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Favorite Moments:

  • The GB Panel
    • The lead-up to "Win Dave Lang's Money" where Dan is completely confused with what's going on
    • Jeff reading the Tim Allen Autobiography chapter with Tim's "analysis" of women (Literally so perfect, well done @cooljammer00 )
  • Seeing a speedrun of Castlevania: SOTA live at the AGDQ Panel
  • Talking to like 6 Harmonix People about Rock Band 4

Favorite Games:

  • Gunsport (!!!)
  • Capsule Force
  • Oculus VR Demo of EVE: Valkyrie
  • Axiom Verge
  • Amplitude
  • Elite: Dangerous on a 3-wide Monitor Display
  • Knight Squad
  • Fistful of Gun
  • The Talos Principle
  • Videoball
  • Dad by the Sword
  • Sentris

and, my game of the show...


Such a good PAX!! Can't wait for the next one I get to go to!

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Any of Twentyonepilots songs

Get Lucky, Give Life Back to Music, and Anything else off of Random Access Memories by Daft Punk

More Doobie Brothers, also!

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u wot nintendo

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@jamin724 said:

One place to check out for lunch is Pete's Dockside, (they do not have a website so yelp is best I can give you for address) also is there going to be a GB meetup friday night? I do not see anything as of yet.

Also was hoping for news of a PAX East meetup to meet the crew, Rorie, or anyone from the community. Hope to hear something soon.

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Gotta recommend @patbaer 's panel for sure. The stream afterwards of "404ing' It" is great but nothing beats seeing a crowd's reaction to a Grocery Haul video of a woman describing her health insurance woes. So dang funny.

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Gaming Shames: I buy every Halo Legendary Edition, no matter the quality of the game. Also, I've never beaten the Original Super Mario Bros.

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Definitely will be there, likely wearing the 2014 "Bombduders" shirt. See you at the event and the GB Panel!!!

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Bummed about the absence of KoF XIII but I'll probably get my fix of animated-ness fighting through Guilty Gear and P4A (which I haven't watched much of at all). As always, can't wait for this event

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Definitely donating to Both the Scoops and Alex goals. Hoping we reach the goal(s) (and also secretly hoping to hear my name on the stream lol)

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This event is incredible every year. Such a perfect pick-me-up for the winter duldrums.

That TASbot demonstration of "Poke'mon play Twitch" was too cool. Can't wait to see other runs coming up, especially the Sonic ones.

Favorite run to date is the speedrun from AGDQ 2014 of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and how ridiculous and funny it was. I love this event so freaking much.