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As flipping sweet as the new mobile site is, I would totally love for there to be an easy access link to download videos. I could be missing something, but navigating the normal site with my sweet 4G phone is unpleasant now that there is a mobile option.

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I need to post a comment on a story for a fake quest that gives me fake experience so i can gain fake web site levels.

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Everything is working fine for me now. (EVO)

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Quick Looks, on my cell phone? Yes.
This is easily my favorite Android app. Just recently though under the news tab the app started displaying only one news post and it seems to be only the most recent one. All other sections show pages and pages of content. EVO 4G

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I will be getting an Android (HTC Evo) in the coming months and was starting to feel jealous of the GiantBomb iPhone app, so I googled for this and what do you know. Very glad to see a GB Android app and I look forward to downloading it as one of my first apps.

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I too need followers. Yes, for questing purposes. I can't help myself.

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@Philantrophy said:
" @agemyth said:

" I must be missing something here... I can't figure out what the first one could possibly be. Any help? "

Some might say it's not super, but still very entertaining to some. "
Mother eff
I can't believe with all the time I spent randomly clicking consoles in that time I never went to that page of all places. I am an idiot and you are too kind for actually giving a hint for something so pathetically obvious. Thanks.
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Miyamoto here too.

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I would like some more followers... for questing reasons I must say.