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@demoskinos: Don't forget that Piper also plays a crazy wrestler called The Maniac on It's Always Sunny in Phildelphia.

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He was magnificent in his oscar worthy performance as Roy Munson in Kingpins.

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Welcome to 2006

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@geraltitude: Dave Chappelle would have a mental breakdown dealing with the fame and pressure of a nightly show. He actually lives about 20 minutes from where I do in a small community called Yellow Springs in Ohio. It's a laid back hippy town where people leave him alone and everyone's real chill. We usually see him hanging out in a little bar called Peaches or the local brewery when we go out there. You should see him now, he's been hitting the weights and has bulked up a bit. But yeah he's a very private person and has issues with fame and all the attention that comes with it. He's cool to talk to if he's seen you around before but I've seen him get pissed at people who freak out about seeing a celebrity. It's probably safe to say we'll never see him doing anything like the Chappelle Show again.

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@broomhitches: Things will not improve for you until you seek the help of a professional. You've got major issues that you are not equipped to solve on your own.

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I'd let it go. If you raise a stink they'll find a reason to get rid of you. Michigan is a right to work state so they can fire you without reason really. I've worked at a Meijer And they tend to employ unsavory characters so rumors and trouble makers come with the territory. I remember from previous posts that you've had difficulty finding employment. You're gainfully employed now, don't let something stupid like this jeopardize it or you'll be up shit creek without a paddle, again. On a side note, it's customers. Every time I see costumers I think you're interacting with people that make costumes for a living.

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Both consoles are readily available where I live but it wouldn't surprise me if either is scarce in some parts just because of the time of year. It's tax season and a lot of people will get their return and instantly blow it on shit they don't need, especially poor people who get the earned income credit. I was in Best Buy and two of the poorest looking fuckers with 4 kids in tow were purchasing a PS4 and and an Xbox One. They don't have a pot to piss in but at least they have over a grand in new gaming hardware and software.

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It's a day one purchase for me but there does seem to be a lot of mixed reviews out there for the game. Not an issue for me if it's more of the same, enjoyed the first Infamous, skipped the second, so I'm not burnt out on the game mechanics.

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Dump his ass, he's using you for sex and a good time while in college, nothing more. No woman should have to endure that type of bullshit in a relationship. Cut the strings, take some time off dating for yourself, and go out and find mr. right.

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I am not asking to be a reductive dick or anything, but would it be accurate to describe this game as yo call of duty but with robits?

I wouldn't say you're a reductive dick but you do sound like a moron saying "yo call of duty but with robits".