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@papercut: he's actually just an assist trophy, you can see em in the Nintendo Direct SSB video

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@jclane: It's confirmed, even if it is accidental it still counts as your fault, I stumbled upon this sorcery looking lady and two guys dressed similar to Petrus, and they attacked me, and I am still with Way of White. I'm dumbfounded

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I considered restarting but I like my build so far, I'm gonna stay through with my character, but I just fear being ambushed and overpowered by what could have been friendlies

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@superfluousmoniker: Oh shit that sounds like a nightmare, thanks for the heads up & I am in the Way of the White covenant if that means anything with them.

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@jclane: Alright I'll look into the absolution and thanks, and yeah I'm not really into the whole miracle build, I'll try it but I'm sure it's something I won't rely on.

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I was messing about by the Firelink Shrine (mind you I just bought the game a few days ago so I'm still new to all this)when I stumbled by that graveyard obviously outmatched by those skeleton warriors I fled back to safety. I figured one of the guys could help me so I ran to Petrus, but instead the skeleton sliced him up into pieces, all Petrus did was stand there! Then I heard a big dramatic score when he died, so I panicked and upon looking online supposebly now cause he was killed someone down the line is gonna want me dead or something.

So I wanted to know does this still affect me, and/or the story?EVEN THOUGH I was not the one to kill him, I couldn't find an answer online, everything I found was about people who killed him directly.

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@branthog: Can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not,about the "fake" wrestling thing anyway.Like I don't want to be "that" guy but yea that's a pretty bad term mainly cause you are putting your body at risk everytime and injuries are serious,like any other sport.I guess it gets lost though with all the televised broadcasts and recent softening of the sport.

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The entire push from developers/publishers to force people into buying games before they try or read reviews about them is gross. I kind of feel turned off about this game now. :-(

why is it gross. they're just trying to sell the product they spend the last 2 or 3 years making.

I'm not condemning them on trying to sell their game. Their first game sold just fine (actually very well) without any shady marketing tactics. I'm condemning publishers on their tricking people into paying for things before they're finished, people have tried it, etc. They incentivize customers to pay for unknown things. People are burned all the time from preordering games. I'm not saying it's illegal because it's not. It's just scummy business.

You don't give the person at the checkout sign money for groceries that will be out in six months. You give him money for the groceries you're buying right then that you will take home with you.

Isn't it places like Gamestop that tell publishers which in turn force developers to produce pre-order DLC(sometimes exclusive)for their games that way Gamestop can squeeze more change out of?

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@WinterSnowblind: Nooooooooooo,please no, god no.I hope to every conceivable diety that EA doesn't get their hands on WWE.I want someone who can push the franchise and improve it not milk it.

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@Kidavenger:127 Hours was a letdown?Maybe your expectations were too high?I found it quite damn good,what let you down about it?