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You really love me dont you MB? :)

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I just wanted to clarify some things about my posting history and my attitude on Giant Bomb, I thought this place was the best site on the internet back at launch because one could basically say or post anything and not get Moderated, I was free to make joke threads, flame other users, post retarded pointless topics and still Not get moderated back then, but now those days are truly over, I enjoyed GB's launch so fucking much, It was 4chan X 10 in terms of internet entertainment, LjBasic's Posts, dawhiteasian, Hannah Montana, Chris Hanson etc. So many good guys got themselves banned, the freedom was absolute, it was simply Epic.
It pains me to see that the freedon I used to enjoy is no more, I miss clicking on a thread about poilitics and see a couple couple of Randomly posted porn pics, I miss the times when everyone used to flame each other and lead topics astray just for the lulz for no reason... with no consequence.
I wish we had no moderatores again, so those days could be once more.

Every stupid Spam, Bullshit I have posted is just a polite reminder of better times, justice, obscenity, freedom, Sodomy and fairness are more than just words, those are ideals, and ideals are bulletproof, even if I have to accept that those died at least here. Good Night Giant Bomb.

Please Share your thoughts on launch will you guys :)


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Posting My picture here is a BAD fucking Idea...

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Vaxadrin said:
"The Dark Knight"
Those are High standards ladies and gentlemen
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Big Show Vs Undertaker was my favorite

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Cube said:
"Wrestling is retarded."
Go fuck yourself
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thanatos990 said:
"AgentAMi6 said:
"whats the name of her daughter?"
Bristol Palin

What a shitty name"
Sara palin is the global internet equivalent of Me on gb, everyone hates her.
4chan is on full attack mode against her LOL.

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whats the name of her daughter?

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I went to the theater with my gf to watch Mama Mia, I was prepared for the worse, but It simply wasn't as Lame as The Happening that Film was Downright pathetic Imo ,mama mia made me laugh once or twice at least.

Whats the most terrible movie from 2008 iyo

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Black_Rose said:
"I think MB gives me more reasons to wonder why he isn't banned yet.

And i hate him because he's a lame troll and spammer who tries too hard to be funny but fails miserably"
You're simply a smartass Kid who posts witty remarks left and right, what are you trying to do, become popular ha...