So I'm new here and stuff

Hi! I thought I'd do an introduction before posting something in someone else’s thread. I realize nobody will read this, but I need it to feel like I’m able to write blogs on Giant Bomb :P. Anyway, I live in Zagreb,Croatia (Part of former Yugoslavia) and am a hardcore gamer, albeit not a modern one. I guess I should explain. Basically, my family has no money for high-end computers or video game consoles, and so I don’t ask them to get me them but this doesn’t I mean I can’t play on old consoles I have bought from eBay! My favorite console is SNES and my favorite game is Kirby Superstar. I should also point out I’m 13(which is the minimum allowed age), although I plan to try and be more mature than my generation is expected to be.

I’m going to make reviews for the old games I play, probably after the end of the school year, because I’ll have time then. I won’t immediately shoot for the moderator position, seeing as how I will probably never get it without making some contribution to the site.

Honestly, I thought I was going to write more, but there is nothing to write about at the time, so I leave you with my salutations this time.Oh, and an apology to the giant bomb crew for not buying the subscription, I really wanted to, but couldn’t afford it.