Mortal Kombat characters I like to play

I find myself usually playing certain MK characters, preferring some over others. This is my attempt to figure out just how many there really are.

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Posted by buzz_clik

When my mates and I used to play a heap of MK II on the Mega Drive / Genesis, the rule was that you'd always have to have to use the random select to pick your character. I was always stoked to get Kung Lao, because it meant I'd get to pull off what we called his "side of beef" Fatality. You know which one I mean.
And Subbers always had that mad hard-to-pul-off fatality, which was so satisfying to pull off properly.
But I really used to love it when the console would dole me out some Johnny Cage. Not that he's my favourite character per se, but it gave me a chance to pull off his Friendship. Man, that used to piss my friends off. Quality.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@buzz_clik: *laughs* That's what the finishers are all about :)  I sorta wish they'd tried to compile all the finishing moves in a single thing.  The friendships were especially hilarious.