Mass Effect as Human Training Simulation for Inclusion into Spacefaring Culture

As Jokek's A History of Human Inclusion shows, the video game Mass Effect was instrumental in preparing a sizable quantity of human fledglings for their initial induction into Galactic society.  Since then, humans have, in turn, been instrumental in freeing smarter races from the drudgery of the scum mines, embarrassing and inconvenient Bleetor skin breeding, and the abject terror of the inevitably fatal hazings of the Grund-bull. It's important, though, to realize that the Mass Effect game that humans first encountered during their original indoctrination was originally subject to so many revisions and simplifications that depicting the game using contemporary Galactic communication forms would appear absurd if directly translated.  Therefore, we directly translate them.  Enjoy.

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Ha, I was recently working on the Human sub-section of the Mass Effect franchise page. So I can appreciate where you're coming from :p

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@Killjoi: Thanks man. I think I put way too much energy into this. I probably should just write straightforward fiction instead :)