Battlefield 3 is shaping up to be a total joke

This is a rant blog, i guess....
*PS this is for people who have played Battlefield 2. If you haven't, I don't think you will relate
*PPS the fact that the game is in alpha stage doesn't mean it's gonna be 110% different when it's out. Alpha is the second step towards the golden stage, and this second step is messed up
*PPPS i'm not asking for realism or hardcore mode. those aren't the only solutions

Introducion: That player shot at a far away triangle, the result was that he killed another player. Does that sound right to you? think about that for 5 seconds, then proceed.

Now look at this new Battlefield 3 trailer:


So for those who were duped by DICE's promising interviews, telling us that Battlefield 3 is an actual sequel to Battlefield 2, using things like "Jets, big maps and prone!!1!!111!" to fool us, this blog is to inform you that you were in fact duped.

Battlefield 3
Battlefield 3

This is a very normal business step by EA, i'm not saying it's bizarre, i'm just very saddened by the fact that it eventually happened: They found that their PC-based content-rich skill-demanding not-so-rewarding games Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 didn't sell well, whereas their console spin-off Bad Company 2 made serious bank, so instead of milking the Bad Company series with BC3 in two years time, they were too eager and corrupted Battlefield 3 in order to cash in on people's hopes by the end of this year.

This game has nothing in common with Battlefield 2. only the fact that the conquest maps support 64 players.. that's it.

  • Just like BC2 and unlike BF2, there is no Commo Rose. You can't use pre-recorded commands to communicate with your team mates efficiently. We're going to be mute just like in BC2

2000+ post on the official forums protesting lack of Commo Rose

If you've never used this thing before, you really missed out.
If you've never used this thing before, you really missed out.

Here's a mock-up by a fan. tell me you dont love it:

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  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, the ridiculously outrageous 3D spotting is back. You point at the enemy's base, tap the social button, see triangles light up, shoot at the triangles and get kills. You don't have to see the person to kill them. That is called "aim assist". the fact that you can see the triangle through walls and rocks and trees, is called "wallhacking". DICE solved the problem of cheats and hackers: they implemented that shit into their game.

3 hot threads protesting 3D Spotting: First, Second, Third.

Everyone shoot at the triangle, that makes you kill other people.
Everyone shoot at the triangle, that makes you kill other people.
  • Not only that, but squad leaders get a huge star stuffed NEXT to the spotting triangle on top of their heads, making people think twice before they start a squad.
  • The damage models are ridiculous. 3 taps and you're dead. If you have a triangle on your head, you're automatically doomed.
  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, teamwork stats are no-where to be seen. The scoreboard shows this: K, D, Score. the end-of-round stats consist of four screens listing your best kills and killstreaks.. yes, i said killstreaks in a Battlefield game
  • There doesn't seem to be any chain of command whatsoever. The squad leader position appears to do literally nothing. there is no commo rose to communicate, no giving orders, nothing.
  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, health regeneration is back. it takes 15 seconds to kick in, but once it does it goes all the way up rapidly. Once again, medics are only needed when someone dies
  • A new awesome feature: Vehicle health regeneration. 'nuff said.
  • Like BC2 and unlike BF2, there's still an aimbot knife in the game. All you have to do is tap the knife button when you're behind someone, and you're 100% guaranteed to hit them
  • The biggest emphasis of the Lead Designer of the game's multiplayer component, is the gunz.

There's already speculations that the conquest maps are gonna be linear and chokepoint-based (no matter how big they are), and that jets and helos will have health regeneration as well.

And so, it is clear that the huge bank that Bad Company 2 made, is totally blinding DICE from having any sense of principle and they're pretty much creating Bad Company 2 under a bigger better name.

They found that when they created games that had honest clean gameplay that encouraged teamwork, they didn't make enough money. Whereas when they created a game with triangles that are visible through walls and tell you where to shoot, they made money.

Yes i'll be buying the game, and yes i'm very excited for it, but the message i'm trying to convey here is that this game is not Battlefield 3.

If you think this is a typical "Bf3 is Bc3 !!" thread, give me a counter argument.