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Welp, maybe we can get another sam and max series in 2020

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No mention of this guy being 20 years old, no mention of the fact that a valuable indie talent has been wiped from history over what should have been a minor speed bump. I think Valve really needs to take scale into consideration here. This isn't EA or Ubisoft with a massive PR team, this is 5 guys. I think Valve should show some grace and charity given the circumstances. "Shoulda known better" is a little harsh for what should amount to a visit to the principal's office. This guy is just a kid, a baby.

This open letter mirrors my thoughts on the matter

and this article

Bullshit. Valve is under no obligations moral or otherwise to put up with someone sending death threats to one of their employees and 20 years old totally old enough where you should be smart enough not to threaten the biggest retailer that stocks your product. Who cares how big or small the team is Valve is totally justified in not supporting someone who sent them a death threat.

Also the guy's career isn't over. He may not be able to be the frontrunner for a game studio for years but he can still probably get a coding job somewhere if a company is dumb enough to hire him.

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The funny part is the banner thing was fixed in under a hour. So this dude basically ruined everything he's been working on for atleast a year because he had to go from 0 to death threat in a hour.

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@abrasion said:

The vast majority of these kids typing this shit up are angry trolls, or just attention seeking trolls. I know, I used to say horrible shit, maybe no where near as bad, but there was always sport in shock value, or sometimes it was half trollery, half just having a dark sense of humour.

I'm not really condoning this stuff, totally 1000% not, I don't blame the girl for cancelling her tour thing either, - but these people doing this probably have something at least slightly wrong with them. If you were to sit them in a room amongst people they know and actually ask them, I'd wager 7/10 of them are depressed at least, you know? Something is missing, something isn't keeping them happy. They are bored or frustrated or feel slighted or something.

They shouldn't be doing this shit or encouraged but I just thought I'd explain what it's like to do that shit, I've still got a pretty dark / sinister sense of humour but far more,.. refined. There's lines that shouldn't be crossed. I hope all this eases down soon. I thought it had begun to ease up a bit.

I agree that the threats are probably from dumb trolls but all it takes is one idoit who doesn't get that for something serious to happen. 99.9% of the people who are making threats are just blowing smoke but take somebody unstable who doesn't understand that and someone could get hurt.

I don't give a shit about anita or quinn either way but something as extreme as a goddamn terrorist attack threat will only get more and more people (rightfully) on their side.

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I just want to say for the record if the game turns out to be terrible you have no right to complain if you bought into it with this pre-order.

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@alwaysbebombing: More like we have to endure until 2015! amiright!? eh! eh!

Now I kind of worry about will it live up to the hype...

I'm not.

It's been worked on since at least 2011 (so it's not a quick cash grab) and Atlus knows persona is it's most profitable series so I'd imagine they would want to be as mindful of the quality as possible since you won't really make a lot on remakes/anime/spin-offs if nobody liked the first game.

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@ssully said:

Derek Yu is an adult.

He actually listened, internalized, and respectfully responded to criticism of his work. Why can't we all be like this?

Thanks for sharing this as well as everything else here Patrick.

Because gamers (and devs to an extent) have a really bad problem with taking criticism to personally. When anita said that the damsel was sexist she didn't mean that the entire game was bad and Derek was a bad person for putting it in, she just meant that particular mechanic was a little shitty. That's why a bunch of those comments seemed to be generally confused as to why Yu responded the way he did.

[e] I mean shoot, just going through the comments on this page and I already found a few "playing games doesn't make me sexist!" as if that's what she meant at all.

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At this point who would be dumb enough to put money into this and expect to get a good game?

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@meatsim said:

Sonic is going to crash that plane into that game of Civilization V.

Yeah, my very first thought on looking at that screenshot was that nintendo was getting a civ game.

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@Kidavenger said:

@Animasta said:

here's the test if you wanna check it out, it's real nice and totally not harassment at all

Ya, that totally looks like he made her take it, not a friendly joke at all.

It must have been terrible getting that in December 2008 and having to work there another 18 months, what a trooper she was...

She making a mockery of women who have real problems.

No fuck you. This is Sexual Harassment as clear as day (not to mention creepy as fuck coming from your boss) and I can't wait till' this guy gets fucked in court because he and you and anyone who defends shit like this is an asshole.

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