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You can filter the search for servers to include unofficial servers, but when I did so none were listed. I don't know if this means it will not be supported on console or if they just haven't rolled this out yet. But with quick matches, you are unable to filter. But as there don't appear to be any unofficial ones (yet or ever?) it's not currently an issue.

On xbox at least when I've played with randoms, at least one person in my squad has had a mic, if that helps.

It's early, but, thus far, most of the people I've played with have been playing intelligently, from what I can see.

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I didn't get in on the beta (so I can't make a comparison), but I think the released 360 version looks fine -- not great, not bad, just fine.

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I noticed this on the smaller maps, for sure, but I don't know if some of them were from tactical insertions or just plain bad spawning.

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I like playing online with randoms, but I also like playing private matches with my friends. I'm hoping BLOPS2 picks up where BLOPS1 was with expanded combat training options. It's nice to take a break from playing 'real' people and instead go against 'bots with my friends.

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: Your logic doesn't make sense to me. People by annual sports games each year and they sell quite well. People also buy annual shooter games each year and they sell quite well. Clearly the market supports both of these different types of games. You are suggesting that I shouldn't purchase a game that I enjoy because I'm going to ruin the future market of games for YOU.

FPS games will run their course...when they run their course. Not when people artificially decide to stop purchasing them in some form of solidarity meant to change the industry.

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I was surprised by this too; not sure why no season pass option. Does anyone know what the collector's coins are for if not maps?

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Monster Squad. Yes!

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Really appreciate the excellent editing of this panel -- the multiple camera angles were put together exceedingly well. For those of us who can't make it to these things, it's great to be able to witness it in this manner! Thanks!

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Well, that was a quick turnaround!!! Didn't he say not so long ago that the game was ONLY meant to be played on a couch with a controller, and basically "F#@k Steam!" when asked about a PC port??? Hey, I'm not complaining (because I want it on Steam)... it's just sad that it took this long for him to realize that XBLA was the wrong choice from the start. Steam is a haven for indie developers and the game should have been developed to release there from the start. They sure as hell don't charge $40,000 to patch a game, either, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure there is no cost at all, aside from a review, and you can patch your games as much s you want to (just one of the many up-sides to working with Valve). Anyways, I'm just glad to hear that he may have had a change of heart and hope it does get released soon on other platforms.

Every developer has to pretend they're pro-Xbox while under exclusivity. I'm shocked that people are still surprised about this.

Exactly -- don't bite the hand that feeds, right?

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I agree with the above -- Evo is a great game that is better cosmetically than HD. The addition of multiplayer and ability to share tracks with non-friends makes it superior. There are some differences between it and HD and if you want more Trials, you can always go back and get it (plus the additional DLC tracks).