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Ron Standard that man was a legend. It's a shame he stopped I would have loved to see him review some of the games out today.

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The Glitch Pokémon article need not be deleted  

I am fully aware of the existence of the 'glitch' article and only created the Glitch Pokémom article to specifically catogrize the glitch creatures 'Such as missingno or 'M'  in the Pokémon game series rather then giltches in the series itself.  
I think this article should be kept as creatures that are themselves glitches are uncommon to other games and are interesting.
In Summary: 

The focus of this article was not to recreate an article on glitches but to concentrate an article on the phenomena of the very unusual glitch Pokémon.

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LordAndrew said:
"I think he means that he created a character as a person."
Yes that is what I mean
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Brain Irons is in the wrong category and should be deleted to correct this.

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If I put a article in the wrong Category can I move it?