Postal 3 is terrible. As a Postal 2 sequel? Top 10 candidate.

Sometimes I really wonder where it went wrong for us video game players (let's just say gamers, dammit). 
I remember a world where people played games because they were interactive and crazy. The idea of having a virtual arena or city or section of space where you can move, jump, float, crawl, drive vehicles, shoot guns, interact with the virtual people and machines and animals and beasts and ghosts within these game worlds, was fascinating. 
I remember when video games were actually games to be played for people. Programs on consoles and computers that didn't have to provide anything more than gameplay to be given a chance. 
As Sam Lake puts it, "When you give controls to a player, crazy things happen." That's what video games have always been about for me. Yes I appreciate a good story, yes I appreciate tight responsive controls, cutting edge graphics and groundbreaking innovation in the various aspects of video games, and yes I welcome non-jank in a game.  
I don't see why that should mean that the lesser games should be considered bad abominations.  
The very first game I played when I stepped into a "net/gaming cafe" for my first time, was Postal 2. Back then, I think it was around 2004, I was already familiar with what we today consider great games. 
I was already familiar with the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto 3, Halo: Combat Evolved, Max Payne, Age of Empires, Call of Duty, Mu Online, Unreal Tournament and Neverwinter Nights, all games praised for either innovative and tight gameplay, great storytelling and writing, or both. But that didn't stop me from falling in love with Postal 2. 
The kid inside that is entertained and amused with simply insane and absurd actions that certain games can provide was still there and he never left. 
Jumping around like an idiot, peeing on people til they puked, drenching them with gasoline and spamming lit matches at them til they caught on fire, shooting their skulls off and kicking them around as the stomping sound played like music to my ears, all wrapped with the silly theme of a deadbeat living in a trailer with his wife being bossed around by her, going on all kinds of seemingly-mundane yet extremely surprising and fun missions such as buying milk cartons and visiting his father's grave only to be asked to PEE ON IT when you get there..  

I loved that game because it nailed the two things it set out to do: 
  • Delivering the simple childish comedy that we distance ourselves from in search for deeper more brain-demanding humor in order to feel more mature and progressive. Believe me, after a whole day of Giant Bomb inside jokes and clever wall-of-text humor from the various clever websites you frequent, nothing is funnier than going home to some really stupid Postal humor that doesn't require more than your senses to make you start giggling. 
  • Delivering the shitty yet extremely entertaining and fun gameplay that provides total freedom and thus all kinds of jank. The gameplay that the "good" games try to amend and replace with tighter more responsive experiences. 
...Yeah, I really had fun slapping into cover, sharp shooting aliens in the face with razor-like firearms or sprinting like Bugs Bunny in the Mass Effect 3 demo.

Long story short,

 I was determined to purchase two games this year on day 1. Postal 3 and Alan Wake, both for PC of course, as a big thank you to Running With Scissors and Remedy for countless hours of Max Payne & Postal 2 pleasure as a teenager, for many many years.
Sadly, the Quick Look of Postal 3 on my favorite gaming website was really.. painful. I couldn't go on for more than 10-15 minutes, I cringed the whole way through, and I blamed the game for it.  After watching that I was certain that RWS fucked up the game, that they sucked the joy out of it and turned it into a big chore, one that felt like shit in execution & gameplay, no less. 
After watching it, I decided to save my money, and scratched Postal 3 off my to-buy list. Then recently, I stumbled upon a gameplay video of the game and I thought to myself, hey, this doesn't look half bad. 
Once again I began debating buying the game, at which point I did what I usually do in this case, to make sure the money I make standing on my feet every day doesn't go down the toilet. 
All I'm here to tell you is that, if you enjoy video games that are based around the fun of interacting with said game, and especially if you enjoyed Postal 2, that you should reconsider about Postal 3. 
In exactly 5.5 minutes of gameplay I finished the entire opening level that Ryan and Vinny tried desperately to progress in (throwing grenades at zombies, pepper spraying the soldiers, spilling gas on the zombies & burning them etc..),  cleaned up the porn store and popped the hockey moms in the face with dirty tissues from my first try, then jumped into the HIV-infected cat quest where I ran around like an idiot drugging & picking up the cats as the asian cooks came after me with machetes and assault rifles, worked as a temporary body guard for a young slut-looking celebrity whom I defended from same hockey moms by tasing them in the ass, all the while laughing my ass off at the silly, shallow and cheap looking/sounding jokes and screens that are self-aware and intentionally stupid.
Decisions in a Postal game, that was fucking hilarious.  
This game, I think, has reserved a spot on my top 10 of 2012 list. Too early to tell, though.
With all due love and respect for the Giant Bomb staff, after way too many incidents of them selling me on a bad game or making me skip a good one, I no longer feel they can provide good video game criticism and showcase proper gameplay. This is slowly turning into an entertainment TV website, and it's been really annoying me that I can no longer count on Jeff Gerstmann's opinion as much as I can laugh at his funny jokes..
If you can't detach yourself from the "high class gamer" persona which idolizes Mass Effect and accepts nothing less than witty, clever, preferably British comedy, (or detach yourself from the GB fanboy who takes the staff's words as truth. It's OK, I do that too sometimes!), then you can disregard this blog. 
If the kid in you that likes going crazy and not always jumping on the STORY BANDWAGON and remembering that games don't necessarily have to consist of visual drama or provide flawless gameplay to entertain you, I recommend giving Postal 3 a shot.  
P.S. I'm sometimes told that I sound angry when I express myself? There's no anger to aggression in this post, just FYI :P I'm typing thoughts here is all. 
 Signing off!


DayGame  One Run (NA & EU)European RunNorth American RunServer
Tuesday - Jan 24thBattlefield 3  [x]8:00 pm UK6:30 pm Pacific/9:30 EasternGiant Bomb BF3 server
Wednesday - Jan 25thSuper Monday Night Combat [beta] 6:30 pm Eastern/11:30 pm UK   [x][x]Steam invitations (Come on Mumble to get one)
Wednesday - Jan 25thTrackmania 2: Canyon [x]8:00 pm UK5:00 pm Pacific/8:00 pm EasternJeff's GB Server
Thursday - Jan 26thRed Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad 5:30 pm Eastern/10:30 pm UK     [x][x]Will be posted HERE before we begin
Thursday - Jan 26thSuper Street Fighter IV: AE 8:30 pm Eastern/1:30 pm UK [x][x] Add "warcraft360" to your GFWL
Friday - Jan 27thArmA II Free (free2play) 4:30 pm Eastern/09:30 pm UK     [x][x]Search for "bwgbl" in filters then hit OK then Refresh
Saturday - Jan 28thTeam Fortress 2  [x]8:30 pm UK6:30 pm Pacific/9:30 EasternTested server (connect
Saturday - Jan 28th Company of Heroes 2:00 pm Eastern/7:00 pm UK[x] [x] Steam invitations (Come on Mumble to get one)
Sunday Jan 29thCounter Strike: Source 5:00 pm Eastern/10:00 pm UK   [x][x]Will be posted HERE before we begin
Monday - Jan 30thMount & Blade: Warband  5:30 pm Eastern/10:30 pm UK   [x][x]Will be posted HERE before we begin
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GB Gaming Hub IRC Chatroom

Browser-based: (channel = gb_gaming_hub) 

Or you can download mIRC and connect through it. Much better that the browser one! 


Here's a neat tutorial created by Swoxx who also created and is maintaining the chatroom! 

Method 2 - (Proper IRC client 

Step 1: Go to and download the software. (Note: there are several other applications for running IRC available, such as Trillian. I’ll be using the classic mIRC client for this tutorial but the steps should hold true for most clients)
Step 2: Install the application
Step 3: Enter a username and an alternative username*. Then press OK.

*This is for when you’re connected on multiple devices at the same time or when you crash/disconnect and your previous connection has yet to terminate (such as your nick is still showing in the channel when you reconnect)



Step 4: type the following into the chatbox: “/server -j #GB_Gaming_Hub”  (without quotations) This will directly connect you to the correct network and dump you into our channel.


This is what it should look like by now if you’re using the standard version of mIRC for Windows, and you should be ready to to find some duders to play with.


Step 5: (OPTIONAL) If you want to be sure to retain your username you can register with the network. 
To do this, connect to quakenet as shown in step 4 ( then type “/msg Q Hello <email> <emailagain>”. Since this step is optional I wont go into detail.
 “/msg Q showcommands” is enough to get help, should you need more help, feel free to PM me.  

Video game piracy is not entirely evil

This is a blog entry sharing and discussing my personal opinion on piracy as an act. I will not mention or link to any piracy websites, mention or list any release group names, or discuss/explain/refer to any pirating/torrenting/cracking processes and methods.  
I am not condoning, encouraging or instructing people to pirate here. I'm sharing my point of view on it.
I'm writing this to those who grew up in an "internet" environment where piracy is considered an absolute cancer, and who have the misconception that every torrent downloaded automatically equals evil and crime.  
P.S. In order not to repeat the word "piracy" 1700 times, and since I feel like an idiot when I use it, I'll occasionally use the word "fileshare."

There's "piracy", and there's actual piracy.

Like this selfish fucking asshole 
Yes, there are tens of thousands of selfish pricks around the world who think that even though they make money or can afford the occasional game, they somehow have the right to just leech the files off some torrent guy, over and over and over, year after year, enjoying endless hours of entertainment without giving the hardworking studios that provided that entertainment, the cost for their trouble. 
I agree and realize that there are huge numbers of these assholes out there. Sitting in their rooms by their PCs, laughing at people who spend their hard earned money on Steam or the PSN store or Gamestop, as they browse and surf and torrent and accumulate free games all they want.  
I am in no way defending those hurtful parasites.
But there's a whole other face to fileshare that you should be aware of. 


Content / Gameplay: 
Not everybody in the world knows and has played most of the game franchises and genres out there, like a seasoned experienced video game aficionado who frequents video game forums might. Not everybody can afford buying a game because of the hype or the metascore, and then ditching it if they dislike it, like many of us do. 
Some people maybe be new to gaming. Some of them might have played the same genres for years, and this is their first time trying a new game.  Some of them may not be able to afford spending big cash on a game and then not playing it after they grow to dislike it, upon trying it.
The typical answer you might find on the internet to that sort of situation is "grow some balls, buy the game to try it, and if you don't like it, don't buy any more games from that franchise/studio." But that's just unrealistic. Why would I spend full price on a game when I'm not sure whether I will like the gameplay or not? Just because someone on the internet think it's the ballsy thing to do? No, I'll pass.
And so, this is the first and most important reason: These people believe that they have two choices- either to "pirate" the game to see if it's worth sixty USD, or not pirate it because it's "wrong" and thus not get the chance to try it. Miss out on the chance to become customers of that studio.
Here are some ~~examples~~ to demonstrate my point:
  • I pirated The Witcher back in 2008 to try it out. I was a total RPG noob, so as you might imagine I was simply disturbed by such a game and I deleted it in 10 minutes. Earlier this year, I pirated it again to see if I had finally overcome my RPG learning disability and actually enjoy a deep thorough game. 
>>> Result:  I ended up buying The Witcher this year, and buying Witcher 2 for full price  a few months later. <<<
 I once hated Battlefield 2. Thank you piracy, for making Battlefield purchases obligatory to me today.
  • I used to be a Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty: World at War player for several years (both purchased, as well as Modern Warfare 2, as a result of pirating Call of Duty 2 to "try it out" in 2006).  I heard of Battlefield 2 in 2007. I pirated it to see if I can enjoy this big-scale teamwork-based multiplayer game that I kept hearing about from a German msn friend, and guess what? I didn't even know how to play the game, even after reading about it. I didn't know anything about anything, I found myself confused as fuck, and I deleted it. Then in late 2008, I thought what the heck, let's try that complicated game again, and pirated it. It quickly became my all-time favorite multiplayer shooter.  
>>> Result: I now own 5 Battlefield boxes, 2 of which were bought on day 1, because of pirating Battlefield 2 to try it out when I was a jobless teenager.  <<<
I am now forever a day-1 customer of these studios, all thanks to curious pirating as a teenager. Hadn't I torrented BF2 and Witcher, I probably wouldn't own any of the 2 franchises today.  
  • In contrast, after watching the infamous Dead Island trailer, and for being the big Lost fan that I am, and for being sick of typical survival games and then-thinking that Dead Island was gonna be unique, I actually pre-ordered it a few weeks after the trailer. Then after watching the first gameplay demo, I had second thoughts, and decided to cancel the pre-order until I'm sure I want this game. When it came out, I pirated it to test it. 
>>> Result:  45 minutes later, I deleted it never to be seen on my PC again. I saved myself 60$ by trying a pirated game for less than an hour and then removing it.  <<<
How many of you have your Dead Island copies laying on the shelf, drenched in regret? Exactly.
This a very simple one. You don't know if the game runs on your machine, some people say it's optimized, others dont. Some people say the "Can You Run It?" website is dependable, other dont.  
So what do you do? Download the game, run it, look at the FPS and graphical quality, BOOM you got a better answer than any technician could give you.
~~Example~~  I saved myself 60$ on Brink when it ran like shit on my PC EVEN THOUGH most people said my 8600GT would run it decently. I'm not an idiot to take someone's word on the internet and then end up dropping these amounts of money down the toilet, I work hard for my fucking money.    

  "DX11 broken? Is DX9 an option? How's the PhysX implementation? Is it poorly optimized?" 
  The bigger issue, however, is the bad PC ports. There are games, some of them are great games, GOTY contenders even, that get botched up for the PC. Am I supposed to spend full price on a game that would control like shit for me on the PC? Be badly optimized, overheat my machine and give me bad frames per second? HELL NO.  
~~Example~~ Batman: Arkham City has become notorious on the PC for having a terrible DirectX 11 implementation and shitty PhysX that made monster PCs stutter.  
What do you do after hearing this news? 
Idiot response: I spend 60 dollars on it and thus down the shitter, and spend the rest of my life resenting that game for what has happened. 
Smart answer: I "pirate" it to see if it's true. 
That's what I did. Last week I pirated Arkham City to see if it's true, luckily it ran like charm on my PC, so I bought it last night on Steam. You test the port for a couple of hours on your machine, then you buy it, because it's a PORT, the chances of it being a decent product worth the price tag are NOT VERY BIG, need I say more? 

The lack of PC demos contributes to this. 

Temporary Solution

I didn't have any money from my last paycheck left in my account when Skyrim came out. What, should I have waited a few weeks and thus be a few weeks behind everyone else even though I know I'm gonna buy it? It's a fact, I'm buying Skyrim before the year ends, why torture myself and watch others play it for a couple of weeks and be behind on all the discussion threads and my the progress of all my Steam friends?
I came back from the bank this morning after FINALLY receiving my late paycheck, and I'm gonna buy the game tonight. It's just that I have 51 hours in the game, so while I will legitimately purchase this product, I won't be feeling like shit for being weeks behind on one of my most anticipated games this year. Behind on forums and threads. Behind on memes. Behind on videos. Behind when DLC comes out.  

Ease of Use

 Legit Steam game is in my library, and it doesn't work. Pirated copy of said game runs flawlessly.
Did I mention that I purchased Arkham City last night after testing DX11 on my PC in the pirated version? I did. 
I just tried launching it on Steam. The game does not launch. 
I own Arkham City, It's in my Steam library, and the game won't start. The pirated copy ran like fucking charm. It's a FACT that, technically speaking, pirated games > legit games.  
They have no DRM, no activation loops, no certificate shit from Steam, none of that crap. They're like a pure virgin form of the game that needs a crack and some bootleg update files to start. 
So while I own the game right now, there's a big chance that I will continue playing the technically-superior pirated version. I own AND HAVE PAID FOR at least 10 games that I run the pirated versions of, because they offer me the better experience and least hassle. Very simple, very true. 

Alternative Source 

I own The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion on Steam. I visited a friend who has a weak gaming laptop and no internet connection (his parents don't use internet, and he was visiting).  
Do you know how much it made my life easier to, instead of having to take his laptop and coming home and connecting to the internet and installing Steam and logging into my account on his PC and go through Steam guard (getting an email code to prove it's me logging in) and then waiting for Oblivion to download from the Steam servers and install and update, and then telling Steam to work in offline mode, and then driving back to his fancy villa-like house to enjoy an evening with the game, I just took my pirated Oblivion and installed it in 5 minutes. 
Jesus, typing this paragraph was truly exhausting. 

I do not encourage excessive or selfish/harmful piracy.

I spent hundreds of dollars on games this year, 1600$ on a PC upgrade, and made a credit card to become an active Steam customer. 
I'm asking you to have an open mind and not misjudge someone just because they torrented a game. As you can see, there are several cases where the act is not intended as property theft out of cheapness and selfishness. 

Fun Facts:  

While this is my favorite website, I have hundreds of friends in this community, and the Giant Bomb moderators repeatedly disprove my "moderators are assholes" theory  with their friendliness and open minds, I realize that there's such a mass consensus here that piracy is the root of all evil, that freedom of speech on the subject, even from a personal point of view in a blog, may be forbidden. 
It's clear in my disclaimer and the text itself, that I'm only commenting on the act and sharing my opinion, and not getting into piracy as a process, in any form or way.  I'm only pursuing a healthy intellectual discussion of it.  
So I hope freedom of speech is still free.

Looking forward to your thoughts on my argument!

12 months of explosive games. That's a whole year!

In a week it will be one year since it hit me on a cold winter night in bed, while on the toilet, eating a pizza, that 2011 was going to be so massive, it'll need it's own dedicated releases thread. And then this titan came to life. 
And now that I look back at these 12 months, I realize that this has been one of the most significant years of my life. 

Looking back

Let's do a little comparison: 
Pre-2011, I was a fat unemployed long-haired teenager. I still thought i was 'special', like any idiot teenager would, and I had absurd principles and an overall childish mentality. On January 2011,  
I got a new amazing job of few hours and big pay.. a lot of socializing and traveling, hours spent on the highways enjoying a good drive and great views all across the country. The hair was gone, wardrobe was updated.. I also lost a little weight, started working out once a week. And I grew up mentally, started cutting back on the teenager bullshit. 
12 months and the job is still going great, I'm very grateful for having a steady paycheck and a big-time employer taking care of my insurance. 
 I've also visited the university of Jerusalem for two days and applied there, so there's that.  Weed burns my fucking throat. 
   My very first completed RPG? Bias obligatory.
Pre-2011, I had a tired 8600GT PC, on which I mostly played shooters, third person action adventure games, and a few 3D platformers.  
In 2011 I got the most beastly gaming monster I've ever owned, started playing RPGs (I still can't believe I've beaten a few, including THE WITCHER), and my gaming taste evolved immensely. Not to mention that I've been transforming my gaming habits into more stable persistent ones, rather than the moody "I'm quitting this game halfway through" / "This game sucks and I won't try to change my opinion" style I used to have.  
I remember the first time I tried The Witcher in 2008. It scared me. I didn't sleep that night. Feels good to evolve as a gamer, conquer the genres and playstyles and game scopes that used to exhaust and put you off.
Pre-2011, I was 19, this year I turned 20. That's a big deal, bro.   

 Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, looking forward to the whee kend.
And last but not least, on January of this year I decided to become an active organizer of the Giant Bomb community in playing games such as Bad Company 2, Team Fortress 2, Red Orchestra 2, Brink, Battlefield 2/Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 3 together.  Thanks to Sweep for jumpstarting this whole shindig with a BC2 thread and Steam group.
Not all of them were a success, but the ones that were (TF2 for 3 months, BC2 for 10 months, and now the focus has shifted to BF3 and it has been going strong), have been the most amazing multiplayer experiences of my life.   
I never thought I'd rent and maintain two servers for this community, and here we are today, with that reality. 
The fact that running with you guys in BC2 and BF3 has exceeded the fun I had during my Battlefield 2 clan days, says a lot to me.

As I try to gather and HOLD ON TO the titles that came out this year, in my mind, and fail miserably every time as they slip and pour out of my ears, I feel I have a few things to say about the experiences that mattered to me the most.  


Like I mentioned above, I was never into RPGs, simply because I could never get into them.  
Ages 5 through 12, I played Commander Keen 4, Duke Nukem 1, DOOM 2 (oh the nightmares),  Fifa 99, Crazy Taxi, Need for Speed 2 and GTA 2.  Then I became best friends with this crazy kid who liked screaming long-hair freaks with their guitars and blood-filled music videos (I love how I hated metal music), who introduced me to Max Payne, Halo: CE, Call of Duty 1, MU Online, Age of Empires and The Punisher
Then I went on to explore games on my own, lurking the articles and calendars of, playing all the triple-A "fun" games that everyone plays.
Tried to get into Jade Empire in 2006, Oblivion in 2007. The Witcher in 2008. Mass Effect in 2009, and the result was always the same: "I can't take this crowded HUD, I can't endure the aimless wandering, I have too much freedom, It's uncomfortable for me. Also, too many vicious enemies, I'm too vulnerable, aren't I supposed to kill everyone and be boss?" 
Then by some miracle, I forced myself to sit through Mass Effect, learn how to interact with the HUD, use the weapons properly, ACTUALLY CONVERSE WITH AI (what the fuuuuuuck?) and make decisions.  
Next thing I know I had beaten the game, and it's sequel, and began fiddling with the riddled-with-the-unknown Oblivion.  
The highlight of my year, however, was The Witcher.  
I never realized that such video games actually existed. The ever-charming fiction of a fantasy RPG, combined with a strong character who has seen and been through a lot, compelling swordplay and magic combat, extremely diverse and breathtaking environments infested with lively beasts and plants of all shapes and traits, and most of all, a TERRIFIC political story where a neutral man must pick a side, and to top it all off, a fascinating mind-fuck ending.. 
Absolutely tremendous game that has given "gaming" a new meaning to me.
Honorable mention to S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl, which I've been trying to access/enjoy for 4 years, only to beat it in two weeks earlier this year and jump into its sequel!

A certified persistent gamer

Yes, I achieved that certificate recently. Thank you, it wasn't easy! 
 This is the year when I stopped myself from bailing out on games for long periods of time (or forever), like I used to it. My average progress in a video game was 70%, at which point I stopped playing that game (yes, I used to either lose interest or get scared off whenever the pre-last stages of a game began).  

keep going. KEEP GOING. 
This year, with games such as the new Dead Space 2, Alice: Madness Returns, Bulletstorm, Skyrim, Hydrophobia Prophecy, Portal 2, Bastion, Trine 2, Witcher 2, the a-little-old S.T.A.L.K.E.R all of Pripyat, James Bond: Blood Stone, inFamous, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty, and the aforementioned The Witcher and S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl, I kept going, didn't let the occasional frustrations hinder my progress, and found the persistence (in some cases, addiction) to be extremely enjoyable. 
No more moody cowardly playstyles, it's time to take the dedication to the next level with these games, as they themselves have grown in caliber and scope.

In retrospect: 2011

*Crysis 2 was the biggest disappointment I had in anything ever. Whenever I think of the misfortunes of 2011 in the future (personal ones), mine will be Crysis 2. 
I will hold a urinating ceremony every year where I take my copy of Crysis 2 and drench it in warm piss on its release day.  You are welcome to grab your penis and join me in this piss festival. Bring your own copy!
Way to give a massive finger to the work of genius that was Crysis, Crytek. 

*The Witcher, as I said and will say again, is my 2011 [non-2011 year] game of the year. Thank you to CD Projekt RED for changing me as a video game player. 
*Dead Island, thank you for being the straw that broke the camel's back. No. More. Survival. Games. 
*Oh Duke.... I'm sorry, man. 
*Portal 2, game of the year. 
*Playing Oblivion for 38 hours this year totally prepared me for the mammoth that is Skyrim. Will be playing this same playthrough in 2013, and I can't wait to get there. 
*Dead Space 2 is among my top 10, but I do not desire a sequel. No more.   
*Limbo came out on PC this year, and it wins my Best Atmospheric Game Of The Year award. It has been my Downloadable game of the year until Trine 2 kicked the door down and punched it off that throne.
*A good year for PC games. I enjoyed giving the makers of Witcher 2, Red Orchestra 2 and Battlefield 3 full price on their great contribution to the platform. Hopefully I will expand into RTS/Indie PC games in 2012 and support them too. 

*Assassin's Creed.. What can I say? If I'm a fanboy of any non-multiplayer game, it's Assassin's Creed. I fucking love Assassin's Creed. And I think I'm in love with Altair..  
However, Revelations is one big meh :( 
  They didn't improve the AI at all. A guard can still stare at you for 5 seconds and not see you (as long as the yellow indicator doesn't go red!)
You still climb around like an idiot and wait to drop on dudes from above... 
Oh hey, chests of valuable loot sitting perfectly still ontop a bunch of barrels right next to the doorway.
And then Jigsaw unlocks the gate to the next setpiece 
Interesting, but... I think I'll pass from now on. Sorry, Assassins.


  • To Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for snubbing it in favor of other games this year. Will totally buy it on the nearest sale to play in 2012.  
  • To Bastion, for judging it based on the demo and resenting it. Now that I've decided to buy and play it on Steam, I change my opinion completely. But it's not entirely my fault. The way the game is built to be understood (understanding the mechanics, combat and pacing) is a total hit and miss.. You either get it, or you struggle trying to find the correct playstyle. I feel Super Giant Games should've made the learning process a little smoother, since you jump in expecting a simple downloadable game! 


Most anticipated 2012 game 


Tonight we said our farewells to Bad Company 2

We just finished playing our very last round of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.     

 If you squint you can see their GB clantags!
Sweep & I started this group back in January, in an attempt to get the battlefieders of the Giant Bomb community to play this great multiplayer game together.  
For the last ten months we played every Sunday, having really great gameplay moments, applying amazing full-on teamwork tactics, snatching each other's dogtags and becoming good friends week after week.  
I really enjoyed playing this game with you guys, it was fun listening to No0b0rAmA bore us to tears with his Nelson Mandella & Morgan Freeman theories, gunning for evilrazer while he ruled the battlefield with his tank, getting repeatedly knifed and humiliated by Alexw00d, owned by Mu5hy (tactical my ass!), killing Roughneck117 moments before he killed me, taking out all the enemy tanks with the very dedicated engineer Cryptic_Code, listening to Knifey_Spoony's stoned ramblings, calling Darksaw a hacker (haha), seeing cold death in Forcen's eyes, getting sniped by Blinky, always having Liminality back up the squad, watching ScreaminJesus get mad K/D with the fucking PP2000, Mikemcn always telling me he can't play because he uninstalled the game, getting shotgunned in the face by rb_man and watching G-Snutten sneak like a pro, as well as playing with the rest of you guys.
After I had given up on this game, these bombing runs made it fun again, and it only got us pumped to play Battlefield 3 together like old time friends!  
 Evilrazer and his mad helo skills
Like A Boss 

rb_man taking a photo with his magic ball 
 Fuckers shot the cameraman.

Good riddance to Bad Company 2 and all the games and good memories, Battlefield 3 here we come. 

      (That's a C4 explosion in the back. Oh, yeah.)


My thoughts on the Battlefield 3 BETA

 These past few days have been confusing for me personally. In the months leading up to the game's release, every long time fan of the franchise who loved the predecessor of this game, the game that is considered the pinnacle of Battlefield, Battlefield 2, was extremely worried and confused.
Several factors caused this confusion, the most significant of which are the EA CEO's comments about BF3 being designed to "take down COD", the developer's comments about creating a "game for everyone" and that they are " lowering the complexity threshold" and going with a "play it your own way" motto, not to mention the fact that the most streamlined of all the BF titles, the console spin-off sequel, Bad Company 2, made crazy bank, and we all know what cash does to a developer's style.
To make a long story short, there was a lot of worrying, a lot of anticipation, I didn't know what to expect, I didn't know whether in the next few years I will be once again having the best multiplayer experience of my life (by having BF3 be truly similar to BF2, not identical, but similar as a sequel should be), or whether I was gonna be playing Bad Company 2.5.
After playing the BETA for a few days, the highlight of which was 5 full rounds of the conquest 64 map Caspian Border, and of course a dozen of Operation Corridor, ahem, Metro, rounds, I've grown even more confused.
Battlefield 3 is extremely beautiful and genuine and mindblowing and amazing, but at the same damned time it is extremely broken and riddled with bad design choices and poor execution.
I'll start with the good, then deal with the bad. I'll be focusing more on Conquest, because I simply do not care for Rush.

What makes Battlefield 3 the game I have awaited for years

A new exciting experience
1. It does it's own thing. Like I mentioned above, the biggest worry for anyone who wished upon a star for BF3 to be a genuine and original game, was that it might have the Bad Company infection, just because that series made money.
I am pleased to witness for myself that Battlefield 3 does not borrow anything from anyone. It is its own game, has its own aesthetics, the sounds and the graphics, the art and the map design, the gun feel and handling and recoil, the bullet drop and velocity, the soldier movement, the game's pacing whether it's a conflict over MCOMS and advancing against the enemy, or a conflict over control points (flags) and the better team coming out on top conquering and victorious.
Battlefield 3 is its own game and I found that to be an outstanding way to start the game. By feeling like I've never played it before.
2.  Innovation. DICE were hell-bent on innovating in this new Battlefield. You can just sense it as you play the game, that this developer did not want to settle for the same old gameplay features.. They added a suppression system that blurs your vision and weakens your aim (when you get suppressed - shot at). That system needs its own special class that is best at suppressive fire, so now the Support class using LMGs has a higher purpose than just spraying bullets. Suppressive fire is a task that you do on the battlefield, and thus a new XP score is born, Suppression Assist. See how beautiful DICE's development strategy is? They know how to throw something in the air and just make a rainbow out of it. They know how to connect the dots and make all the different aspects in the game have an interrelated connection that influences gameplay.
Other great innovations:
  • Sniper glint- Being a sniper is not something easy. And it is extremely deadly. If you want to snipe, you must have the skill and patience and persistence of a sniper.. Bad Company 2 proved that not giving the sniper something to worry about, turned sniper into a big fat dick shoved deep up the game flow's ass. Now I do agree that the glint is excessive and exposed snipers way too often, but if they tone it down and tweak it just right, it will teach snipers to keep moving thus making them more beneficial for their teams (spotting, etc..). That glint, along with the fact that the only one-shot-kill a sniper could get is a headshot, will teach the kids not to waste their times wanting to "snipe noobs" because its beyond their attention span
  • Flashlights and laser attachments: A beautiful addition to the guns, those two add-ons have very tactical advantages yet may expose you or have you blind your enemies.. Learning to use your flashlight, when to turn it off or on, and when to blind your enemy with your laser attachment and when to keep it off in order to stay stealthy, is going to be a difficult lesson and a challenge I look forward to
  • Dynamic lighting: You can shoot out any lamp/light in the world. Enough said! This could change firefights as we know them, creating darkness around you will help you be undetected, and shooting out your enemy's lights and using their flashlight to know where they are is a smart move I'm sure we're gonna be seeing a lot.
  • Vehicle disablement 
  • Revive opt-out
  • Several new toys like the EOD bot, MAV, laser designator for jets, spawn beacon, etc..
  • A lot more!

I just ordered a new PC! Here are the specs

Edit: The new PC is here! (same parts listed below) 

The Rig: (Edited #2)
  • *CPU*  Core i5 2500K 3.3Ghz 
  • *MOBO* P8Z68-V (it does SLI)
  • *RAM* 2x4 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz RAM
  • *HDD* Caviar Black 500GB 7200RPM, 32MB, SATA III  (I have enough external space for storage) 
  • *PSU* Antec High Current Gamer 900W Active PFC 13.5cm PSU HCG-900 (In case I go 570 SLI in a few years)
  • *CASE* Thermaltake V9 BlacX Edition

Parts i'm going to use from the current PC: 
  • *Optical Writer* ASUS QuieTrack DVD ROM 
  • *Monitor* Samsung 22'' SynMaster 226bw 
  • *Keyboard* Razer Lycosa Mirror  
  • *Speakers* Logitech X-230 
  • Windows 7 64bit Ultimate
Parts i'm still debating whether needed:  (Edited) 
No need for a UPS, and i'll buy an SSD in a coupla years.

Road to Battlefield 3 - Part 1

We're about three months away from the Battlefield 3 release. 
This is what i consider the beginning of the last phase of fan anticipation and developer announcements.  
Up until last week, we were in the second phase where we knew enough about the game to have a general idea of it, and we even got hands on the game in the the Alpha Trial to see how the game feels and handles.  

Now that we're in the beginning of the last phase, where we only need a few more things confirmed in/out, and where we need to see the second main mode of the game (conquest mode), and finally get our hands on the beta,I thought i'd create this three-part blog:  
*Part 1 (this entry) will revolve around new random information. Everything we're able to gather before GamesCom 
*Part 2 will discuss BF3's appearance at GamesCom, which is promised to be huge and full of surprises. 
*Part 3 will be about the beta, in the few weeks leading to the game's release.

So let's begin!

This blog is filled with good news!
Based on DICE's negligence to the PC in the last 5 years, including a poorly optimized console port last year, and after seeing several developers ditch their unique design styles and spew out money-grabbing explosion-filled run-and-gun gallery killfests, I didn't have much hope in Battlefield 3 when it was announced. 5 years without a PC title? the console-oriented BC2 ? the CODmania that is allowing developers to half-ass their products and sell them for full price? Why on earth would i think that BF3 will have anything to do with its pre-MW tactical team-based predecessor ? All the indicators of the developer's recent history, and the industry, point otherwise. It only made sense to think negatively of the title.
However , more and more good news (or rumors) has been surfacing, which is giving many old fans some hope.

Secret Alpha Trial Files & Promising Tweets

Thanks to a tip from my GB friend Darksaw , in addition to several threads on the official forums, there have been a few people who've been digging deep into the alpha trial files  on their PCs and came across some really interesting and promising information!  
1. Multiplayer has 12 maps!!
 This is the first thing that caught my attention and made me reconsider about the game's direction. 12 multiplayer maps on day 1 just like BF2, and unlike BC2's 6-7 maps? That is really great news. 
  • Testrange_Rome_MP05
  • MP_001
  • MP_001SR
  • MP_002
  • MP_002SR
  • MP_003
  • MP_004
  • MP_004SDM
  • MP_005 (Rome)
  • MP_005SR (Rome)
  • MP_006
  • MP_006CQ
  • MP_006SDM
  • MP_007
  • MP_007SDM
  • MP_008
  • MP_009CQ
  • MP_009SDM
  • MP_009GR
  • MP_012GR
  • MP_012SR
What we can learn from those listed items: 
  • 12 different multiplayer maps, some of which have more than one size/version, which makes the total mp map amount 20.  
  • There's an mp map called Rome 
  • The game modes we can see are SR, CQ, GR and SDM. What could they mean? Well, for now, lets focus on the important mode, Conquest. As you can see, there are 10 conquest maps in Battlefield 3, two of which don't have any other size versions (conquest exclusives).  
 2.  Game modes:  
  • teamdeathmatch
  • teams_small
  • teams_large
  • conquest_small (CQ)
  • conquest_large (CQ)
  • squadrush (SR)
  • squaddeathmatch (SDM)
  • rush (GR?)
  • KingOfTheHill (As written in Alpha Config)
In addition to a mode that @repi and @Demize99 vaguely tweeted about a few times, called "Ship Mode ". So many modes man, how amazing is that? Rejoice!  
Wait, did someone say King of the Hill ?  WAT THE FU--  

3. Battlerecorder: One of the reasons games like Halo  and Call of Duty  are very user-friendly and youtube-friendly is because they have their integrated easy-to-use theater modes that allow players to video capture their matches, pause, rewind, fastforward, toggle camera and view, etc.. and create awesome montages without having to go through running Fraps, encoding and compressing their videos, etc.. 
Well, thanks to BF3 brand manager Kevin O'leary, who said in an interview that Battlerecorder is not included, Zh1nt0 (community manager) had to come out and say otherwise 
Zh1nt0 mentioned several times that DICE are aiming for the E-Sports audience again, so all we needed was a confirmation that Battlerecorder and Spectate mode are in, and there you have it :D 
Here's an alpha video showing spectate mode, it's sooooooo awesome:  
(Don't mind the video's title)
4. Rewarding teamwork properly : 
A)  When it comes to in-game awards (ribbons and medals), DICE have regained my trust. They have a full catalogue listing tens of ribbons and medals, which rewardeverything  you do on the Battlefield, not just killing and blowing shit up  
Awards? Check. Teamwork stats? N/A 
B) However, we still do not know whether the end-of-round stat screens will give any attention to those who worked for their team's benefit. I hope those KD/R and Killstreak stats will get mixed with Flag Capture and Repair stats and the like..  
There's even a new award system called Service Stars, you can read all about this on the latest Battleblog .
5. Vehicles: DICE seem to be stepping up their game when it comes to the combat vehicles they're using in the game! (taken from another source
Here's a taste of the game's vehicles:
  • HMVWW (Humvee)
  • LAV
  • AH-6 & MH-6 Little Bird
  • SH-60B Seahawk (blackhawk)
  • M1A1 husk (obviously)
  • T-72
  • Harrier
  • A10 Warthog
  • Shilka
  • ZU-23 
6. Commo Rose: (this is what a Commo Rose  is) 
I'll just leave this here -
Let me try to express how i feel.. 
7. Singleplayer & Authenticity: I was doubtful of DICE's ability to create a single player component that is worth playing, especially after learning that this game willalso  feature russians, and that the novel being written by Andy McNab is even entitled "The Russian" 
However, after learning that the game will have 13 different single player maps, in addition to the many interviews and news articles on the sp campaign and the book, i can clearly see that DICE are determined to give us an unprecedentedly authentic and "emotional" experience of the life in the military. They wanna give us that feel and they wanna do it right.. Can't deny that i'm officially excited to play BF3 single player. 
8. Bullet damage has been reduced, health regeneration has been slowed down (and it freezes when suppressed). They also tweaked the sniper scope glint and the sniper rifle sway.. I'm glad they care about the little things. They're also working on 3D spotting..
I hope this means something! Anything. 
9. Unlocks: According to the latest Battleblog (linked above ^), the game has 10 times the amount of unlockables of Bad Company 2.  Apparently, vehicle unlocks have their own trees!
This of course is very exciting news that will keep the game feeling fresh and progressive. 
10. Factions: Some other findings where the L96A1, L86, L86 LSW and the final vehicle they found in some random stuff was the Jackel, which is a British vehicle. This might mean that there will be a third faction  in the game! (not just US vs. RUS). At least as DLC .. 
Also, the Back to Karkand DLC is said to be "the size of Bad Company 2: Vietnam". Not only does it have the 4 BF2 maps but also all of its original weapons and vehicles.. which leads to believe that those maps will have the original MEC faction in them! 
So that's US and Russia (confirmed), MEC in the game's first DLC (kinda confirmed), and maybe even the British Forces (based on hidden files)

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry! Tell me what you think, and thanks for reading.

I'll leave you with this video

 Make sure to keep a tissue box near you. Things are about to get intense


BF3 Rant Blog [archive]

This is a rant blog, i guess....  
*PS this is for people who have played Battlefield 2. If you haven't, I don't think you will relate
*PPS the fact that the game is in alpha stage doesn't mean it's gonna be 110% different when it's out. Alpha is the second step towards the golden stage, and this second step is messed up
*PPPS i'm not asking for realism or hardcore mode. those aren't the only solutions

 Introducion: That player shot at a far away triangle, the result was that he killed another player. Does that sound right to you? think about that for 5 seconds, then proceed.  

Now look at this new Battlefield 3 trailer: 

So for those who were duped by DICE's promising interviews, telling us that Battlefield 3 is an actual sequel to Battlefield 2, using things like "Jets, big maps and prone!!1!!111!" to fool us, this blog is to inform you that you were in fact duped.  
 Battlefield 3
This is a very normal business step by EA, i'm not saying it's bizarre, i'm just very saddened by the fact that it eventually happened: They found that their PC-based content-rich skill-demanding not-so-rewarding games Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 didn't sell well, whereas their console spin-off Bad Company 2 made serious bank, so instead of milking the Bad Company series with BC3 in two years time, they were too eager and corrupted Battlefield 3 in order to cash in on people's hopes by the end of this year.
This game has nothing in common with Battlefield 2. only the fact that the conquest maps support 64 players.. that's it. 
  • Just like BC2 and unlike BF2, there is no Commo Rose. You can't use pre-recorded commands to communicate with your team mates efficiently. We're going to be mute just like in BC2 
2000+ post on the official forums protesting lack of Commo Rose
If you've never used this thing before, you really missed out.  
Here's a mock-up by a fan. tell me you dont love it: 
 [Full size]

  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, the ridiculously outrageous 3D spotting is back. You point at the enemy's base, tap the social button, see triangles light up, shoot at the triangles and get kills. You don't have to see the person to kill them. That is called "aim assist". the fact that you can see the triangle through walls and rocks and trees, is called "wallhacking". DICE solved the problem of cheats and hackers: they implemented that shit into their game.
3 hot threads protesting 3D Spotting: FirstSecondThird.
Everyone shoot at the triangle, that makes you kill other people. 

  • Not only that, but squad leaders get a huge star stuffed NEXT to the spotting triangle on top of their heads, making people think twice before they start a squad. 
  • The damage models are ridiculous. 3 taps and you're dead. If you have a triangle on your head, you're automatically doomed. 
  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, teamwork stats are no-where to be seen. The scoreboard shows this: K, D, Score. the end-of-round stats consist of four screens listing your best kills and killstreaks.. yes, i said killstreaks in a Battlefield game 
  • There doesn't seem to be any chain of command whatsoever. The squad leader position appears to do literally nothing. there is no commo rose to communicate, no giving orders, nothing. 
  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, health regeneration is back. it takes 15 seconds to kick in, but once it does it goes all the way up rapidly. Once again, medics are only needed when someone dies 
  • A new awesome feature: Vehicle health regeneration. 'nuff said. 
  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, there's still an aimbot knife in the game. All you have to do is tap the knife button when you're behind someone, and you're 100% guaranteed to hit them
  • The biggest emphasis of the Lead Designer of the game's multiplayer component, is the gunz.
There's already speculations that the conquest maps are gonna be linear and chokepoint-based (no matter how big they are), and that jets and helos will have health regeneration as well.
And so, it is clear that the huge bank that Bad Company 2 made, is totally blinding DICE from having any sense of principle and they're pretty much creating Bad Company 2 under a bigger better name.  
They found that when they created games that had honest clean gameplay that encouraged teamwork, they didn't make enough money. Whereas when they created a game with triangles that are visible through walls and tell you where to shoot, they made money. 

Yes i'll be buying the game, and yes i'm very excited for it, but the message i'm trying to convey here is that this game is not Battlefield 3.  
If you think this is a typical "Bf3 is Bc3 !!" thread, give me a counter argument.