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I pay to support because this site cheers me up when nothing else seems to work. I don't want to turn this post into a sappy "What GB Means to Me" 8th grade paper but seriously I love this website and the people on it. I have laughed some of the hardest I have ever laughed in my life at moments in Unprofessional Fridays. I literally look forward to UPF about as highly as I do to watching Buckeyes games. Just as I thought that this year couldn't top some of the early-2013 and 2014 moments, the run of UPFs the last couple of months has been incredible. Between that, Vinnyvania, and the other Premium vids I really think the content GB provides is really diverse and been at it's best in a long time right now. The no-ads feature is nice too, but the Premium content is really worth it, and I'm happy to continue supporting them.

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Guys, please check out Supreme. The actual gameplay and world is a living nightmare that needs to be seen.

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Joined the league as "Romo Arigato Mr Roboto". I can't wait for this!!! haha

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Congrats Jeff! Imagining Jeff proposing is kinda awesome. You did it!!

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Nice to have an announcement summary! Not sure If I'll go back and watch the whole thing but definitely will check out the trailers.

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I think this conference shows that Sony, above anything, is excellent at perfectly planning and executing announcements that generates the maximum amount of hype and excitement by the public, regardless of the quality of the thing(s) being announced. To be fair, I do think the three biggest hype drivers (Shenmue, FFVII, and TLG), will turn out to be good and even great quality experiences. I am concerned that most of these huge announcements are for remakes and sequels, with fewer new IPs represented, but if people truly want them then the sales should reflect that. Also a bit concerned that the release dates for these are far off on the horizon. If I played my Vita a lot more I'm sure I would feel a little burned by it's utter abandonment by Sony, but there ya go. Overall, I think Sony did a pretty good job and I am more compelled to buy a PS4 because of it.

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This is the perfect E3 summary thread I was hoping somebody would make! Thank you @ei8htbit , @quid_pro_bono, et. al.

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Games "Haul" as of today: Portal, Tomb Raider, Guns of Icarus Online, Rock of Ages, Outland, Nidhogg.

Also, I don't think there's an official Trading Card thread that has recent activity (according to the boards lists), so I wanted to put it out there that if there is any duder that wants to trade cards and has doubles or something, then please add me here: (display name on Steam is "Aidros"). I'll be online during the Bethesda presser so feel free to message if you need a trade. Peace!

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Got Portal 1 so far, looking to get Kentucky Route Zero and Magicka 2 eventually.

My strategy for this sale is to ask myself "Will I definitely play this game in the next 6 months? (Before the next sale, basically)" and buy it if so.

Working so far, but I may bite on Fallout 3 Complete just to have it, even though I may not get to it.

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I lived in Orlando for 6 months working an internship at The Default Vacation Resort for obese Midwesterners (you can probably guess which one that is). The city itself was fine and I had a lot of pleasant experiences in the surrounding area, downtown, and Florida in-general.

However, the apartment I shared with 3 other dudes was abject misery. They were pretty douchey to me (a complete stranger, assigned to live there by our company program). Nobody cleaned. It was Florida in the late summer, so while it was basically 97 degrees outside every day, it was about 57 degrees inside because they jacked the AC into overdrive at all times. Every interaction and simple living exchange was awkward and sad. The worst part BY FAR was the 800 KILObit / sec internet speed. No Xbox live. No Barely any Steam access (forget downloading anything).

Anyway, probably not as bad as other experiences talked about here, but I simply did not enjoy the living situation and being away from home. I could see living in Hunter's Creek or even Doctor Phillips If I had to actually live there.