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There is only one ending and it's the same no matter what. Check out the official prototype forum for more.

While you can do missions that end with either infected or military bases destroyed for a limited time, you cannot influence what happens at the end of the game.

This IS NOT an RPG. Infamous has moral choices Prototype DOE NOT

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Okay, the new forums just went up day or so ago: the address is

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When I go to the link: it displays an Activision themed site with the words "Under Construction" "Check back early April"

Well the new updated website debuted early this month, but now it's the latter half of April and the forum hasn't been back.

It stinks because the forum was allowed to send 20 questions to the devs, which got answered fairly quickly. So they allowed us to send another 20 questions. Then the forums shut down :(

I was looking forward to that interaction and feedback from the devs. It was really cool of them to do that. But now the site's gone and I feel lost.

There seemed to be a period since October where they announced the forum would close, but nothing happened for five months. Hopefully, they get the new forum will be up soon(tm).

What about the rest of you, where do you go to talk about Prototype besides

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This was a great way to introduce a mission. While I have seen better lip-syncing in current-gen system, it isn't a killer. I enjoyed the variety of ways the AI chose to maneuver him while parkouring, definitely not just a bunch of repeated flips.

Also, I noticed the power-wheel during the "warehouse" fight is very similar to the wheel on the new website. but one of those "locked-out" options is not on the site. So here's looking forward to being surprised by a a new power during gameplay.

Hopefully i won't get spoiled

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AgentJ said:
"Havent seen a good batman game since the Genesis."
I haven't seen a good one since Batman Forever....I know I know. But I was a little one at the time. Plus, co-op was a blast with my friend.

But I am thrilled with the gritty Batman style that I've been exposed to since waiting for the Dark Knight. I've read a ton of titles that really have redefined the character for me.
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Seems like a lot is coming this June. Prototype, Ghostbusters, Batman: Arkham Asylum, inFamous, Damnation, Bionic Commando, etc. Busy month! Especially when E3 is the month before all of this...

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TooWalrus said:
"What's all that red stuff coming out of that nice man, daddy?That's just strawberry jam, sweetheart."

Hey, I just realized. What other game likes to eat your enemies? PAC-MAN! :D
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Hmm...makes me think of Halo: ODST and the ARG that went on before that was announced.

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The comic was released on April 1st. I read it. I'm not sure if it's exclusive to any one country.

You can go to to find one near you.

The first issue, is just the first issue. It doesn't reveal much. Just gets things started.

Here's hoping the series is good.

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I believe the Specialist is featured in the comic that just came out on April 1st. The firts of 6 issues. One issue each month until September.

I don't want to spoiler it, but in the flashback to Vietnam there was this Captain who was a bad@ss. I'm curious if he could become the Specialist 40 years later...probably not. But the Specialist's character model looks similar to the guy in the comic. The first issue isn't much just introduces things. but I'm looking forward to Issue #2.