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At first I thought it was cool watching someone with seemingly no gaming skills/SMT experience play P4 on a website created by gamers for gamers. I also liked the amusing comments that were made early on; during the prologue.

Now? I just watch to see Vinny struggle to handle his PS2 pad, get ambushed and do stupid things. I then point and laugh, in an internet sense. I follow that up by attempting to upset the people who want to rim Jeff for extra lulz,

The GBER has turned into the GBFR since episode 50. Just for the sake of daily laughter because of Vinny struggling to navigate and Jeff doing things such as informing Vinny that electronic food goes stale, I want the fail to continue.

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I posted this elsewhere, comparing P3 and P4 characters. It kinda relates to your posts, and since I'm too lazy to type up a new reply...


I'm still going - up to around the 35 hour mark now.

It's been a lot of fun. So far, I've enjoyed the game more than P4 for a fair few reasons. The most obvious is the use of blue and dark colours, which fit the mood better for a game involving demonic goings on than the yellow and lighter colours of P4 did. The rest of my reasons come down to opinion - I like the social links a lot more in P3 (Hermit was funny, Chihiro is loveable, etc) and I like the first five main characters more than the P4 cast. I also like the girlfriend characters a lot more.

P4 basically copied most of the main characters.

Yukiri is a more girly and attractive version of Chie. Both put up fronts, hiding their more insecure sides. I think the word I'm looking for to describe them is tsundere. Under the surface, they really aren't very different at all.

Junpei is a more likeable and better developed version of Yosuke. Both are stupid and both needed something emotional to occur for them to become truly important. They're the dumb characters every group needs to be complete...or, in the case of Persona, the character whoneeds to be told the answers to questions.

Mitsuru is a more classy, less airheaded version of Yukiko. They're cut from the same cloth and both struggle when it comes to dealing with people. Mitsuru looks more attractive and has a better voice actress, so she wins.

...When you look below the surface, P4 copied more than just the gameplay of P3.

Anyway. If memory serves me, my enjoyment levels will be dropping soon because story details will start to be revealed. That's not a good thing when the P3 plot is one to miss. P3 works far better when everything is mysterious; when nothing is clear - that way I can forget that the game has a bad story.

I can't wait for the random 'I'M ACTUALLY A BADDIE, EVEN THOUGH THERE WASN'T SO MUCH AS A SINGLE HINT!!!111' reveal towards the end.

The other thing that will lower my enjoyment is when the newer characters get more time. Aigis aside, who looks and sounds cool, the rest are horrible: a dog, a kid with the worst voice actor ever, a guy who says shit a lot and looks ready to throw himself over a cliff and a girl whose name sounds like a naughty word and who has no soul. When they start to get more lines, l'll start to miss the waste of space known as Teddie from P4.

It really is too bad that the dark vibe goes away because of all the stupid characters that get introduced. If there had only been human characters an no brats, I'd have gotten more out of P3. At least the game started well enough.

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I'm not denying that people have paid money for the game because of this run. I'm just saying that there are two ways you can look at this - like GB are cheating Atlus by using their game to become more popular or that they've helped promote Persona 4. Neither viewpoint is totally correct or incorrect.

And, just because a handfull of people say they've paid for the game because of this run doesn't mean the same goes for everyone else. Some people are cheap, others less so. Some people are happy watching these vids for free and not playing the game, others aren't.

This is like the anime fansub argument. Fansubs groups add subs to anime as soon as it airs in Japan. This has resulted in countless license holders sending C&D letters to the fansub groups because they're using content they don't hold the license to, subbing it and letting people download it for free. Some say fansubs help promote anime, getting people to buy more, but there's a site out there where most posters admit to only downloading anime and actually attack those who license anime in America.

With games it's a little different because, like someone else pointed out, a game you play and something you watch are different things. But I'm sure you guys agree that there's a lot of watching and pressing 'X' that needs to be done in order to reach the gameplay sections - 3-4 hours at the start, in fact. At times Persona 4 is more of a story than a game.

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This is the first time I've come across a video website showing what's on a game disc, from start to finish. That could be viewed as GB actually lowering the chance of people buying P4 because they can see the content online for free.

If they were paid to keep posting extracts from the game, they'd be being paid to show what's on the game disc in great detail to people not willing to buy the game. That's comparable to someone ripping what's on a DVD and putting it on the net. And that tends to upset people who get money when people buy the goods.

And, although I'm fairly certain no-one is serious with the DVD comments, GB would get taken to the cleaners if, without permission, they released a box set containing video footage of them playing through P4. Why? Because then they'd clearly be making money from something they themselves had no part in creating. When you buy a DVD or game, you're paying for the license to play it yourself - the law is grey  even when it comes to watching what you buy with others.

As for gaming websites with ads, who do you think pays sites like Gamespot to have ads? I'm sure you remember why Jeff was fired from Gamespot.

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Dion: Hello, brother. It's good to know another has joined the Aionic Order. With Eion, the clan now has 3 members.

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If threy had used more than one save slot, they could've replayed the 45 minutes or so they put into episode 50. Because they saved over the file they loaded, they can't do that now. That's why people have said they should've used multiple save slots.

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He said "a little dicey", meaning risky.

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If they have honestly lost episode 50 and this isn't an attempt at stopping the run without pissing off all the people who joined the site because of it, and they don't want to continue P4 after losing time, it'd be cool if they started P3: FES and then, at some point in the future, jumped back into P4.

I think I'd die laughing watching them fight this boss:

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I hate to break it to you but Atlus might have a thing or two to say about Giant Bomb making money by selling videos of them playing their game. People can't just do what thry want with things that are copyrighted.

Anyway. Add me to the list of people who don't play many games and hadn't even heard of Giant Bomb until this run started. I now come on here daiy for the P4 run, and I also have a look at your 'Quick Look' videos because of the commentary. Without this run, your site would be nothing special, but with it it's unique; a gaming site that attracts even non-gamers into watching you guys play an 80 hour JRPG.

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Meh, that was a bit anti-climatic for a 50th episode. 6 minutes long and no updates on the situation. With the weekend around the corner, it's going to be 3 days without any Persona action, maybe more if episode 50 can't be recovered by Monday and the guys don't want to move onto episode 51.

If it can't be recovered, just move on to the 51st episode. There were some good comedy moments during the camping trip but nothing important was skipped. Put a recap at the start of episode, covering everything that happened, and then continue. No huge issue.

It was funny when you guys talked about the possibility of a file being corrupted right before recording episode 50 and then faced the problem you had talked about. Hard to believe it wasn't fake but funny nonetheless. I'm going to assume it was real because, if the GB guys were looking for an excuse to quit P4, they wouldn't have made it so obvious.