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Came here for discussion and to say thanks to @karsh for hosting server. After buying TM2 over the Steam winter sale it's become my go-to "play for 30 minutes and chill" just before bed game. I love that there is regularly 50-70 people on the server. Great times!

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@koolaid said:

How much are those comment sections moderated? I feel like aggressive modding is part of what keeps Giant Bomb comments on the up and up most of the time (thank you mods!)

Maybe when you are Gamespot and going for as many eyeballs as you can get on their website, maybe they don't want potentially drive users away by heavy moderation of comments? I feel you have to be really aggressive because of how stubborn some jerks can be. And everyone has a different opinion of what is beyond the pale and what isn't. Honestly, keeping those comment sections in line sound like a shit ton of work, and I wouldn't be surprised if Gamespot just doesn't want to try.

Seriously, thank you mods (@sweep , @mike , many others!) for the work you do to keep this community as it is here. Culture is one of the hardest things to establish and control in a business, and doing it on a website seems beyond imposing to me, so credit to all of your team's hard work on maintaining what this site and community stands for, and for keeping it refreshingly different from certain other sites.

Beyond that, though, the tightness of the community to the point of recognizing and connecting each other I think is one of the key factors. I see many of you in chat on the live streams, the chat on Jeff's Mixlr. I'm friends with many more of you on Steam and Origin. I think the recognizable nature of having a community like this is really important, because it is in direct opposition to the typical internet reflex of seeing a person's opinion and attacking or shouting it down. Actual conversation happens in a community where you know there are good people behind each Avatar and username, and it seems like that would not be possible in the manic traffic of bigger sites like GS and IGN.

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Y'all get you some Sunset Overdrive. That game is stellar. Can't wait to pick up Dead Space on 360 though.

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Made mine. Though, it looks like it pulled-in my Mii from Wii U/3DS when I linked my Nintendo Network ID. I guess if I change the nickname for the account, it will change the Mii name on those systems? Must investigate tonight.

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Might say one that's already said, but I would be psyched for:

Personal number 1 would be N'Gai Croal. That dude is so fascinating and I really liked his writing when he was at Newsweek. Would love him to talk Board Games and NBA on the Beastcast.

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I pay to support because this site cheers me up when nothing else seems to work. I don't want to turn this post into a sappy "What GB Means to Me" 8th grade paper but seriously I love this website and the people on it. I have laughed some of the hardest I have ever laughed in my life at moments in Unprofessional Fridays. I literally look forward to UPF about as highly as I do to watching Buckeyes games. Just as I thought that this year couldn't top some of the early-2013 and 2014 moments, the run of UPFs the last couple of months has been incredible. Between that, Vinnyvania, and the other Premium vids I really think the content GB provides is really diverse and been at it's best in a long time right now. The no-ads feature is nice too, but the Premium content is really worth it, and I'm happy to continue supporting them.

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Guys, please check out Supreme. The actual gameplay and world is a living nightmare that needs to be seen.

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Joined the league as "Romo Arigato Mr Roboto". I can't wait for this!!! haha

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Congrats Jeff! Imagining Jeff proposing is kinda awesome. You did it!!

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Nice to have an announcement summary! Not sure If I'll go back and watch the whole thing but definitely will check out the trailers.