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Yeah, I don't really know what I hope to get out of a forum post about this. I must have said something mildly offensive and just got the hammer. I needed some sort of outlet.

Thanks for not shitting on my useless forum post Giant Bomb :)

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Sorry I should have elaborated on the throttle. I am perma throttled. I get an error when i try to chat whether or not the chat cooldown is up. Like I said, I don't remember chatting anything today that would get me muted or whatever.

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It's going to be a long day, so I figured it would be worth it to me to try and troubleshoot this a bit. I assume this can happen due to me saying something socially frowned upon in chat, but I don't remember doing anything like that today. Sorry to selfishly dedicate a forum thread to something so petty, but I miss my right to chat :(

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Oh man we need some gifs of the Rise of Nightmares Quick Look.

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A one minute ad for a less than two minute video? ABC just robbed me, sans Gumby suit, of my time.

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Inspired by today's Whiskey Media Radio Show

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I love it.

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I haven't checked monitors in a while, so you could be right. I've built PC's for family and friends before and I usually end up wanting to hook them up with $900-$1000 worth of parts. Of course you can go cheaper and still get a great PC, but from my experience building I like the 900-1000 range.

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Fuck yeah, PC gaming. I've been stuck gaming on a Macbook Pro for four years. Its been a great fucking laptop for gaming (seriously) but I am just DYING to get a real PC already. I have no job and thus no money, so I won't be upgrading any time soon. It would ease my pain a bit to hear you choose the righteous path of improved PCgamerdom.

I play console games too, but my passion is the PC. If this isn't the case with you, you would probably be better off with a TV and extra cash.

@Dagmar $800 for a PC is leaving out the monitor. I would go for more of a $1000 on the parts and tower and $300-$400 on a kick ass monitor.