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This seems cool. I just use the mobile site on mah mobile devices, but to each her own.

The mobile site is fine for normal use, and over good wifi, but if your wifi isn't great the video buddy loads much quicker. Also saving videos locally is great. Means I can stash up a load of HD vids before hitting the road and catch up on whatever I've missed!

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Thanks for the update.

I use the app all the time to catch up on the videos on my ipad when I'm on the road (I'm ALWAYS on the road!)

It's really really good and I hope you manage to get it working again soon!

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Rythym Thief's pretty cool. I like the way the stages have different inputs to keep it interesting. Reviews suggest it doesn't get very hard though. Might pick it up to blast through though

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I suppose the thing I'm least sure about is if the music is varied enough to be distinct and interesting for someone whose not been exposed to it.
The quick look was what has made me interested in the game at all.
Good shout on Rythym Thief Ace829. I'll Dow load the demo and give it a go :)

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So I loved Elite Beat Agents (the euphoria of beating the hardest levels remain one of my greatest video game moments) and for that alone I'm pretty intrigued.
The problem though? I've NEVER played a final fantasy game.
No particular reason other than it never jumped out. I played and loved Chrono Trigger and have played other jrpgs but no Final Fantasy games.
Without the nostalgia for the music, is this still a good deal? Does the game stand up on its own? Will the music be entertaining the first time round?

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The best zelda? Ocarina of Time. It did everything you could want from a zelda game and did it almost without a flaw. I tried and failed to get into the 2d zeldas (although I'm currently working through Awakening on my 3ds) so cant really speak to them but the 3d ones post ocarina are largely too iterative to be the best.

Majoras Mask is a wonderful game but also a very odd one. It's time mechanic along with the futility of all your efforts being undone at the end of the cycle cripple the usual sense of achievement. On the flip side the mask sidequest is probably the best the series has ever had and is tons of fun. I cant help but feel most of the love for MM is down to it being the edgier younger brother of OoT. ("Oh you love OoT? Well it was nowhere as good as Majora's Mask. Oh you never played it? No it was fairly hard to get hold of and only the true fans got into it")

Wind Waker is six months short of brilliance. The stuff thats there is great but the game suddenly runs out half way through. I mean theres only 4 dungeons! Come on! And two of them have the same theme pack stuck on! The hunting of the triforce is lame beyond imagine and forces you to add every single island to your map, something which should have been relegated to the level of side quest alone and certainly not the main meat of the second half of the game. The changes to the gameplay are welcome (such as the super spin and the different buttons for drop and throw objects) and help make this a great playing game even today (although you cant uninvert the controls. wtf nintendo?). I love this title but it's failings make it nowhere near as good as OoT.

Twilight Princess is an odd one. Whilst technically a great game, it just doesnt ever feel quite right. The towns lack the charm of those in OoT, MM or WW and the whole game ends up feeling like an homage to OoT and LTTP rolled into one. The graphic upgrade from WW is pretty great but completely fails to wow on the limited power of the Wii. If this was in hd I cant help but feel it would have been better for it. The changes made here are minor or useless. In particular the wolf sections are pretty painful, especially the hunt for the shadow bugs which feels pretty grindy. Much like WW triforce quest, the bugs here feel like padding after game testers found the game too short.

The DS zelda games (The Phantom Hourglass and Spriit Tracks) are both great games with some of the best puzzles in the zelda games so far. The ability to draw on your map make the scope of puzzles stretch far beyond what is in the current room, something the 3d titles never seem to manage (the only counterpoint I can remember is in OoT the 23 is number 1 deku shrub puzzle in the deku tree which requires you to remember the sequence for all of 5 minutes. Right near the end of WW you have two doors, one left and one right. The left one has four candle sticks with a different number of lit candles on each, indicating an order. In the room to the right there are four crystals to activate in an order. Instead of you having to remember this order, when you enter the room on the right the camera zooms in on the crystals in the order you need to hit them. The time between you seeing the hint and it giving the answer is two very close doors. I guess another example of playtesting damaging WW) The DS games suffer from a similar problem to TP in that its very forgettable. I cant remember any of the new characters or any piece of music from either DS game.

All of that being said they are all still a ton of fun. Zelda games are the only games I've ever replayed. Like ever.


Sorry you did want my opinion right? :)

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Does the time between nintendo games relate to how little they change? If you don't release a follow up for 10 years is releasing a game with very similar base mechanics more acceptable? If luigis mansion 2 (as it looks in it's current form) was a launch title for wii would that have been as exciting? In the same way would pikmin 3 have been such a constant source of drooling if it came bundled with the wii instead of the long wait?

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I'd put good money on this being next gen. 
Transferring the assets or if nothing else just waiting for a better platform for the scope of the thing makes pretty good sense of the delay

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Not sure whether this will be an issue for gb (largely because it probably won't be found) but there is a big precedent for the red cross kicking off over this.
In early 2006 the Canadian red cross enforced their trademark of the red cross against several video games forcing them to remove it. No video game made since has a red cross to denote health, it's usually a green one
The same scenario kicked off against pantomimes in the uk where the British red cross took legal action against several shows forcing all to address the issue and remove the red cross from many costumes

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@airules: I could careless what went down with the whole deal. I don't work there. I'm buying it because so far I have liked all the Call of Duty games. If this one is bad then that will have me question the next one that comes out. As far as the drama I'm just hear to play the games. Plus it might be a good thing. I think Jeff got screwed at GS but now look what we have GB which is a thousand times better.
And since that day I havent visited GS.
If you can't stand by your morals and support or not support a company based upon those opinions why have the freedom of choice at all?