Good Old Games stuff continues

After getting MDK to work on my laptop, I decided to see what I could do with the Might and Magic six-pack, since I was sort of eager to see what the older games had to offer.  I'd played Might and Magic 2 a long time ago, and then talked about a year ago here about World of Xeen, which still rocks if you ask me.  Starting with 1, I tried to get them to work using the tools that Good Old Games gave me, which was basically a DOSBox optimization scheme for the first five.
1 worked great.  The only problem is that it's so old that it doesn't even tell you what spells you have available.  You have a number that identifies them and that's it, which made it a bit of work to try to juggle manual and screen.  When I accidentally quit out of DOSBox I decided to fiddle with the others.
2 was the PC version, of course.  My original version was the user-friendly Genesis kind, so the talk of disk swapping on the main screen was a bit intimidating and I quit out of it.
3 was the first that sort of had popping sound and weird speeds, a sign that DOSBox would have to be adjusted a lot.  It played like a more primitive version of Xeen, with a lot of the more modern touches that the prior 2 lacked.  
I didn't bother with Xeen, having a decent copy of that already.
But when I tried to play 6...  well, all sorts of hell broke loose and I STILL haven't gotten it to work after downloading libraries and trying to emulate older versions of Windows.  Was an absolute mess.  I'm guessing it has something to do with graphics drivers, since we don't exactly have a standard system.  Still, it's annoying, and I'm having to comb through the forums to figure out what's going wrong.  I may have to try the laptop again :)
Some helpful suggestions point to a patch which resolves some issues.  I'll try that out and see if it works.