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From last summer. One of my favorite jams ever and I’m so pumped to remember that Ryan loved it and also it played in the Sony press conference at E3 2013

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@redroach: Europa Universalis is a very different beast than CIV more diplomacy, trade and building but still war if you like strategy and history and have no problem spending several hours learning a game then go for it. I have enjoyed this and the previous games in the series very much.

Yeah, as a fan of Civ the big draw of EU4 is the much more realistic feel of the game. You are punished much more for aggressively conquering your neighbours, but there are very smart ways of taking over other nations through political and diplomatic manoeuvres that are much less costly than all out conquest by war. EU4 is much more of a simulation than a game comparing to Civ. Taking over the western half of Iceland after Norway allied with Tyrone (Ireland) in a war against me and using that as a foothold to base my expeditions into the new world was a really cool feeling. Meanwhile half of Europe is being split between Burgandy and Navarro who have formed an insanely powerfull alliance and are trouncing the Holy Roman Empire has me crapping my pants since I'm allied with the losing side.

Now I'm in a Naval arms race to keep my massive fleet far more powerful then theirs to prevent a land invasion which would utterly crush me. I'm hoping that the two of them will get fed up with splitting Europe and border tensions (with a little nudging from my diplomats) will end in them warring with eachother.

At the same time I'm hoping my colonies I'm creating in Canada and the US will give me enough trade power to really ramp up my tech.

This Majestic description just sold me the game. Bravo, Good Sir

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@bisonhero: @kidavenger:

Thank you both for your input! I did not buy-in this round but bought Rayman Legends instead. Definitely will get KRZ in the near future

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It's been awhile since I made a shop for this thread.

So...why DO vampires keep diaries??

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Good couple of days for me:

  • Game Dev Tycoon
  • Insurgency
  • The Walking Dead: Season 2
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • Syndicate
  • Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate
  • Metal Slug 3
  • Skullgirls
  • Payday 2

Also, lot of people talking here about Kentucky Route Zero. Yay or Nay for $12.49? (50%)

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Oh man, spotted Irem Arcade Hits for 7.49 and Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition for $5. Gonna have to pull the trigger on that ish!!

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I loved Vice City. I only had an Xbox growing up, and when that re-release of GTA III/Vice City came to Xbox I was ecstatic. Now, every time I watch a movie/tv show about Miami (or rarely, visit) I absolutely get the urge to play Vice City. If the neon and art-deco playground of 1986 could be adapted to a next-gen console, I'd be too pumped.

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I think there are some options for you, speaking from experience of living in a rural area with no hardwire internet:

1. I live in the farm lands of Ohio and for a few months, used a Verizon 4G LTE modem for regular internet use, and some moderate online gaming. GTA Online played well, as well as Gears 3, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, with little latency. The one that surprised me however was how well Call of Duty played through the modem. It was indistinguishable from regular internet, and the performance ran with few stutters. However, there are data limits on Verizon (and pretty much any mobile service) that would pretty much rule-out video watching and streaming of games or Netflix. Even gaming after a while can really add up in data, and this isn't the best option long-term.

2. After messing with the 4G modem for a few months, we had satellite internet setup with a wireless router, and several wireless repeaters throughout the house. Our speeds are about 1.5 MBPS down and 0.7 up. I've gamed a lot on this recently and have noticed some subtle but definitely noticeable (depending on your internet quality and gaming desires) latency issues. For example, while playing Battlefield 4 over regular Cable at my parents' house, I had pings averaging 25 to 45 at most. However, over satellite, I experience pings at 70 minimum, and up to 110 sometimes. MMOs may have a bit of stutter that you may notice at first, but will likely get used to over time. I have no metered data cap that I'm aware of. Overall, satellite internet is not that bad of a way to go.

Hope this helps!

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Definitely will allow for some better site content, and maybe more woodworking opportunities?? Way to go Vin-dog, good luck my man.

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