As much as I like the word dark, I'm making this list to remind myself just how often people have been overusing it! :)

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Posted by JohnTheGamer

Funny list but that can't be all games with dark in them can it?

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@JohnTheGamer: Oh, probably not.  I worked hard to get it together but I'm pretty sure there are more out there.  If you notice any, feel free to post them here so I can get them up.  :)
Posted by angryphil

lol woot someone else knows daoc exists :-p

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@angryphil: When I first learned about that game I was intrigued.  It was probably the MMORPG I wanted to try out the most, but I wound up not getting into those kinds of games in general.  Probably best that way.
Posted by Psykhophear
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Psykhophear:  Good call!  Muchas gracias!
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@ahoodedfigure:  My pleasure. Hey, I got another one: Batman: DARK Tomorrow. Cool title but a real lousy game.
Posted by Psykhophear
Posted by Bigandtasty

Dude, you throw dark!
Great list. It's a very overused word in titles and elsewhere.

Posted by maimran91

Should make a new list that has games with the word DEAD in it

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@maimran91: Oh, man.  Oh, man...  I don't think I like the word dead as much as dark. I think it helps that I actually like the word, because it keeps me analyzing the use of the term.  Dead to me just sounds like everything stops, so it doesn't sound that interesting, even though I know it's probably not "dead" so much as undead half the time.  
I'm wondering how many game titles DO use that, though...
Posted by maimran91
Posted by BeachThunder
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@BeachThunder:  In the interest of sanity  I've stayed away from posting every game in a series. If I have one in that series, even if it's only two games, I call it good.  But, I'm feeling generous today.
Posted by Bigandtasty

 Hey, Mace: The Dark Age. I remember that. 
They also made an Are You Afraid of the Dark game. Crazy. 
I'm disappointed that Dark Men is a game studio and not an actual game.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Bigandtasty: Just you wait. I'm sure it'll be a title before too long :)
Posted by oscar

 Five pages of darkness! I wonder why nobody has made "Dark Storm"... I guess it would be so cliched it would implode and create a black hole or something. 

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@oscar: Maybe it's one step too close to "Dark and Stormy Night", which I'm sure most of them are aware of by now :)

Just you wait, some day when they run out of options it'll be there.
Posted by Agent47

Someone wanted that quest badly jeje.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Agent47: I was lucky enough to get credit for this one even though I think a smaller version of this was already up before quests even existed. I'd say it's more creative than the random link dump some people used to complete the quest, although I guess being Agent 47 you've already seen pretty much everything.
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I think you need to add a new entry, the game's called "Dark". It's for 360 and PC.