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@nophilip: Hm thanks, motherboard repair? Do you think it'd be worth it? As opposed to just buying a new laptop

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@believer258: Well I tried the cable and no luck, nothing comes up, if the fan is just continuously going loud is that indicative of a motherboard issue?

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@believer258: Alright yea VGA, my tv supports both HDMI and VGA, I bought the enclosure just in case, but I'm heading out to buy the cable and try that first. I should of just bought it in the beginning, but I was hoping the guy at the store would know what he was talking about. Thanks again man

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@believer258: Yea that was my idea, I messed up buying the wrong cable, guy at the store said "I got just the thing for that" after I told him I don't have a monitor, and gave me a j5 HDMI usb display adapter. Because he asked me if I had hdmi on my tv and I said yes. But the thing is useless as I can't see what's being displayed because the thing needs to install software to run. Any suggestions? All the info I searched up is mind boggling, I just want a clear straightforward answer

@apothaeos: Yup, the BIOS screen is exactly what I had in mind but wasn't 100% sure how to go about it

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EDIT:Thanks a TON guys, I'm going to get to it , I ordered the enclosure, so I'll see Tuesday

A little lengthy I'm sorry but you guys are always helpful and I REALLY need help.

My laptop screen stopped working a week ago, the laptop starts up with the initial heavy fan noise but instead of calming down it continues.....endlessly. The screen is completely black, doesn't turn on at all, I dunno if it's an issue with the fan or screen or both. I tried doing the battery trick where you remove it and such, tried numerous times but it does nothing. I even tried buying a new battery and that didn't resolve nothing. I figure it's gone and done for and I'll just buy a new one, BUT while I backed up a lot of my stuff there's still some data I forgot, things I put a lot of effort and time into and a lot of personal photos etc. that I REALLY wish I can salvage.

So with that, IS it possible to retrieve the data left in the damaged laptop? And how would I go about doing that?

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Talk bad about Gabe on twitter, game removed from Steam. Valve is like a child.

The same could be said about Murderbeck's comments

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@rethla: I guess it boils down to if you enjoy the combat enough to stay intrigued, and most people are saying the combat system is solid and enjoyable, so it's kinda the make or break aspect. As for the interest in the nemesis system it's made in such a way where it set ups to build a sorta relationship with the player, like Brad pointed out having an orc constantly escape can annoy you as well as being constantly killed by a specific one, which is a solid idea, but it again boils down to if that kinda stuff gets to you. If you're the kinda person that games never get to them in the sense that you don't get upset or annoyed, then I could see why that concept would fly over you.

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@rethla: watch the quicklook then decide, Brad mentions a couple of times how he thought that shit would get repetitive but he still finds himself enjoying it

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@papercut: he's actually just an assist trophy, you can see em in the Nintendo Direct SSB video