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Totally agree, Never Alone is a great game. Interesting story and narrative and the videos are a nice touch. Hope to see more games like this.

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No, I love Twitter. It's the only way I can stay in contact with Darji, @Darji. Surprising to no one, he's been tweeting a lot about Zoe.

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Check yourself into the hospital. You'll get the help you need. Your problems are too great to deal with on your own.

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@sasnake: I get notifications from MS as well as Sony but whatever. I get it, MS is bad, Sony is good.

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@rachelepithet: I didn't play LOU on PS3 and probably won't on the PS4. Now please tell me more about these teen moms shaking their asses while vaping.

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@hatking: I haven't played the 2nd season. Would really appreciate the code.

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Damn it dude! Mark this shit as containing spoilers! I just bought this yesterday and was going to start it tomorrow. No point now.

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MS isn't the only company guilty of auto subscribe. I just received an email from Sony saying they were going to auto renew my PS+ account. But for the sake of shitting on Microsoft lets just pretend this practice is exclusive to them.

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Giant Bomb is cool and everything but it's definitely not the same since Darji was banned ;(