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@glentennis Your Steam username isn't coming up for me in a friend request, but it also looks like Steam's acting weird as a whole.

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I'm in, PSNID AggroCraig

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Milk... No, not that kind.

An inspiration to anyone who ever even thought about writing about video games.

An outsize personality that was often imitated, but never replicated.

An overwhelming force of positivity barely masked by a cutting wit.

A one of a kind man, gone too soon.

Rest in peace, Ryan.

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May he rest in peace, and all the positive thoughts with his family and friends, as well as everyone at the office.

Taken from everyone far too soon.

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My ID is AggroCraig!

Add away!

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Battletag: AggroCraig#1371

Difficulty: Normal and Up

Region: Americas

Class: Wizard, most likely

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Not to disparage FFXIII-2, but I submit FFTA-2 as the best game since the merge.

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All of you guys who are getting vocally angry about these nonexistent spoilers are welcome to get your video game coverage elsewhere, like one of the myriad sites who put that tidbit in an article title. In fact, if you really want to avoid those "spoilers," STOP LOOKING AT VIDEO GAME COVERAGE. If you consider something that the company shows in previews that press will write up a spoiler, stop reading previews! Simple as that!

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Wait for it...
wait for it...
The Sims are going medieval on your asses!