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"Hey everyone, it's Tuesday..."

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@mikey_z said:

It's like the Schrodinger's cat thing.

Just like the proverbial cat is in the box being both dead or alive, once Booker goes to the baptism, he is both Booker the child-selling father and Comstock the religious nut. Only by drowning himself does it result in neither possibility. It would be like the cat committing suicide before it goes in the box - in that instance, there would be no alive/dead cat in the box - you only have a dead cat.

I'm glad you brought up Schrodinger's cat in regards to the baptism, because after starting a new playthrough and collecting audio logs again, I heard Comstock make the exact same comparison. He mentions that

"One man goes into the waters of baptism. A different man comes out, born again. But who is that man who lies submerged? Perhaps that swimmer is both sinner and saint, until he is revealed unto the eyes of man"

Kind of interesting that this information is provided in the third voxophone you find...Always love it when a story puts all the pieces in front of you like that, and whether or not you see them is your own doing.

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@bhhawks78 said:

Wait I bought it new and have the season pass but this isn't included.


it was a separate Pre-Order only bonus, dawg. Otherwise you have to pay for it, season pass or no.

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a new sketch comedy series about mario and sonic (very original) has started up, by some guys with a site called Jump Kick Punch. They've only started making videos, but they've had a long running podcast for a while.

The first episode's a little slow, but episode 2 is pretty funny. You guys should give them a look-see:

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same for me, but on chrome.

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I'd say Captain Blasto, but without the voice...I dunno

Also, I agree with the Valkyria Chronicles wishes. It would be cool if it were Welkin, and you could swap between squad member types, like the Pokemon Trainer in Brawl.

perhaps LocoRoco will make it in?

And if there isn't some form of Ape Escape representation in this game, i'll be quite sad indeed

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@msavo said:

I'm pretty certain that if you looked at a Nintendo game hard enough, you'd find something that was clearly "inspired" by something else. That's the way the video game industry works. Sure, Nintendo fans should crow that they had it first, but why would you want to deny the magic of SSB style gameplay? If anything, the attitude should be, "You guys are in for some good times!" When did gaming become such a war? Remember when games was just about having fun?

This times a billion. All videogames are a "Me too, but like THIS" one-upmanship contest anyway, as long as this adds something to the game aside from a different slew of characters, then I don't really see a problem with this. And It's never a good idea to write something off because of an announcement trailer...

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@mabber36 said:

the first half of fez was a much better game

all that cryptography crap adds nothing to the core concept of the game

The first half of Fez plays itself...

I'd say that the cryptography is the core concept of the game, because through it is how you learn the story taking place in the game, what's really going on...jumping and spinning gives you none of that whatsoever, just prompts from your little guide buddy about how he's useless to you and doesn't remember anything

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@YetiAntics said:

So let me get this straight. Some idiot thought he could get the DLC that gets packed into a new game by buying it used, throwing a fit, sued Gamestop, and won due to his stupidity?

Hot coffee is hot

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@damnable_fiend said:

I"m waiting for more news before I decide whether I like or dislike this.

What a fucking concept!

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