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@sasnake: I get notifications from MS as well as Sony but whatever. I get it, MS is bad, Sony is good.

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@rachelepithet: I didn't play LOU on PS3 and probably won't on the PS4. Now please tell me more about these teen moms shaking their asses while vaping.

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@hatking: I haven't played the 2nd season. Would really appreciate the code.

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Damn it dude! Mark this shit as containing spoilers! I just bought this yesterday and was going to start it tomorrow. No point now.

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MS isn't the only company guilty of auto subscribe. I just received an email from Sony saying they were going to auto renew my PS+ account. But for the sake of shitting on Microsoft lets just pretend this practice is exclusive to them.

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Giant Bomb is cool and everything but it's definitely not the same since Darji was banned ;(

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It crashed to the home screens 5 times the first time I tried playing it. Wouldn't get to the menu screen. Hasn't happened since then though.

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Saw the same article on Yahoo by BGR. Any article that Yahoo posts on video games is click bait, purely speculation otr exaggeration of facts. Saw one today by the Motley Fool saying the PS4 will be Sony's last console. Should I make a thread and discuss that bullshit article as if it were fact like the OP has done with this bullshit article?

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I'm waiting on a confirmation from MisterX media before I believe it.