Interesting Aliens or Supernatural Creatures

I honestly don't know if they're out there.  I love that we use our imagination to guess what they might be like, but too often people try to make aliens a bit TOO relatable.  Since it's impossible to guess what a true alien might be like, aliens will usually be some analog of something we already know.  I like games, though, that manage to try to break from this, to show us some of the weirder possibilities.  Here's a short list that I'll try to expand the more I learn.  Feel free to make your own lists with your own ideas on interesting aliens, but here's mine.  In addition, I've decided to add supernatural creatures to the list just to round things out.

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Posted by Bigandtasty

Where is Bidoof? His mouth is a cupcake. That is mind-blowing.
Seriously though, good choices. If there were an Elcor around I would just talk to him all day.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Bigandtasty:  If it was an actual cupcake, that would totally apply :)
Yeah, me too.  Although, I guess Elcor(s) have all kinds of personalities just like humans, so some of them might be jerks.  I think the jelly guys, I forget their names, are interesting too.
I probably should look to see if anyone's made any individual species entries for Star Control II, Ascendancy, or Spaceflight.