Whats on my current "to listen / watch" list

 I'm not a very good reviewer, simply because im very emotional and tend to feel with what im listening to/watching rather than think and analyse and write down notes.. So dont expect big top notch reviews, i cant be bothered anyway.  
I'm only listing the latest movies/albums i got, and what i think about them (kinda)

 P.S.  (1) When it comes to movies, i get tons of new movies (either NEW or new to me which could be 20 years old) but im never in a mood or have the time to sit down and watch those new movies (new to me).. i only watch the ones that "matter" (which are the ones im mentioning here) , and other than that i watch my favorite movies over and over, or my favorite TV shows. 
         (2) When it comes to music, i get the latest albums of all the artists i know, but i dont listen to them carefully, i just add them to my iTunes library so they shall be played while im listening to music randomly on shuffle. Except for the albums of my favorite bands (which are the ones im mentioning here), those i listen to separately.



 I dont go to the movie theater much, so i wait for the DVD releases of movies. 
Recently got  :
  • Star Trek
  • Drag Me To Hell
  • Lesbian Vampire Killers
  • Transformers 2
  • Up
  • Ice Age 3  
  • Land of the Lost

So far ive only seen Ice Age 3, Transformers 2, Up and Land of The Lost

Ice Age 3 (3/5) :

 Well, the latest version of myself (since a teenager grows up and keeps changing) has always been disgusted by the family-friendly crap, the element of childbirth or having a cute baby/kid running around to make people go "Aww", and all the family feelings which i find fake. 
Lets not go there, but all im saying is that the usual fix of that shit in such big movies makes them lose a couple of points in my book. 
Apart from that, that movie managed to be funny and exciting, never bored me out (except for the baby talk) and i recommend that you see it because it is very entertaining, brilliant action sequences, lots of funny and witty moments (some of which are sickeningly typical, but the rest are good) and the story kept me interested and satisfied . 

Transformers 2 (1/5): 

I've had about ENOUGH of the same Michael Bay-style movies, with their GRAND action and events that leave me clueless, and the same fucking old structure of any big hollywood movie of that type .. i watched the first hour of this movie and i know how its gonna go and how its gonna end ..  this shall be my last typical SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER movie . 

Up (4/5):

 The first paragraph in the Ice Age 3 section pretty much fits here. This movie.... i dont really know what to say.  
It is sort of ambient during the first half in a compelling way, then the second half which has an atmosphere of tension and conflict doesnt allow you to stop watching because the formula of  *character spoiler*
is really something else and it just felt different . 
So, on the whole, i think this movie is a must-see when you're sitting back and relaxed.

Land of The Lost (5/5):

 Ok, it was hilarious, it was exciting, it had a sweet atmosphere that made me watch it 3 times in the last 24 hours, i love Will Ferrel and i think his critics criticize his LOUD SHOUTING and dont look beyond that to see his true comic genius.. Danny McBride was a fun and spicy addition (Though i REALLY think that he was imitating jack black's style a bit too much), and Anna Fariel was quite sexy to be honest, and her british accent along with her performance were just what such a crazy dinosaur flick needed.  
I really think you should see it, unless you're too uptight about your comedies and shit. 


  • Tokio Hotel's "Humanoid"  
  • Rammstein's " Liebe Ist Für Alle Da" 
  • Slayer's "World Painted Blood" 
  • 50 Cent's "Before I Self-Destruct"  
I've only listened to Humanoid so far, and.... damnit, its hard to express music-related feelings/thoughts ..  
Anyway, i enjoyed it. lots of emotion in this one, they took their rockish sound down a notch and focused on feelings and an electronic sound.. Reminds me of Muse's latest work (which i love) . 
I'm planning on listening to World Painted Blood ASAP since i effing love Slayer, and i dont see myself listening to Rammstein or 50 Cent in a special way..  nothing special there =/ . i'll just have them in my itunes library. 
Thanks for reading, if you did.

So i just played MW2 for 2 hours

I don't have much to say.. 
The single player is INTENSE, which is mostly good, but at times i got fucked up with the extreme intensity and im playing on Regular difficulty but it seemed like i have it on Veteran !  i kept waiting for some pause in the events but IT KEPT COMING AND BAM BAM BOOM everybody wants to fucking kill you!
and Jeff was right.. too much dramatic action, no low-profile missions, it exhausted my little brain =\ 
And i tried one round of multiplayer.. i LOVED it ! it feels alot... "lighter" and.. maybe more organized than just big random dedicated servers..  
it's like a diet version of the usual COD multiplayer which ive always seen as a clusterfuck, which is GOOD ! sorry, clan people, as a public player this seems easier to enjoy, so far. i never got into the dedicated server mess..  
ONE SOURCE OF SERVERS FOR ALL ! sounds neat to me. i shall play more multiplayer and get back to you on that one, but from what ive seen it is SEXY AWESOME! 

Work it! 

The shittiest games i ever bought

 I dunno if you have this in europe/america but here there are tons of music Cassette/CD shops that sell the shittiest 90s games ever made, for about 20 shekels which is 5 USD ... ive bought many of these when i was a kid because i didnt know any better, and the gaming education where i come from used to be pretty basic and still is. 
I was going through my big CD bag and stumbled upon those old games, along with Fifa World Cup 98 and Midtown Madness which i ofcourse consider the greatest games i playes as a kid. So here's a list of the crappiest games i ever bought from those fucked up shops, thinking they are masterpiece games...  
Games-- no, SHADOWS of games that just suck from every aspect possible and make you wanna kill an old man crossing the street:

Somebody's gonna say "Hidden & Dangerous ? are you crazy?"  well as a kid i didnt know what the fuck was going on in that game, and it is pretty old and crappy, so it left a bad impression on me

Had an overnight COD2 Lan Party

Though nobody here is a real gamer or gives a crap about a serious gaming rig, there are individuals who play Call of Duty 2 on their sad little laptops and some of them are the friends of a relative of mine, so he called me..  
 i put my big computer and 22 inch Samsung LCD monitor and mouse and keyboard in the car, and went to his house where we gathered in the basement on midnight and played Call of Duty 2 on LAN (about 10 guys, 8 playing and 2 sleeping on the floor) and had some barbeque.. it was kewl.  
At first my computer wouldnt connect to the lan modem cuz there are some serious network viruses keeping me from fulfilling myself, and i dont know how to format my computer and was too scared to screw something up, but the dudes helped me do it and guess what, re-installing Vista and formatting your hard drive is too easy!

I just got home, its 6:32 A.M. i had a nice bunch of CoD2 LAN rounds AND my computer is formatted and clean. Hurray. 
 Not sure how im gonna get up in 3 hours to make some deliveries for my mom's book store....


Fuck this game

Ok ive played this alot and went really far in the missions and so far i LOVED all the action i mean really this game blows you away with all the blood and destruction and combat and chases.. just a big pack of explosive fun either with the wild freeroaming or the very entertaining and challenging missions/side missions..

BUT, now towards the end the missions are pretty fucking impossible to do.. i mean its not even the smart kind of hard or the kind that requires attention or skill but just WE WANNA MAKE YOU SICK hard.. anybody noticed that? im not sure whether im about to beat it or not, maybe im still in the middle (the mission i just tried to finish was when you iscort the square blood-something vehicle and have to defend it from the infected things that come out of the ground)

they just make you and the things you need to protect pretty vulnurable, make the enemy pretty strong, the environment and the people around you fucking with you arent really helping... its sole purpose is to piss you off and make you feel like shit

the GTA franchise has a pretty similar mission system, still, no matter how fucked up the situation is and how short the time is and how strong the enemy is, with GTA you can ALWAYS feel that there's hope and give it a few tries and succeed.. hell, even when its the worst it could ever get i would STILL be feeling awesome and excited because GTA knows how to keep it spicey, but these losers (prototype) copied GTA's mission style and left out the part where the missions should feel a bit alive and do-able

FUCK, THAT. im done playing this game. military everywhere and you cant make a move without having tanks and helis bombing your ass which drains your health so quick like theres no tomorrow, where the fuck is the fun in that?i bought tons of health upgrades and they dont do SHIT..

  i dont mind HARD circumstances or hard missions, i love the challenge and i usually pick the Hard difficulty to go, but not this way, this is sickening and unbearable! makes me wanna punch the goddamn monitor.

Edit: excuse my language..