Games that Managed to Spook Me

Not so easy to do unless you do the JUMP IN YOUR FACE thing. The good ones get inside your head. This list will probably increase the more remember some of the old nightmare games of my past.

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Posted by Tiwi

no Dead space? or half life2? or even myst?
You area bad person!

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@tiwi: Myst, maybe.  I'm a bad person for not ever having played the rest of those games? :P  From what little I saw of Dead Space, it more made me feel ill than spooked.
Posted by snide

I'd add Undying and Indigo Prophecy

Posted by Astras

I'm sure I used to have Sinistar on the Acorn Electron apart from it was called Deathstar instead.. seems like the same game though.  That crazy cat space ship thing was horrendous :P
Silent hill with the lights turned off used to kill me...

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Astras: Yeah, lights off in general can do that.  I pretty much HAD to play Thief and Doom that way.  I like it better when it's more creepy paranoia than outright gore and hopelessness, as it seems like a lot of horror wants to do now.  Games emulate that and call it horror, but there are tons of other things.
This it?
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Thief is damn freaky.  At first you think you're playing a stealth robbery game and all of a sudden there are freaking demons!!!

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@ChernobylCow: I was disappointed when they underplayed the supernatural stuff in the second game. I guess I liked the balance between mundane missions and horror ones. Each had their own emphases, because you were allowed to kill monsters it made things a bit more about stealth kills in the supernatural ones, and more about avoidance in the mundane ones. Still, both games give me pleasant memories.  Wouldn't mind them tweaking the engine a bit to make it modern, without going in the sweaty metal direction of the Doom 3 engine or whatever.
Posted by Danial79

Oh man, seeing a Chryssalid in X-COM when you've just used up your last few Time Units was just plain terrifying!!!

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Danial79:  Yep. 'Specially like you said, playing the game with the lights off.  Horrible buggers. They had so much movement, too!
Posted by Romination

Seeing Aquaria on here is intriguing. I've played a bit, but since I'm on a laptop and it controls better with a mouse, I haven't done too much. My interest is renewed though...

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Romination: I play it on the laptop too, but we have an external mouse through the USB on that one.  Only problem is, once in a while the mouse position resets, causing a bit of spazzing out no matter what game I happen to be playing.  There's a lot of different kinds of scares listed here, so don't assume too much, but even though it's been a while since I've played (I'm stuck somewhere, not sure where to go next) I pretty much know what I was thinking when I added it to the list.

Posted by Romination
@ahoodedfigure: We all have games that spook us in some weird way. Like Killer7. Game scares the pants off me at times (it's so tense, especially when you hear like 8 different laughs and know there are Smiles EVERYWHERE). Doesn't make sense to everyone, but it doesn't have to.
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Romination: True :) Just covering my butt :)