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...aaaaaannnnnddddd now is just down. hahaha what a crazy week for online purchasing

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Seems like some people may have played it by now. Does anybody know if the original cheat entries work for the Xbox version? Are there Cheats at all in this version?

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Thank you Alexis! Going to miss your special touch to the crew and all of Giant Bomb. Take care my dude!

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Agree about the Weapon Slots thing, it is a little tiring to swap weapons in and out.

But, the two weapon thing hasn't bothered me in the first few levels, because it feels like most of the quest and combat situations were taking place in larger, open areas where I would only use long-range weaponry (Rifle/Pistol), so being limited to two of those wasn't too constraining, but it wasn't 100% ideal either.

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Mine is Jet Force Gemini

I think Jeff mentioned it on the podcast for like 30 seconds once (or twice?), but I feel like the game was relatively unknown. Also, this damn thing:

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent was essentially a Halo 2 clone but with a myriad of Bond characters in it. With a plot that is so Bond-canon-breaking it makes my head spin, I actually enjoyed it because in addition to shooting, you get a variety of upgradable powers as you are equipped with a magic (Golden) eye. Probably the most literal Bond-titled thing, because it's literally your eye.

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Agree with the sentiment here that this game is fantastic, but I also though it was difficult as hell. Especially the level with the rising acid (which was just color-swapped water) in the castle tower toward the end of the game.

Also, Bramble scramble music is too good. Glad I found people who like this game too!

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Not assuming it will happen, but how likely is it that this will support the Dualshock 4? I've seen it advertised many places with a DS 3, but the DS 4 is the superior controller and support for it would absolutely cement my purchasing decision if I could use it with that right away.

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I realize it's not released yet, but do you guys think there's any chance the GCN controllers could work for other games on the Wii U (Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta, etc)?

Also, if the console is put in Wii mode, would the GCN controller theoretically work for Wii games (Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, etc)?

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Funny that they would play together later. I bet the conversations between LeBron and Shaq in 09 (Go Cavs!) were REAL interesting:

LBJ: "Hey Diesel, I can make you do an Inferno Kick"

Shaq: "Uhhhh........?"

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From last summer. One of my favorite jams ever and I’m so pumped to remember that Ryan loved it and also it played in the Sony press conference at E3 2013