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@Aviar said:

@AgentDanger: I started playing back in January of 2000 and left and came back several times. Been playing pretty steady now for the past eight months to a year. I just get burnt out on most, but the original AC still gets updated monthly and with it being 13 years old now, there is just so much content its insane.

Very cool - while I never played Asheron's Call myself (I was still entrenched in Ultima Online at the time) I hope you have fun and that the game continues to live a long life!

I've personally moved on from UO to (and never moved past) World of Warcraft, there's just something about the community and amount and type of content that continues to intrigue me even many years on.

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@wewantsthering said:

I used to listen to a technology podcast called Buzz Out Loud for a long time, but most of the staff split off to and BOL eventually died.

While I like TWiT's TNT (Tech News Today), I still think "Buzz Out Loud" was the more interesting show. The reason they cancelled it some time ago was because of CBSi changing strategies, moving from audio podcasts to more elaborate video production (which I think was a mistake, but who knows).

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@SomeDeliCook said:

Really? Its not 'heavily choppy' nor does it affect the gameplay. Its not unplayable, so I really don't get why everyone complains about it so much. Makes me think it has something to do with the quicklook and the bombcast's opinion

The games performance is objectively very bad (just read the EuroGamer DigitalFoundry article on the subject) and that heavily influences gameplay: Especially aiming is very tedious and becomes much harder with such low framerates. That just doesn't make for an enjoyable experience.

The GB crew rightfully complained about it on the Bombcast, Quick Look and TNT: This game performs well below par for console multi-platform games.

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@Shirogane said:

Both of the console versions of those games are about as bad as each other compared to the PC version. Maybe less so for Sleeping Dogs than FarCry 3. However, that doesn't mean either of them is bad, they're just not as good as they are on PC. Personally i liked Sleeping Dogs more than FarCry 3, there's also the fact that it's probably a lot cheaper right now cause it's been out a while.

Sleeping Dogs is great on consoles, while FC3 is heavily choppy which renders the core gameplay (shooting and exploring) very tedious.

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GFW Radio was great - but, unfortunately, 1up wasn't meant to last :(

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@FancySoapsMan said:

yeah, don't listen to the people who say Far Cry isn't good on consoles.

if you're used to playing on the Ps3 or 360 then you'll probably enjoy it. The graphics are gorgeous, the framerate is good, and so far I haven't seen any glitches or bugs.

If you don't notice the very low fps in FC3 on consoles, this pretty much means that you are very insensitive to performance issues - Far Cry 3 borders on being unplayable at times, the enjoyment of experiencing the game in general is greatly reduced by the horrible framerate.

Being used to playing games on consoles most certainly doesn't mean he/she won't notice the fact that the framerate is in tatters most of the time

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I would strongly suggest you get Sleeping Dogs if you are going for the console version - the game is very fun and runs well.

Far Cry 3, on the other hand, is running horribly on consoles (I have first hand experience with the PS3 version, 360 has a very similar performance profile). The framerate is practically constantly sub-30, taking camps and shooting enemies is unnecessarily hard due to the low-fps induced latency. This really hampers enjoyment of the world and gameplay, I really regret buying the game due to the very noticeable technical issues.

There's also some question on whether FC3 is actually that great a game, on his blog Matthew Rorie has consolidated some criticism that you may want to take into account:

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Didn't know Asheron's Call was even still running - are you an active player from the start?

Pretty crazy that they are bringing back AC2.

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The beta site is obviously still unstable - I just tried on my Galaxy Nexus (Chrome), and the site loads and looks fine. I guess you're best served staying patient ;)

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@Seroth said:

All I needed to see were video clips of Noveria. Yup, runs just as crappy on the PS3 as the 360 in that area.

That's the unfortunate truth: They really didn't optimize much, it still drops terribly at times (the user interface is unchanged as well). They even skimped on DLC - Pinnacle Station isn't included in either package).

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