Battlefield 3 is shaping up to be a total joke

This is a rant blog, i guess....
*PS this is for people who have played Battlefield 2. If you haven't, I don't think you will relate
*PPS the fact that the game is in alpha stage doesn't mean it's gonna be 110% different when it's out. Alpha is the second step towards the golden stage, and this second step is messed up
*PPPS i'm not asking for realism or hardcore mode. those aren't the only solutions

Introducion: That player shot at a far away triangle, the result was that he killed another player. Does that sound right to you? think about that for 5 seconds, then proceed.

Now look at this new Battlefield 3 trailer:


So for those who were duped by DICE's promising interviews, telling us that Battlefield 3 is an actual sequel to Battlefield 2, using things like "Jets, big maps and prone!!1!!111!" to fool us, this blog is to inform you that you were in fact duped.

Battlefield 3
Battlefield 3

This is a very normal business step by EA, i'm not saying it's bizarre, i'm just very saddened by the fact that it eventually happened: They found that their PC-based content-rich skill-demanding not-so-rewarding games Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 didn't sell well, whereas their console spin-off Bad Company 2 made serious bank, so instead of milking the Bad Company series with BC3 in two years time, they were too eager and corrupted Battlefield 3 in order to cash in on people's hopes by the end of this year.

This game has nothing in common with Battlefield 2. only the fact that the conquest maps support 64 players.. that's it.

  • Just like BC2 and unlike BF2, there is no Commo Rose. You can't use pre-recorded commands to communicate with your team mates efficiently. We're going to be mute just like in BC2

2000+ post on the official forums protesting lack of Commo Rose

If you've never used this thing before, you really missed out.
If you've never used this thing before, you really missed out.

Here's a mock-up by a fan. tell me you dont love it:


[Full size]

  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, the ridiculously outrageous 3D spotting is back. You point at the enemy's base, tap the social button, see triangles light up, shoot at the triangles and get kills. You don't have to see the person to kill them. That is called "aim assist". the fact that you can see the triangle through walls and rocks and trees, is called "wallhacking". DICE solved the problem of cheats and hackers: they implemented that shit into their game.

3 hot threads protesting 3D Spotting: First, Second, Third.

Everyone shoot at the triangle, that makes you kill other people.
Everyone shoot at the triangle, that makes you kill other people.
  • Not only that, but squad leaders get a huge star stuffed NEXT to the spotting triangle on top of their heads, making people think twice before they start a squad.
  • The damage models are ridiculous. 3 taps and you're dead. If you have a triangle on your head, you're automatically doomed.
  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, teamwork stats are no-where to be seen. The scoreboard shows this: K, D, Score. the end-of-round stats consist of four screens listing your best kills and killstreaks.. yes, i said killstreaks in a Battlefield game
  • There doesn't seem to be any chain of command whatsoever. The squad leader position appears to do literally nothing. there is no commo rose to communicate, no giving orders, nothing.
  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, health regeneration is back. it takes 15 seconds to kick in, but once it does it goes all the way up rapidly. Once again, medics are only needed when someone dies
  • A new awesome feature: Vehicle health regeneration. 'nuff said.
  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, there's still an aimbot knife in the game. All you have to do is tap the knife button when you're behind someone, and you're 100% guaranteed to hit them
  • The biggest emphasis of the Lead Designer of the game's multiplayer component, is the gunz.

There's already speculations that the conquest maps are gonna be linear and chokepoint-based (no matter how big they are), and that jets and helos will have health regeneration as well.

And so, it is clear that the huge bank that Bad Company 2 made, is totally blinding DICE from having any sense of principle and they're pretty much creating Bad Company 2 under a bigger better name.

They found that when they created games that had honest clean gameplay that encouraged teamwork, they didn't make enough money. Whereas when they created a game with triangles that are visible through walls and tell you where to shoot, they made money.

Yes i'll be buying the game, and yes i'm very excited for it, but the message i'm trying to convey here is that this game is not Battlefield 3.

If you think this is a typical "Bf3 is Bc3 !!" thread, give me a counter argument.


This game is very beautiful!


 After watching the Alice: Madness Returns QL, i decided to pick up the game. And i wasn't disappointed! 
This game is extremely beautiful with a wide variety of themes and environments and colors and "auras", has a light and entertaining style to the gameplay, a grim,compelling and british-y Sherlock Holmes-esque story, and is just an overall fun experience! (Yes, i just said "britishy" ;p) 

I'm almost 1.5 hours into the game and i'm having a great time, i thought i'd show some Steam screenshots! 
This game proves that graphical advancements and cutting edge technology aren't always needed for a game to look breathtaking. Sure, this game is graphically inferior and has a  slightly poor attention to detail, yet the art direction and environments are simply stunning. 
(Running it on PC, almost maxed out)




It's always good to finally enjoy a game you used to loathe!

If you had asked me just yesterday, what game i hated the most, i would've said inFamous
While i loathe and despise Crysis 2 since it doesn't deserve the Crysis name, I hated inFamous with a passion. 
The world felt too grim and offputting, the NPCs are twitchy and weird, you don't feel like they're human beings but rather stampeding rats in a human form, the protagonist is also very twitchy and his movement is dissatisfying (he's like a monkey on drugs), and overall, the game has only one kind of enemies, The Reapers. Though they do vary in style and powers, they're all the same basic enemy.  
The screen goes grey (near-death screen) way too fast, no matter how much you spam the dodge button the snipers across the map can still hit you, and it was all just one big clusterfuck of frustration.  

But after conversing with some inFamous fans on the inFamous 2 forums here on Giant Bomb, i decided to "man up" (since apparently i was being slow and pussy-ish with my gameplay), and i'm glad to say that they were right. 
I've been playing inFamous for 3-4 hours (started a new game. something i've done about 6 times in the last year) and i'm just enjoying the game like i never did before. 
I think the visuals actually look great if i take it easy on the criticism (the cars looking all stupid for example), the gameplay is very tight and engaging once you grow some balls and FUCK those reapers in the ass. 
I used to dislike Mass Effect, Dead SpaceS.T.A.L.K.E.R and Oblivion in the past, simply because i didn't get the way they handled and progrssed, and i've become a fan of all four after i successfully managed to enjoy them last year after so many tries. 
But i never thought i'd enjoy inFamous. i despised it so much and wanted to break the disc with my cock.  
Very pleased to be enjoying myself now, this game is hella fun. I'm still worried about the upcoming fights, i expect to still get fucked with grey screen before i scratch my head, and expect the dodge button to remain useless..  any tips on approaching intense combat is appreciated.

Name one game that you used to hate with every fiber of your being, which you approached differently later on and managed to enjoy! Maybe tell us something about why you hated it and how that changed for you.

Here are all the new Battlefield 3 details i got out of E3 2011



I spent the last four E3-focused days watching BF3 live streams, reading/watching interviews, articles, keeping up with developer tweets, scouring the official BF3 forums, and hanging around a couple of BF3-enthusiast chatrooms. 
   I gathered all the info i could gather about the important part of Battlefield 3 - the multiplayer.  


P.S. Keep in mind that this is Battlefield, not ArmA or Red Orchestra or Operation Flashpoint. Realism has little to do with Battlefield. It's more fun-based, and balance is the highest priority 

1st Stop - E3 Event 

 The event itself was very, very dry and uninformative. We got nothing out of EA/DICE other than a 49 second multiplayer teaser, and a long 8-minute singleplayer Tank demo on the map/mission "Thunder Run"

Watch these if you missed them, or in order to jog your memory. and then we'll continue:  

HD Multiplayer Teaser: 

 1080p torrent download 

HD Stage Demo "Thunder Run":

1080p torrent download

We're better off not seeing any of that unsatisfactory bullshit, right?  Right!
However, being the desperate long-time fans that we are, and enduring EA's months of continued teasing and foreplay that killed our boners before she took her shoes off (EA), We had to watch that footage a million times over and try to get all the info we could out of it.  
Let's start with the boring tank ride, to get it out of the way: 
  • Bla bla bla about the dynamic lighting, the divine new Frostbite 2 game engine, the smooth grafix, and all that crap we've been fed for four months. If you haven't been keeping up with the news, that's not my goddamn problem!
  • The tank setup seems much more satisfying for the player from past BF games, both control-wise and feature wise : 
  1. You can zoom in/zoom out in the tank view, turn on thermal vision, shoot both shells and a machine gun. 
  2. The tank has it's own built-in console that controls a  laser-designating aerial vehicle of some sorts. Will that be used in multiplayer? We don't know yet, but DICE seem very fond of the player-deployed artillery and UAV, so that could be one of the new ways to deploy UAV in-game. 
  3. The shooting precision is looking a lot tighter than previous BF games, with shells hitting their target and not being too hindered by bullet drop mechanics. Also, the tank driving seems a lot more responsive, whereas driving a tank in a Battlefield game is usually a bitch, because they're too slow and heavy to control.
  4. When a tank takes a hit, the tank vision/view gets distorted in a black&white color, rather than just showing the red hit detector [It also has a limited health regeneration]. Will that be added to the multiplayer in some way? We don't know, but a new "vehicle-disablement" feature has been added to the multiplayer, which basically means that when you keep GUSTAVing a tank and it gets badly damaged, it doesn't immediately explode, allowing the passengers to get out and flee/fight back before the vehicle explodes. 
Ok enough of that video, let's get down to some multiplayer business :  

A) PixelEnemy's frame-by-frame analysis of the multiplayer teaser  (in collaboration with the Don't Revive Me Bro staff):

PixelEnemy are one of my favorite amateur gaming journalists on the internet. They're very enthusiastic about Battlefield 3, and their constantly uploaded BF videos are always pleasant to watch. 
Here's a re-cap of what was mentioned in the video, but i'm not gonna list every little detail, so if you're interested enough you should watch it!  
P.S. Some things they mention were confirmed later on, so i will add "Confirmed" to those items. 

  • Weapons spotted-  
  1. M16A4 
  2. SVD  sniper
  3. AK74M   
  4. AKS74U
  5. Beretta M9 pistol
  6. MP443 pistol 
  7. M249
  8. M16
  9. Pechenag (PKM type of weapon)
  10. M67 Frag Grenade
  11. ACOG
  12. Combat Scope (a certain type of ACOG)
  13. Flashlight attachment [Confirmed]
  • Maximum number of players in a squad: 4 [Confirmed]
  • Squad Leader makes a comeback - has a star by his name [Confirmed]  
  • Classic Rush Mode is back [Confirmed]   
  • Health bar is back, in the form of a "100%" bar [Confirmed] + Light health regeneration
  • On-screen compass    
  • A certain type of missiles can be launched (Possible return of the Anti-Air vehicle)  
  • LAV-26 APC [Confirmed] - Details:  
  1. 6 Seats 
  2. Shell cannon
  3. 50. Caliber M2 machine gun  
  4. 100% tank health bar
  5. Tank view magnification indicator (1x, 2x, etc..)
  • Powerful recoil on the guns [Confirmed] 
  • 3D spotting is returning [Confirmed]   
  • Alot of flashing and myst caused by the bullets
  • New/Updated kinds of XP points:  

  1. Enemy Down (you killed an enemy) - 100 points
  2. Double Kill - 200 points
  3. Kill Assists - 50 points
  4. Suppression bonus - 50 points
  5. Avenger bonus - 10 points
  6. "Comeback" XP (when you get a kill after several deaths in a row) - 40 points
  7. MCOM Attacker Kill [???]
  • On-screen Base indicator   
  • MOH-like Objective updates/notification on-screen 
  • ANT animation capable of mixing several simultaneous animations in a dynamic way 
  • When you aim down your gun scope you can still see the sides of your gun
  • Huge explosions caused by Mortar Strikes or Artillery or UAV
  • Scripted events after every MCOM wave gets demolished 
  • multi-level mini-map (when you go into a new area, a specific mini-map of that area/section is viewed on-screen)
  • Everytime you stealth knife/get stealth knifed, there's a quick animation [Confirmed]
  • The killfeed says "Knife" when someone gets knifed.
  • Chokepoints might be a problem
  • Dynamic light sources - You can camp in a room (for instance) and take out the lights to stay in the shadows [Confirmed]. Could be a great gameplay tactic going along with the use of night vision goggles
  • MCOMs are attached to things, like vans for example [unconfirmed]
  • Falling debris can kill you. Not confirmed if it can damage vehicles.


B) GamerSpawn's 10-minute comprehensive analysis of the multiplayer teaser:  

GamerSpawn is's youtube channel. They pump out high-quality editing videos which show new footage and discuss new information in a very professional manner and in the voice of the coolest fucking video game narrator on the web! 
A list of the stuff they mentioned:  
  • Weapons spotted-  (Look Above)
  • Tactical Reload: When you have a bullet in the gun chamber and you reload, you keep the chamber bullet and gain the 30 rounds of the magazine, hence the "31" bullet indicator (as opposed to having to lose the chamber bullet to have 30 bullets max)  
  • Multiple firing modes selection makes a comeback from Battlefield 2  
  • When you headshot-kill someone, a crosshair icon appears by their name in the top left corner KillFeed 
  • After fan/expert feedback on the view through the ACOG scope from the Fault Line series of trailers, DICE corrected it by moving the view somewhat closer to the player  
  • When looking through your ACOG scope, the entire player view zooms in, not just the view from inside the scope (since that's the way it should be, because of the scope magnification). But hey, screw realism for all i care, we want balance and polish 
  • The Russian players are all wearing NBC suits. Does that mean BF3 has Chemical Warfare? 
  • The US uniform has Desert Marpat Camouflage. But Paris is no-where near any desert, so... ??


2nd Stop - BF3 Multiplayer Demo at the EA Showfloor Booth:


 In the last couple of days we were able to watch a few live streams, including a 3.5 hour live stream from inside the BF3 room in the EA booth, which showed us some multiplayer footage in real time, in addition to some other videos taken from the same room. 

Live Stream Archive: 

Part 1 
Part 2 
Here's a good 7-minute video taken from that long ass live stream: (thanks to Seppli for this video)
10-minute video taken from the same live stream:  

Another 5-minute video from the booth:

 All the info we could get from these videos:  

  • Equippable grenade (no more quick tossing)
  • Two types of knife: Quick knife (button tap) + Equppable knife (like a weapon) 
Four kits: 
  1. Rifleman (or Combat Medic): Assault & Medic put in one (main weapon = assault rifles). You can either choose meds/defibs (medic) or replace them with a grenade launcher (assault) 
  2. Support: main weapon = heavy machine guns, your job is to lay suppressing fire and give your teammates ammo 
  3. Engineer: main weapon = SMGs, your job is to disable vehicles with your rocket launcher and to repair friendly vehicles 
  4. Recon (or Sniper): main weapon = sniper rifles, your job is to snipe / blow shit up with C4.  Motion balls are gone, and the ghillie outfit has been replaced with a jihadist-looking outfit with a bandana
  • You can opt-out of being revived. If do so, the revive symbol above your body will disappear (in order not to confuse medics) 
  • Medpacks and Ammopacks are fucking huge. they're like mini fridges  
  • No pre-recorded voice communication tool whatsoever.. We need a god damned Command Wheel to thank each other and say important things to enhance communication and teamplay! 
  • Support class can go prone, deploy bipods and suppress enemies efficiently.  
  • When you get suppressed, your screen goes a little dim/blurry, shakes violently and you're unable to aim very well  (called "The stress effect")
  • Whenever you jump/vault over an obstacle, there's a quick animation showing your feet 
  • Invisible Walls (You heard me.. unless they fix it) 
  • Customizable dog-tags [Confirmed] 
  • No Kill-Cam: When you die, you lay on your side and see the name and dogtags of your killer, until you get revived or respawn 
  • Real military ranks are back, along with real military ribbons and pins (replacing the silly golden stars from BC2) 
  • Going into prone has been taxed - it takes a moment and feels quite heavy. Prone too much and you'll get killed doing it (you won't be as quick)



 3rd Stop - Hands-On information:

 The only mention-worthy hands-on article/video i came across are these : 

 A)  DRMB Hands-On Recap:


B) 36-minute video of a Hands-On Recap by the PixelEnemy/DRMB guys: 

  • Weapons spotted - 
  1. SMAW rocket launcher
  • The foundations of the buildings don't seem to be easily destructible, so the destruction is more focused on the walls themselves  
  • You get 100 points for disabling/immobalizing a vehicle (about this feature, read above)  
  • Sway has been added to sniper rifles. Snipers now have to "hold their breath" in order to focus their aim  
  • The SVD sniper rifle is a 3-shot kill 
  • The suicide screen now says something along the lines of "You committed suicide" ("Epic Fail" screen is gone) 
  • Knife information : 

  1. When you tap the auto-knife button [as opposed to equipping the knife as a weapon], the knife doesn't stick in your opponent's body, it just swipes/slashes them 
  2. It takes two swipes to knife kill an enemy (auto-knife)  
  3. You can only get a knifed opponent's dogtags by "stealth knifing them", which means knifing them from behind while undetected 
  • Prone position is very smooth, even when strafing, but when you prone as Support and deploy your bipods, the field of vision is limited (90 degrees) 
  • The game seems to make the non-support classes more dependent on the support class for ammo. Going Rambo seems to be hindered by the amount of ammo a player has 
  • The reload system is the same as BC2, if you have 10 bullets in your mag and you reload, you don't lose the 10 bullets (No need to reserve ammo and reload carefully. It's like your gun is picking up the bullets from a pool)
  • The new suppression feature (The Stress Effect) seems like a good way to discourage camping, since you can't camp and poke your head out to shoot. If you get suppressed while camping in a corner, you're pretty much no longer able to fire back properly. 
  • Apparently, after you revive somebody, they go into some sort of "last stand" mode where they choose to get up or die and respawn 
  • The MCOM arming/disarming button and the kit-picking button have been separated. No longer will you pick up random kits left and right while arming/disarming an MCOM 
  • Apparently, MCOMs can only be armed/disarmed from one side

  •  3D spotting:
  • Very responsive 3D spotting
  • There's a chance that when you spot a squad leader, his entire squad gets spotted
  • There doesn't seem to be a significant cooldown yet

  • Flashlight can be turned on/off
  • It takes several bullets to shoot out a light
  • Flashlight might be exclusive to the engineer class
  • "L" to turn flashlight on/off
  • Single shot, burst fire and fully automatic firing modes
  • "V" to switch fire modes
  • 3 gun add-ons to the main weapons: barrel, ammo and optics
  • Snipers can unlock the bipod

  • There should be an animation for entering/exiting vehicles which will stop vehicles from becoming a safe fortress that you teleport into


More Hands-On details from our Giant Bomb user 137 : 
  • The knife is faster and more efficient 
" The concept is more like killzone 3, with a brutal melee type of deal, you catch someone slipping from behind and knife them and you get a sweet ass animation." 
  • basic weapon keys:
  1. 1 is rifle
  2. 2 is pistol
  3. 3 and you throw out a medicpack/ammopack instead of equipping a box and pressing fire to throw them out. it switches you back to your last equipped weapon.
  4. 4 defibs / ???
  5. F is knife melee
  6. G is for grenades (which used to be for grabbing someone elses kit if I remember correctly)
  7. Shift to sprint
  8. Ctrl to crouch
  9. Z to fall to prone
  • When you get revived you get an option to accept the revive by pressing space bar (while in this "last stand" state you are revived with your pistol out in a prone like position) When you accept the revive you get back on your feet and have to press 1 to equip your primary weapon otherwise you're still rocking the pistol.


4th Stop -   Official Information:

This is the last (but not least) section.  
Here i'm including all the info gathered from DICE interviews, staff tweets, staff forum posts, live Q&A's, and even some answers from community manager Daniel "Zh1nt0" Matros on a live chatroom that i witnessed myself.
This latest interview with Patrick Bach gave us a couple of valuable answers: 
  • Consoles will not have a server browser 
  • PC requirements will not be anything beastly or Crysis-like 
  • About the commo rose - "I’m not exactly sure how we’ll be doing the command rose. " Which means it's not entirely out :D 
  • Thousands of weapon customizations 
  • No day and night cycles in MP, instead we'll have day and night maps. 

  • There will be no enter/exit vehicle animations in MP (Zh1nt0 statement in BFO chatroom)  
  • No Hybrid scopes. They want the player to make the choice between CQB and range (Demize99 tweet)   
  • No respawn immunity, and a reduced spawn time if you get instakilled on revive, since you already went down once.(Demize99 tweet
  • The HUD is still being enhanced (Demize99 tweet
  • The Squad Leader is the person who created the squad. He stays until he leaves (Demize99 tweet & tweet
I went through the rest of the sources and they don't offer anything new.. So that's all we get out of DICE this E3.



Thanks for reading :) .


Screenshots from the new video! GET!!

EDIT: These screenshots are screencaps from youtube taken in 420p .. the image quality is NO-WHERE near the game's actual graphic quality. 

I'm... speechless. I am without speech. if you haven't seen the new video yet, it has cock blowing new footage and you should see it!
New video + Thread discussing video  
The thing i love the most about that video is the explosive grins rupturing through the devs' faces. It's the kinda ecstasy that says "You have no fucking idea what we're bringing to the table"
here are some screencaps for those interested :
(I didn't wanna hijack the discussion thread, nor did i wanna upload them to wiki since they're watermarked) 

Edit : Here's a video of all the BF3 footage connected together, without the interviews : 



[Full size]  

 [Full size]
 [Full size]
[Full size]


 [Full size]

 Oh hey look at this nice buildi--
 Oh hey look at this nice buildi--
    [Full size]

 [Full size]
[Full size
 [Full size]


 I wanna buy a house here
 I wanna buy a house here
 [Full size]

[Full size

 Littlebirds flying across in 3..2..1..
 Littlebirds flying across in 3..2..1..
 [Full size]
 Tank race? I think yes.
 Tank race? I think yes.
[Full size]
Jet view 
Jet view 
[Full size

 [Full size]


Good morning. 
Good morning. 
 [Full size]
 [Full size]

  [Full size]
 [Full size]

  [Full size]


New vs. Old Karkand!

 A -    

 [Full size]
 [Full size]

 B - 

[Full size]
 [Full size]

C - 

 [Full size]
 [Full size]

"Your primary weapon is your intuition".. well, sh*t!

This is a shoutout to all my gaming homies out there who lack the intuition and 'smarts' needed to solve mysteries.

I've been a complete sucker for Rockstar Games since i first laid eyes on GTA 2 when i was 10. I never miss a R* title, I even went out and bought a PS3 just to be able to play the PC-less Red Dead Redemption.
But this time around.. the game isn't about skill or speed or dedication or past R* games experiences, it's about the player counting on his intuition and mystery-solving gut feelings.. and i've always lacked that in my life.

"I've no idea what to do next" 

Whenever i think someone is lying or covering something up, they end up being honest. Whenever i think a dude sounds legit, something about him turns out to be fishy.
I've lost faith in my personal judgement and i'm no good at solving mysteries. i just don't have the luck for it.. 
I look too hard when it's easy to see, and i take it for granted when serious efforts should be put into it.

So.. is anyone else worried that you're gonna spend most of your L.A. Noire gametime putting innocent people behind bars and letting criminals go free?  That's no way to play or enjoy a detective game.. 

What totally baffles me about Battlefield

Since mid-2008, ive been playing Battlefield 2 nonstop.  
I play on version 1.0, which has mods 
Now the word 'mods' seems to have two meanings :  

  1. the mods i personally care about, which give you infinite sprint, endless vehicles, atleast 10 jets and 10 helicopters running at the same time, powerful jet afterburner and helicopter torque, etc...  call them gameplay pills if you will 
  2. the mods i keep hearing about which i have no interest in, like Project Reality etc... all the community-made modified versions of the game 

Though i knew patches existed for the game, i stuck to the 1.0 version (along with the few hundred people who did) and will always do as long as my favorite modded servers exist, because the game is only great when it has so many vehicles spawns and enhanced sprint times, etc.. 
The other mods, the ones that change core elements and have big cult followings, i dont care about, yet i see how they keep the community enthusiasm fueled and its sad that they're getting taken away 

Since i started organizing Battlefield bombing runs on the PC 2 months ago, i had to upgrade to BF2 1.5 because thats what everyone else has, and.... it stinks ! 
your sprint bar keeps expiring so you'd need like 5 minutes to run across a desert. there's only two jets on the entire map which makes flying a plane a legendary dream that most of us peasant on the ground dare not experience.. (whereas in 1.0 you could hop into a jet whenever you wanted, and it didnt break the game one bit)
vehicles take ages to spawn, are very slow, in addition to a hundred primitive characteristics that make the game totally die  
So what im asking here is, since BF3 wont have any mod tools, are you all expecting a similar experience to 1.5 ? such constricted slow-paced retarded action that makes it feel like a resource-less 90s game ? 
Or will BF3 break those stale rules and have lots of vehicles (especially jets) which are fast, and infinite (or near-infinite) sprint, etc.. ? 
I mean i cant imagine myself playing a 2011 Battlefield game with such a sexy engine and groundbreaking action with just 2 jets in the air and people standing in line waiting for a car to spawn ! 
P.S. im sure most of you thought "BUNNY HOPPERS AND DOLPHIN DIVERS, GLITCHERS AND HACKERS" when u heard me say v1.0, but it was nothing like that.
You combine the superman elements of the game-enhancing mods, with a powerful team of moderators and server regulars who make sure the game is played fair, and you get yourself the most fast and intense Battlefield experience you could get 

Sadly, most BF2 players do not really know what a balanced moderated BF2 v1.0 is. its really, really sad that only a few hundred people play on those superb servers while the rest of the world have this idea about it that it's 'flawed and hacked' as they play their 1.41 or 1.5 versions which compared to 1.0 are like a snail compared to a rocket ..  

Just watch this modded balanced action, something most Battlefield veterans never experienced : 



I had a special Battlefield experience for the 2-3 years i played it on enhanced 1.0 (modded) servers that gave you alot of vehicles, fast vehicles, jets at your disposal, crazy C4, infinite sprint etc.. which didnt break the game but only accelerated it while still being balanced and highly moderated and fair, and then i patched my BF2 and 2142 recently and found that the popular Battlefield that the millions play is a slow primitive retarded version of the crazy action i had with the few hundred people who looked past v1.0's few design flaws.  
And im wondering whether BF3 will be as slow and pathetic, or action packed with alot of jets and resources. 

However, BC2 did fix all those game-slowing aspects, gave us fast vehicles that spawn frequently, and infinite sprint. so thats the only thing i want BF3 to take from BC2.. 
And no, this isnt just about fast frequently-spawning vehicles and infinite sprint, there's alot more to it, those 2 things are just the most important !

AhmadMetallic's Top 10 of 2010

hell everyone's making a blog about their lists !


Best of 2010

Ahmad_Metallic: Best of 2010

1. Red Dead Redemption

There's nothing to be said. perfect game. enjoyed it a bit too much! P.S. the only game that hyped me up so much i had a constant headache waiting for it to arrive

2. Just Cause 2

This game gave a new meaning to the words 'fun' and 'action' .. fucking perfect

3. Mass Effect 2

I kinda rushed through this one because i beat it right after the first Mass Effect during Nov/Dec 2010. Either way, i dont think it was as good as the first game, still its quite the epic sci-fi masterpiece.

4. Assassin's Creed II

(PC). not as atmospheric and compelling as the first, yet a better longer more polished game with a great variety of missions.

5. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Previous SC games were too hard for me to enjoy, but this accessible installment made me ease my way into this stealth action franchise, and allowed me to go back to Chaos Theory and kick ass at it ! great game

6. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Though it had lag issues for me all the time that didnt allow me to play my best (i got bitchslapped alot), i still think its a GREAT multiplayer shooter.. Dice know how to make it interesting.

7. Mafia II

Being linear made it disappointing, not bad. great story and great atmosphere !

8. Super Meat Boy

Very difficult. made me shout out curse words alot! still a great game with tight controls and THE BEST SOUNDTRACK of the year !

9. Call of Duty: Black Ops

I cant stand the CoD multiplayer. Battlefield always filled that spot for me. However, the CoD singleplayer is always pefectly engaging and adrenaline-inducing! very good action sequences and cinematics

10. The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

fun & brilliant sidescroller with a grim visual style and good piano music



This game taught me not to give up on games you dont like

It's funny, for the last 2 years i tried several times to play Dead Space and each time i got fed up with the camera angle and heavy movement and slow plasma gun that i couldnt keep playing beyond the second chapter 
Last night, i was sitting in the dark thinking of a new game to play. something really different. and i looked at my game collection and saw Dead Space standing there with dust this thick covering it 
I installed the game, told myself to give it a serious shot, and 3-4 hours later i was about to finish Chapter 4. 
It's really weird.. i guess i never felt the game's vibe and atmosphere, and how brilliant the movement and combat mechanics are.. I'm so glad i decided to give it a shot last night, im about to start chapter 7 and i cant be more psyched ! 

The vacuum areas, the zero gravity sequences, the variety of enemies and the weapons COOL AS SHIT.  
And the crazy thing is, i really cant take horror games when im by myself.. i get scared. but with Dead Space i played it AT NIGHT and i felt like it was an action game :S 

I think im gonna go give Mass Effect and Fallout 3 another shot !


The 5 greatest singer voices ever ?

We're not talking about your favorite SINGER as a PERSON or PERFORMER, we're talking about the sound of their VOICE. 
Edit: people, embed atleast one video of your #1 answer so we can listen to the voice you consider the greatest!  

1. Jonathan Davis (Korn) -  
his unique voice can just sweep the room and make you in a state of numbness where you forget where the voice is coming from (your speakers) and you feel like he's completely controlling your mind.. no voice in the world has felt so eerie and supernatural to me. Truly the greatest human voice ever to sing to my ears.

2. Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth) -  
Opeth is my all time favorite band. their out-of-this-world guitars aside, Mikael is extremely popular for his ability to include both soft and growlish vocals on the same song, and keep shifting between the two oh-so-smoothly... one moment you got him singing soft and passionate, the next you got him growling and shouting his fucking heart out in a really contagious manner
Up until 3:15 - growls, then at 3:15 - clean vocals. 


3.  Tarja Turunen (Nightwish) -  
the most pure and angelic voice i have ever heard. nothing saddened me more than learning that Tarja was kicked out of the band.. the sound of her voice WAS the band, and the new Nightwish is a good metal band, but they're no longer Nightwish. 

4. Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) -  
Despite the fact that Opeth is #1 for me, Nirvana has always been my 'one special band'. ive always loved this mad grunge band and i think they're extremely unique.. 
Long story short, Kurt Cobain had some of the most tortured and desperate vocals in the history of the industry, all his problems with this world and his confusion and anger and frustration made his voice in his music sound so.. compelling.
The perfect example of Nirvana vocals : first half is relaxed, second half repeats same lyrics in aggression.

5. Lady GaGa -  
when i think of captivating vocals, this crazy chick always comes to mind. Is she weird, freaky & over-the-top ? an attention whore? thats very nice of you, but i dont really care about it, i care about her SINGING, and you cant deny that the first 5 seconds of her singing on Bad Romance made you go "wow this girl has a VOICE" 

Runner-ups : 

M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold)  
James LaBrie (Dream Theater)  
James Hetfield (Metallica)
Matthew Bellamy (Muse)
Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) 
Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath)  
Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)

Inb4 typical tools going "i was enjoying this until i read lady gaga" 
Whats your favorite 5 vocalists ?