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Gorgeous View.

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I beat Dark Souls a few days ago but I have never played Demon's Souls. Would it be worth my time to go play Demon's Souls now that I've completed its successor?

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Fuck everything.

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Rented this game and finished within the 7 day rental period. Total Time Played - 69 hours 49 minutes. Great game. I rented because I never picked up Demon's Souls so I wasn't sure what I was in for. I'm considering buying the game now for more play-throughs as different classes and to experience the other side of invading worlds.

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Shitty wizards

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The update to the following article hints that we should be careful about the Ep3 info for a moment, but the Dota 2 part of the leak is certainly real!

Spell icons:

Speech files:

Character backstories:

Caption... strings...?

Game models:


Lastly, here is the supposed HL2E3 leak:

"/src/game/server/ep3/weapon_icegun.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weaponizer_concrete.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weaponizer_liquid.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weaponizer_metal.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weapon_flamethrower.cpp" If it is real we could see an ice gun, flame thrower, and a... weaponizer in Episode 3. The big news here seems to be evidence of Dota 2's hats and Ep3 info. Shitty wizards...
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@TheDudeOfGaming: There is no such thing as an objective review.

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If you are into left wing/atheist/sociopolitical humor, check out Jamie Kilstein. He's pretty indie as far as comedians go, but his material is pretty much laser focused on appealing to me. Here is a very brief skit of his that will give you a good idea of the kind of things that comes out of this guy's mouth.

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Along with my desire to pimp my new Youtube videos I'm making with my younger sister (gaming related of course), this thread is probably going to make me start blogging again. I promise not to blog just to pimp my videos though ;3 I'll only blog when I feel like sincerely writing something.

Feel free to check out my old blogs from about a year ago when I was assigned a weekly blog in a writing class. I tend to focus on more obscure and often European made PC games, such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent. In one of the blogs I even lamented the fact that, at the time, Amnesia was only barely successful enough for the developer to scrape by. By now, Amnesia has sold many hundreds of thousands of copies and the developer has had their share of moments of indie stardom with awards from all over the place. I totally liked Amnesia before it was cool to like Amnesia yeeeeeuh.

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@MattyFTM: But Whiskey Media is all about nonsense :) I totally understand the strict muting on a day like this, I just wish I knew what I got muted for. I got muted once for like 500 seconds during the Random Ass PC Game segment and totally deserved it, but this time I'm just lost and confused.