

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@ABritishNerd said:

Xbox 360, I'm a Mac user so no PC gaming for me. I will miss out on mods (my friend always shows them off to me on his computer).

I don't know what kind of Mac you have, but all I can really say is my five year old Macbook Pro has been and is still a passable gaming machine via Bootcamp.

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@ShaggE: Oh, haha. I'm awesome.

I enjoy the occasional simple creative endeavor like pumpkin carving. Just found some simple video game patterns on one of the sites on Ravenlight's link.

edit: Just noticed that site costs money to get the actual files you print -_-

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Awesome link :D It's a bunch of ugly websites like I found, but they are actually useful and not trying too hard to sell me shit! Thanks. I'm always open to more information from other sources if anyone else would like to pitch in. We could still spice this up with some video game carving patterns too.

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It is mid October and the time to slice pumpkins draws ever closer. My parents have started a new tradition of inviting people and their kids over to have pumpkin carving "parties" every year now and I've always been the boring triangle eyes and crescent mouth face carver. That is totally lame and I would like to finally step my game up this year, but my early Google searching has not been very helpful so far. I just see a bunch of poorly designed websites or WikiHow pages explaining how to carve the same old crap everyone always carves.

Anyone know a kick ass website about intermediate level pumpkin carving or know how to break the process down themselves? What kind of tools do I need to carve like a pro? What kind of light source will I need to place in my pumpkin to make the image I carve shine properly? Stuff like that. I'm a nerd (spoiler), so I would also like to carve something video game related, so suggestions or guides on how to carve stuff like that are also welcome. I would imagine many others could benefit from this information too :) Thanks in advance bombers.


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so, I'm in New Game+ on my sorcerer who is SL 80 in the undead burg and when I have strong magic shield active NOTHING can hurt me... I don't even have to block and I take no damage from archers, firebomb throwers, spearman, or swords man... I'm about to head to this big knight dude and see what he has to say about that.

I guess the point of this thread is to ask what stats "Strong Magic Shield" actually boosts since it doesn't show up on my status screen and the spell scroll in my inventory only says that it "grants temporary strength to greatshields." I'm wielding a "Crystal Knight Shield" which is classified as a "Shield" under weapon type, not a "Greatshield." Anybody have any knowledge of this? :P