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Someone actually said it, yeah especially in open world games I seem to be having that issue. I don't know but maybe it is because of the fact that it is a bit to open...

I am one of those guys that actually don't mind linear games (when done right of course). And I feel weird when people mention games being linear as if that is a bad thing in itself when I don't mind that one bit.

The fact that you only finish games you enjoy and not necessarily good games is a statement I would like to align myself too since games that are really good are not the same as games that I enjoy, games that I enjoy are truly subjective.

One way or another, maybe I am just an old man that never will get back into games the way that I played them. Games, games never change... They just... Ok games have changed a bunch!

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@tireyo643: Actually those are what keep me focused the most I believe. Since I am actively doing something, my mind is set on the task at hand and either if it is a puzzle or a strategy needs solving it will make my mind completely focused on the task at hand.

The problem lies in when I put the game down I have little to no lust to go back to it.

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No, this is at Teliasonera. But I have the feeling it's pretty much the same for most Swedish telecom companies nowadays.

Haha well you'd be surprised how little I sound like a Swede, must have been the obsessive viewing of sitcoms as I grew up.

And at everyone, thanks for the encouraging words. It's hard to know what this is really unless one has tried it themselves, some people are made for it though. Though my leaving the place was not quite as dramatic , although I respect what you did a lot!

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Yeah I don't want to sound like an idiot for quitting the job but I had been working telemarketing before and doing it for at least 2 years. And when I finally left that job I promised myself never to do that again and with this job all of a sudden it feels just like I'm working telemarketing. The reason I didn't find a new job before I quit is because I had been looking for quite some time with no avail, the job market is completely messed up and I just couldn't remain at this current one any more.

As for severance, I don't have 100% severance because I didn't join the "A-Kassa" in time here in Sweden. This means I'll be living with minimum severance, I'm not really a whiny guy but to be honest I'd rather be in this position right now.

Edit: Grammar and spelling.

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I had a job, I have my own apartment which I'm paying for with that said job and now it's gone and surely I can only blame myself.

The story goes, I worked customer relations for Sweden's biggest telecom company and somehow an obvious trend has been seen in that very industry. Even though we were helping customers with their subscription business models we had the possibility of doing additional sales to their current model and receive additional commission for those sales.

Now this was not a requirement but definitely encouraged since they company obviously benefited from it, this is however not the case now in the company 2 years after I first started there. The focus on additional sales has been increased drastically and we are constantly reminded to sell more and more. That's when I realized that I was working telemarketing.

I had been working telemarketing before, I swore that I would never end up in a job like that but don't get me wrong guys it's not a bad job in any way but for me... It's something that I completely loathe doing myself but the question remains. Now I'm unemployed and have the worry of accomplishing something whether it is finding a new job or something else, the only thing I do now is sit at home and look for a job or post Youtube clips / stream. Ohh the glory years!

tl;dr: Made myself lose my job because I hate selling stuff.

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Am I the only one that think's Rap Man simply stole sir-mix-alot's flow from the very first word he utters?

Other than that, nice collection of stuff to read.

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Ambien huh, that's a good tip but I hate the fact that I could use medicine to treat it. The first step would be realizing its a problem which I do not, and yeah I know this is not AA.

I guess I'll look into it if I start feeling like I really have to though thanks for the tip guys!

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Or at least that's how I want to see it!

Truth is I am a sucker for it, I always let it win and the irony of it all is that I am doing nothing of value in those hours that I have gained by being awake besides adding to the percentage of probably getting a heart attack by the age of 40. I think I hate sleeping, actually let me correct that by saying I hate the 5 steps I need to take to my bed but the actual process of sleeping is something I love...

You know what this have given me clarity, good night!

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As mentioned before, time traveler has the tricky ones, I just played through the time travelers and it really got me thinking. But the game is a nice and mellow game you could mess around with even if it does not follow the standards of your traditional adventure game that maybe Gilbert would create. Actually now that I think about it I'm really glad they went this route, its refreshing and this is a way for them to deliver a specific genre in a new and refreshing way.

The platforming is easy, sure the controls in some areas are a bit choppy but then again I'm nitpicking. Impressions are generally good since the game is at the price point it is and there is obviously a lot of replayability.

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Hello there everyone, I'm Agraba (let's keep it at that).

Living in Sweden and been a gamer most of my life by starting out on the commodore 64 with the cassette station.

Used to be a dance teacher but now I dance on my spare time:

Now I am unemployed and doing some gaming coverage over on youtube which I always wanted to do but never had time.

If anyone is curious about that:

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