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I genuinely thought at the time it was a pretty great game. Sure the enemies were bullet spongy as hell and the story was kind of meh, but I thought the graphics/ water effects looked really nice as a launch title and the difficulty level you choose determining what gadgets you had to make you go different paths through the level was a really cool idea!!

Maybe it's because I didn't really know any better at the time but it seems like I'm the only person in the world who liked that game haha.

Is it just me? Or do other people like it too?

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I finished it three times right after each other (the last two times on 1999) and got al 1000 Gamerscore and I absolutely adore it! The only thing I take issue with is fucking Handymen, got damn it they infuriate me but not so much to overshadow all the other incredible things in it.

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I got spoiled by the fact that Booker dies at the end of the game by some prick on Jeff's review the day before the game came out, but honestly I forgot about it whilst immersed in the game and I still didn't see that coming until it happens, so I'd say you're ok. Also it's an incredible game so you have to play it regardless!

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@oraknabo: Yeah I realized that myself but it's just further evidence which confirms what we already know. Also I never noticed this the first time and It's amazing how every 5 minutes I'm noticing things I missed the first time through that were seemingly irrelevant but give HUGE hints to the ending/ make a lot more sense second time through. God damn I love this game.

@gruebacca: That makes total sense!

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So I was in the Lutece Laboratories today in the process of my 1999 run and I noticed these pictures on a desk that seem to indicate that the Lutece's knew that guy in the lighthouse at the beginning was the "only one obstacle." Perhaps they then did take him out themselves or hire someone to do it to feed into Booker's rationalization of what's happening? Still pretty cool I thought but what do you guys think?

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It's now the background on my phone and my computer! Well done!

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The raffle scene got me hard when I saw it I wasn't expecting it at all!

The whole meeting to Elizabeth to when she's dancing on the pier, was just perfect in making me really love Elizabeth as a character. Just the animations to the VA and the facial expressions just made me feel so happy but I knew it couldn't last lol.

Also I think one of the "best," or at least most powerful and driving parts of the game, which created so much momentum for me personally, was when the Song Bird takes Elizabeth back to Comstock. Just walking through that area and realizing that she's being tortured and then realizing it's been a very long time that she's been taken, with all the audio logs/ tears making her sound more and more broken as you go through just made we want to get through that level as soon as fucking possible to rescue her. Just perfectly done.

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Halo 3 has the best multilayer and the second best campaign, ODST has the best campaign... but Halo 3 would have to take the top spot for me.

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It's just that I watched a developer walk-through from E3 last year I think, going through the start of the game, and Lara was totally inexperienced and bad at shooting arrows at first (missing etc). Did this get cut out of the game or did Brad simply miss it?

Here's the link to the only video I can find that sort of indcates this, but it's not the one that i saw... I defienetly rember seeing it but I guess they must have cut it.