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@Fattony12000: I'm familiar with your threads Tony and I like them and have posted in them many times, however I'm telling you that you might wanna consider posting at least some of them as big thumbnails because I never did and will never click on the small ones, and it may be the case for other people too, which may mean that while people are thankful for your threads, they don't view your own screenshots. I could be wrong, it's a friendly advice.

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What's the screenshot key in this? I tried print screen but I just got a black screenshot.

Don't you have Fraps? If you don't wanna buy/use it, you can use the free screenshot function in Steam.

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It could be run by a potato for all I care

And Portal 2 has shown us the way! Quick, get Gaben on the phone.

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I personally do not click on small thumbnail screenshots, it's too much of a hassle and I can't see what I'm clicking on. I like seeing them as big thumbnails so I can click on those that interest me. I'm guessing others think the same way, so if you want your screens looked at I think you should post them as big :)

Will upload mine soon!

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@JasonR86 said:

This isn't funny

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@Wampa1 said:

@dungbootle: Requiesta in pace.... MONEY MONEY MONEY! He must be very late, and she must be very beautiful. Just... had to get that out of my system.

It's ok man, I understand. It's O.K.

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@BeachThunder said:

If it really bums you out, then, um, maybe it's time to invest in a gaming PC?

That's an investment that a lot of people can't afford to make, so I get the OP's point that console owners would appreciate it if the console versions were evaluated on their own merits.

And they were: The framerate is horseshit! Does this guy not want the truth? Does he want the GB guys to lie in the QLs?

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@Syndrom said:

either way i felt more like an assassin playing Far Cry 3 than i did in AC3.


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@ProfessorEss: No you got me all wrong... I simply replied to this:

Hopefully this will be the purchase to light a fire under my ass to get set up in my living room because I've also been dying to play the copy of Sleeping Dogs I bought for PC but haven't been able to establish a comfort level to truly enjoy it.

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@Fearbeard said:

I bought one but can't decide if I really want it or not