Intriguing Minimalism

I don't know why, but white-on-black minimalism somehow does something to my brain. I can't get enough of it. Maybe it started when I saw the white halls of Bespin in Empire Strikes Back, only to find the corruption within. This theme was repeated in the Kamino sequences in Attack of the Clones; I love the Kamino scenes unapologetically.
This list may expand to include all minimalism over time, but what I mean is sort of the stark, high contrast or matte look that many people think is bleak or flat.  I love colorful games, but I always like the visual equivalent of a palate cleanser from time to time.  I don't think I mean minimal in all respects, which was easy to get in older games just through virtue of them not having much resources.; I sorta mean stark contrasts and muted whites and grays. 

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Posted by raddevon

I got Mirror's Edge recently and noticed the interior design of a building early in the game. It was so modern and clean. I really loved it. I have never seen anything like it in meatspace. Game's usually try to imitate life, but I wish life would imitate this game.
I'm sure there are buildings out there designed like those in Mirror's Edge, but I haven't seen them.
Cool list!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Thank you : )
If you ever run across other stuff with that sort of style, send it my way so I can add it.  Seattle in places reminds me a bit of that, and some views of high-rises in places like Tokyo and Honolulu remind me of that too, but you're right, meatspace always has grime in the corners.
Posted by JackiJinx


Posted by JackiJinx
@ahoodedfigure: Just a suggestion, fella =P
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@JackiJinx: Noted :) I had no idea these lists would ever be read by folks.  I probably should write more complete descriptions, but...  I've actually never played pong.  I think it's one of the few video games that was actually before my time, although there were a ton of pong knock-offs for Atari.
Posted by raddevon

Would Geometry Wars fit in your list?

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@raddevon: I've not played it or seen much of it.  It's very bright and colorful, though.  Since it's sort of whether or not I happen to be intrigued, I guess not, but sometimes I AM intrigued by older stuff, nearer to when old Pong came out as JackiJinx suggested.  Like the old Vetrex stuff, where you could project some of your own ideas about what was going on into the game.
Posted by takua108