Instant Favorite: Prom Queen - Lil' Wayne.

First of all, im a die hard Metalhead. 
I heard of Lil' Wayne like a year or two ago.. Sounded like another mentally challenged rapper spitting random words around in a "cool" manner while flashing his underwear and making teenage girls cream their panties while male music fans call him an idiot on the internet.  
talking about having his lollipop licked and shit,  i just put him in the "uninteresting musician" slot and never looked back. ( since i tend to dislike that shit, rather than actively HATE it) 
So yesterday, for some reason i looked him up on Wikipedia, and i read that he made a rock album  "Rebirth" back in March .. so i listened to the album's singles, and i immediately FELL INLOVE with this fucked up tune called "Prom Queen" 

Not only is the dark rap sound dipped in good old hard rock riffs (and very enthusiastic and dominant drums) with a touch of auto-tune really extraordinary and captivating and addicting,  but the lyrics are very accessable and moving (something i personally KINDA can relate to).  
And to top it all the song's music video is brilliantly directed and goes too well with the words.  
 ive watched this music video like twelve times now.. ive never done that before.
   Edit: before you listen to this you need to fricking relax and  take a rest from all the over-analyzing and shit.. enjoy this brief piece of music for fucks sake and stop overthinking MUSIC, its not literature :)
P.S. even if you dont like the song, the video is worth it.. good story going on. 


I'm gonna spend the next few days exploring Lil' Wayne. gonna be repulsed and irritated by his earlier work im sure (that so called 'rap'), but this mindfucking raprock album gave him another chance in my book. 
For robotic tools who activate "rip on shitty music blog'  too quickly:  I pretty much dislike Lil Wayne too. not a Weezy fan speaking here..

Inception.... *spoilers*

I... i really am speechless. ive been in a daze since i watched that movie last night. 
This is coming from a guy who finds The Dark Knight offputting, so u know i mean it when i say Inception was just..... 
Not only does it amaze you with the matrix-like basis of it (the whole dream-world concept), and not only does the movie deliver the whole dream-entering adventure brilliantly and perfectly, with top notch visuals and well-connected sequences, and not only is Cobb's incentive oh-so-touching and heartwarming (seeing his children's faces since he missed it and has been missing it in the memories ever since)  [this is coming from a guy who despises flicks that play on our emotions using family figures and shit] 
not only does it have and do all that mentioned above, but the motherfucking twist at the end where we learn about Cobb's first inception and how it affected the whole story
dude.. i have never in my life experienced a movie so fucking compelling on so many levels. a movie that pulls it off so successfully, and has layers upon layers integrated in it yet doesnt bore you out or cease to make sense 

This movie really, really deserves a moment of silence to appreciate how goddamn unique it is.


PS3 games i want by the end of 2010

I chose inFamous as the gift with the PS3 (game sucks so hard.. wish i didnt), and i bought Red Dead Redemption as my very first console-game purchase 
now, im looking at these :  (P.S., i keep my shooters (FPS) for my PC,  also most of the adventure/horror games.. In other words, im only interested in a handful of great PS3 games, and not everything)

PS3 Wishlist

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

I really need not to say anything. Game is too critically acclaimed and looked pretty fucking fun from all the videos. Buying it by the end of July

2. Heavy Rain

Indigo Prophecy felt kinda... retarded. The characters were too robotic and the pacing drove me crazy. i hope Heavy Rain isnt too similar Anyway, now that im gonna be having RDR, inFamous and UC2 in my library, i need to take it easy on the shooting and killing, and enjoy some of the satisfying charm that is one of the reasons i bought a PS3 instead of a X360. This game looks quite promising and interesting, i hope i enjoy the ride. Buying it in August, methinks

3. God of War III

I played the first few levels of both GoW and GoW2, and though it was very fun and epic, it felt kinda empty and pointless. But fuck that. with GoW3's budget and graphics, and the fact that this time it wont be the playstation of my cousins (gow 1 & 2), im sure the action will be too entertaining. Buying it by the end of the Year.

4. Afrika

My dad is a sucker for some wild life. he shoots the National Geographic channel into his arm like it was heroin.. So one of the reasons i bought a PS3, was to play this game on the HD TV in the living room and show him this game. im sure he'll LOVE it. Buying it by the end of the year.

5. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Nothing better than some crazy and innovative fun to go along with the action titles, amirite ? Buying it by the end of the year.


The Millionaire Celebrities (or Why Piracy Isnt So Bad)

If theres anything thats been bothering me for over a year now, it's the money celebrities make. 
Hey guys, you know those million dollars we all dream of having? we work hard trying to earn? we participate in the lottery with our fingers crossed that we get them? and if we do, we'd blow up a small fucking country out of happiness and joy ? the million dollars you touch yourself while thinking about, and play the "what i would do with such an amount of money" game with your friends ?
Well, those pretty gals and boys, doing nothing but reading scripts and acting in movies with very comfortable conditions, they make those bucks that we'd suck a dick for, and they make them alot. 
Those sexy singers with the music videos and the glamour, doing nothing but write love songs that my asshole can write without thinking twice, and singing into a microphone just like we sing in the shower?  They make those millions too 
Are you catching my drift? those people, not any different from me or you except for a talent or a good voice, they make the big money and buy mansions and live like kings... what the FUCK? 
What right do they have to get our hard earned money and fill their bank accounts, while my and your hardworking fathers can barely keep the house running, even though they almost break their backs working for decades ? 

You see this cute boy and cute girl? they did NOTHING, and now they're millionaires.. Think about it, it'll blow your fucking mind. 

Pirating games may be very controversial, but i'll NEVER think twice before downloading a movie or album from a fileshare website.  
You want me to purchase? drop the prices so that the maximum amount of money you make is 500K dollars. That way you make a living, i enjoy the content legally, and nobody gets filthy rich while they dont deserve it. 
Which leads me to the next point: when it comes to pirating games, there are several wealthy developers/publishers who deserve the same treatment as the rich movie/music companies.  


 I just realized that all the people defending the hardworkers behind the scenes are pretty much doing this : 
They see a bunch of slaves working hard while their master rests in his villa, and what they do is leave the master alone (the company CEO, the celebs), and aid the slaves without changing anything about the fact that they're slaves (buy the products to help them make a living, while ignoring the fact that they are barely getting paid)..     

I now appreciate Bioshock

 I dont have much to say here, except that after playing 30 minutes of Singularity, i can see how phenomenal and influential Bioshock is with it's unique atmosphere, grim graphics and attention to environment details.  
 I dunno why i couldnt - and still cant - swallow Bioshock. that bitch wont grow on me.. Be it the really crazy and twitchy enemies that tackle you like maniacs and make you uncomfortable, or the few times i didnt know where to go, etc.. 
I did see how much of a quality game it is from the very first minute, and im the kinda guy who enjoys a good atmospheric FPS with an interesting story, but all i could feel for Bioshock was hate, increasing overtime. 

  So this blog is dedicated to scrap what i said in the past about Bioshock. To admit that it's a one of a kind game - one that will influence other games for a long time - and that i simply wasnt lucky enough to enjoy it right. 
Posted on the Singularity forums to point out that Singularity is straight up a Bioshock spin-off. kinda.


Just got my PS3 and it wont turn on

Connected to the TV and to the internet. The electricity is fine. Plugged the PS3 in and it wont turn on.. 
I guess the electricity cable is busted.  Or the PS3 itself is busted.
Edit: I just went to the shop and they gave me a new one right away, and it WORKS! just not able to connect to the internet and i'll look the problem up. 


I can't express how.... pissed.... i am.....

I would never kill a living thing, but in this case, i'll make a serious exception.  
I want to find and kill the person(s) who designed this game. The people responsible. 
I have been a SUCKER for Battlefield games for years. It's military depth and variation simply dazzled me and turned me into a hardcore fan. I've waited for this game with HYPE in my blood, but then.......... 
Like everybody else, my love and excitement for the action kept me patient, and i looked for fixes like the rest of you, i did this, and did that, and checked the EA forums here, and the BC2 forums there, something a player who paid the full price should NEVER GO THROUGH !! ITS A FUCKING CRIME !! 
After fixing the initial.... issues like everyone else, and playing for a whole month, shit started to surface again.  
I tried running the game as administrator, i opened the game port on my router, i let the game through my Windows Firewall and ESET Firewall, i let the game update and patch and... update and.. patch. 
There are still fucking connection issues, and the worst part is, the game is not responsive or informative enough. I feel like the error messages are blank and transparent and dont mean shit.. You just gotta figure shit out FOR YOUR SELF.  it's like the fucking game doesnt wanna be played. It just pushes me away with its clumsy meaningless errors !!!
I am done. I want to find the fuckers who made the game and rape their empty eye sockets for making me passionately hate the sight and sound of this fucking game. The one i probably anticipated most this year. IT'S A PIECE OF SHIT IN MY EYES NOW! A REMINDER OF THE LONG NIGHTS I SPENT SEARCHING SHIT AROUND AND HAVING THAT FUCKED UP GAME SMACK ME ON THE HEAD ONE TIME AFTER ANOTHER. 
A Fucking Nightmare. I Am Scarred for fucking LIFE.

P.S. try to look beyond the fact that im bitching about issues, and see the fact that THERE ARE MANY ISSUES that shouldnt be there. and that for a top-notch video game, shit should be more responsive and helpul..


Song of the Month. # April 2010 #

Thanks to my friend TheGremp, ive become a Metalocalypse fan a few months back and i was simply dazzled and stunned by the serious fucking death metal played by the virtual band in the show, Dethklok, The outstanding and extremely gore and brutal animations and events in the show, and over all, the life-changing comedy and characters !!  
Now im watching the show for the third time (means this is my 3rd time going through the 2 seasons), And this time around i noticed the song played in the first season finale "The Metalocalypse Has Begun" entitled "Go Into The Water", whose solid slow-paced riffs and vocals and lyrics almost gave me a heart attack. 

 Its like this song is Metal Royalty. It should be fucking crowned and i'm here to share with you this epic greatness. 


The lyrics are fucking serious.

We call out to the beasts of the sea to come forth and join us, this night is yours
Because, one day we will all be with you in the black and deep
One day we will all go into the water

Go into the water
Live there die there
Live there die

We reject our earthly fires
Gone are days of land empires
Lungs transform to take in water
Cloaked in scales we swim and swim home

We are alive, and we'll metamorphasize
And we'll sink as we devolve back to beasts
Our home is down here, and we've known this for years
We must conquer from the sea, we build an army with water steeds

We'll rise, from our depths down below
Release yourselves, drown with me
We will conquer land with water

Gone are days of land empires
Lungs transform to take in water
Cloaked in scales we swim and swim home
We swim home
We swim home

What video games have you been playing ?

Trying to get out of the rut ive been in for several months now (Too many AAA titles- mainly shooters and stealth games -  and they're all pretty damn serious and stressful), I've installed a few games i've played in the past, quite different in genre and style, playing each one of em for a few hours a day, and its going kinda good and refreshing .. 

Now Playing

1. Just Cause 2

Been playing it excessively.. Such an explosive action game!! 5 out of 5. I just regret picking Regular difficulty instead of Easy, because the military folk are fucking brutal !

2. Call of Duty

One of the very first shooters ive ever played with so many memories. It's kinda basic and laid back which is a good change from all the intense shooters ive been playing.

3. Psychonauts

The best adventure game ive ever played, simply because it doesnt bore me the fuck out with boring and long conversations like in Tales of Monkey Island, or with too much platforming or action.. It blends all the elements into the best and most fun adventure experience ever!

4. Trine

I rage-uninstalled this game during my first playthrough. Now im playing it again on Easy just for the adventure and dazzling visuals.

5. Prototype

Another one of my rage-uninstall victims.. Playing it again just for the fun and manslaughter .

6. Indigo Prophecy

Many people praise it, so i decided to try it out and i must say the Hollywood Movie feel to it and the interactive gameplay is quite interesting.

How about you guys? anything interesting and not so top-notch and serious and popular ? keep Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield and MW out of this thread !

Quitting my first real job

It's 7:03 a.m. and im not going to work. 
ive has this job for 4 months, working in the housekeeping department of a hotel that fucks its workers but seems fancy and comfy on the outside. i needed a job badly cuz when you turn 18 in israel you must pay a certain type of tax each month, and if u have a job your employer pays it for you.. also making some money is not so bad. 

fuck you. 

But.. i cant take it. ive been exhausted and disgusted and revolted and spiritually crushed by that demanding job and the low-life loser scumbag closed-minded squares that formed the employee personnel.. 
No more of that shit for me, im looking for something civil and comfy that fits a civilized young man who spent over the last quarter of his life using a computer.  even though thats very hard to find here since this race (arabs and jews mixed together) is based on physical abilities, working like a dog and not using your head. 

A similar job for me please. Thank you!