Weird, what is this thing?

"Motion controls"? So odd. There are a lot of games... Fine, I'll try it.

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What about the balance board?

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@Brackynews: I think that requires some sort of balancing ability. Unless by "balance board" it means it balances itself.
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My caveat as far as Radiant Dawn is concerned still stands. The story of that game will make like zero sense if you didn't play Path of Radiance. Also Path of Radiance is unarguably a better game, but I've already had that rant.

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In all honesty, I would rally harder for getting Shattered Memories over No More Heroes, even if my fondness for the original No More Heroes knows nearly no bounds. Shattered Memories has some pacing problems with the chase sequences, but I quite like the ending's twist and the psychological profiling the game does to tune the experience relative to your mentality. As you mention, it'll probably be harder to find, but as somebody who paid full price for it at launch, I think it's a worthwhile game to track down. One of the very few games where I've immediately gone back for a second playthrough immediately after beating it.

And as for Okami, I personally argue that it's the best Zelda game to feature copious amounts of wolves the year it came out. Considering Twilight Princess came out that same year, I'm not being completely facetious in making that statement. That being said, I'd argue to just go play the PS2 version if at all possible. To my knowledge, the Wii version is perfectly competent from a gameplay standpoint, but the porting job lost a subtle visual filter that the original game had and also doesn't have the original credit sequence. Many people would argue that the Wii pointer is way more suitable for the drawing mechanic than the PS2 gamepad could ever be and that's probably true, but I also know that Clover went on record saying that they had considered a Wii port before the original game came out and declined since it had been designed to be a PS2 game from the start. It's probably still a great game either way and I know a lot of people have enjoyed the Wii version, so feel free to just disregard all of this as the ramblings of a mad Clover fan if they sound too crazy.

Might I also recommend tracking down:

  • Trauma Team. In my personal opinion, it's one of the best showcases for the ways motion controls really can add something unique to gameplay. The non-surgery segments drag on too long for my liking, but Atlus otherwise managed to make a game that makes the different types of surgery on display feel tangibly fun, if that makes sense. I didn't give it a perfect score in my own review on here, but I still personally regard it as one of the best Wii games to date. It might be a bit of a rare game, so if you can't find it, Trauma Center: Second Opinion is also a good substitute, albeit not nearly as refined.
  • Muramasa. The game does absolutely nothing with motion controls and you're honestly probably better off just plugging in a GameCube pad, but I feel like this is the game where Vanillaware finally made a beautiful game that didn't come at the expense of the gameplay quality. Achieving the true endings for each character in it might take more time than you're willing to invest, but I find the combat to be fast, yet deliberate. It may appear to be a button masher at first glance, but you need to get to know the ins and outs of each character so as to not get overwhelmed by their capabilities nor their enemies. It's not so much an innovative game as it is a refined one, but combining that with really gorgeous sprite work is more than enough for me personally.