Roguelikes galore.

Is it just me or have Roguelikes become a lot more frequent since the last 2 years.

I am well aware that the clones of the game Rogue are quite common now (again) but there was a good amount of time when such a game would never make it or at least no one tried. But here we are with games like FTL, Binding of Isaac, Dungeons of Dredmor and most recently Rogue Legacy.

Yeah yeah I know that Rogue Legacy really isn't a fully committed Roguelike game but it sure got my attention that much is true. Ironically I am a guy that hates dying in games but knowing a game is a Roguelike I almost never get frustrated when dying since I go in with the mindset that I will die... A LOT!

So of course a highlight from the latest stream is in order:

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Another day another game.

I am starting to think that I have problems with my attention span. I can't seem to play a game for more than a few days at most without getting bored with it. I don't know if it is because of the games or because of me.

I mean I played World of Warcraft (before quitting that of course) for a total of 365 days IN GAME TIME! So I would think that I wouldn't have a problem staying attentive for a new game but alas that is not the case.

So recently I have adjusted my YouTube content to something that I know I like to do. And that is highlights, basically I stream a game, do a highlight reel, go on to the next game.

Maybe I should stick to that since at the end of the day I need to do something I like and that will be reflected in my videos. And well... I do videos because I like to do them and why would I do videos I don't like doing?

Welcome to psychology 101!


And so the job is gone

I had a job, I have my own apartment which I'm paying for with that said job and now it's gone and surely I can only blame myself.

The story goes, I worked customer relations for Sweden's biggest telecom company and somehow an obvious trend has been seen in that very industry. Even though we were helping customers with their subscription business models we had the possibility of doing additional sales to their current model and receive additional commission for those sales.

Now this was not a requirement but definitely encouraged since they company obviously benefited from it, this is however not the case now in the company 2 years after I first started there. The focus on additional sales has been increased drastically and we are constantly reminded to sell more and more. That's when I realized that I was working telemarketing.

I had been working telemarketing before, I swore that I would never end up in a job like that but don't get me wrong guys it's not a bad job in any way but for me... It's something that I completely loathe doing myself but the question remains. Now I'm unemployed and have the worry of accomplishing something whether it is finding a new job or something else, the only thing I do now is sit at home and look for a job or post Youtube clips / stream. Ohh the glory years!

tl;dr: Made myself lose my job because I hate selling stuff.


Insomnia is my bitch

Or at least that's how I want to see it!

Truth is I am a sucker for it, I always let it win and the irony of it all is that I am doing nothing of value in those hours that I have gained by being awake besides adding to the percentage of probably getting a heart attack by the age of 40. I think I hate sleeping, actually let me correct that by saying I hate the 5 steps I need to take to my bed but the actual process of sleeping is something I love...

You know what this have given me clarity, good night!


The betas keep pouring in.

Well, they do.. Just not my way really!

I have tried to get into the beta of Sim City but then again it's not really a beta considering the fact that you only get to play it for an hour so technically it's a Demo Beta? I mean that's the closest definition as far as I know. They just wanna build up the hype for the game by letting as many people as possible try it.

TRIAL!! That's it, it's a trial run!

Either way, the beta that I have been spending most of my time on would be Path of Exile and boy does it feel nice. Graphically it's really nothing compared to Diablo 3 but then again who really cares unless it looks like it's been dragged under a bus. The gameplay is satisfying and it is a true RPG if you like the whole sphere grid thing they are using for all your passive points which I don't mind one bit. The skill system where as you add your gems to your armor in order to build up what skills become available to you is a very nice twist and offers very good diversity since the skills and their powers would most probably not be the same for everyone.

Other than that, still doing the lets plays on my channel and they are coming along quite nicely, I feel good about being able to do something while being unemployed. Feels good, really.... It does!